7 Top Tips to Market Cannabis Wedding Event Products and Services

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

Get Seen By People Planning Cannabis Events

Whether you hope to increase e-commerce sales conversions and brand presence or want to check that your specialized wedding cannabusiness website functions flawlessly, our experienced internet and media marketing professionals have the tools to help the right audiences find your products and services.

Weddings allow couples and their loved ones to celebrate their partnership and showcase meaningful aspects of their identity. Including cannabis in the big day is becoming more mainstream as more couples acknowledge the important role it plays in their lives. Let’s examine the prevalence of cannabis wedding events and consider how business owners can market their products and services to appeal to this market. 


5 Cannabis Wedding Ideas to Infuse Every Aspect of the Big Day 

The growing practice of including cannabis in weddings provides an incredible opportunity for businesses that offer services for weddings and other events. Here are five cannabis wedding trends we’ve seen recently — and how your company can capitalize on them. 

1. Featuring Cannabis in Wedding Pictures

Many couples connect over cannabis, so snapping a few photos of the newlyweds relaxing with some cannabis before or after the ceremony can be a great way to capture a more relaxed side of the happy couple. Wedding photographers can add that they are “420-friendly” to their marketing materials and include cannabis-infused pictures in their portfolios. 

2. Including Cannabis in the Wedding Ceremony

The traditions surrounding wedding vows are a great way for newlyweds to embrace some part of their culture or identity. Cannabis can come into play here, too, as couples can plant a cannabis seedling together or light up a joint as they say, “I do.” 

3. Giving Out Cannabis Wedding Favors

If most wedding attendees partake in cannabis, sending them home with a hand-rolled joint or some infused chocolates is a great way to thank guests for their support. If your company makes craft cannabis products, consider offering special wedding packaging or customizations. 

4. Filling the Venue With Cannabis Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations can be an excellent way for couples to provide a subtle nod to their favorite plant. Wedding florists can add cannabis fan leaves or flower to bouquets and boutonnieres

5. Hosting a Cannabis Bar at the Wedding Reception

One of the best ways to have a cannabis-infused wedding is by offering cannabis to guests at a mobile cannabis bar, like those provided by Cannabis Bar Services. A mobile budtender will ensure that every guest has an excellent cannabis experience, whether there are a hundred people at the wedding or only a handful. 


7 Tips to Promote 420 Wedding Event Products and Services

Cannabis companies who want to offer their products and services for weddings and other events, as well as wedding service providers who wish to give couples the option to include cannabis in their big day, will need to do careful marketing. 

1. Update Your Cannabusiness’s NAP Data

Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) Data helps customers find your business. Keep your NAP data up-to-date and easy to find to ensure prospective clients can contact you after seeing your ads online. Optimizing your online profiles plays a role in helping customers contact you, too. Ensure your company information is consistent across LinkedIn, Google My Business, and any other platforms you use to reach the most potential customers.


A brightly colored expressive oil painting depicts a woman in a wedding dress with cannabis flowers flowing around her waist to the ground and a background of enormous cannabis leaves in various states of oxidation.

Do cannabis brides and grooms know where to find your products and services? Click the image to connect with our experienced cannabis internet marketing team and ensure your audience engages with your business.

2. Get Listed in Cannabis and Wedding Directories

Directories are another way to get your company in front of prospective consumers. You should ensure your business is listed in general directories and industry-specific directories that catalog cannabis businesses, event services, and wedding needs. 

It can be challenging to track down all relevant directories and get your business listed without spending hours on research. Partnering with a cannabis internet marketing firm can make sorting through directories and submitting your information easier; NisonCo specializes in getting our clients listed in the most relevant directories for their services. 

3. Secure Interviews and Features in Local Media

Thought leadership and brand profiles are excellent ways to garner positive media attention and capture more customers. However, if you provide localized services like many cannabis and event companies, you must focus more specifically on local media

A blurb in the New York Times or other national publications might be exciting, but a feature in your local newspaper or on a blog that covers weddings in your state will likely net you more views by potential customers.

4. Create Your Own Optimized Cannabis Wedding Content

Though they are helpful, you don’t have to rely on other publications to spread the word about your company. You can also drum up your own news by publishing blogs, articles, and social media posts about your cannabusinesses offerings for weddings. 

If you decide to go this route, optimize your content using SEO best practices to ensure it ranks highly on your targeted results pages. If managing content creation, keywords, and backend SEO like meta tags on top of running your business sounds overwhelming, you can always work with a cannabis content creation and SEO agency, like NisonCo, to produce impactful, optimized pieces to promote your brand and services. 

5. Monitor Your Cannabis SEO Progress

SEO is a long game; no matter what industry you’re in, you must carefully monitor your progress to determine how well your strategies perform and what you can tweak to improve. 

Platforms like Google Analytics are great ways to monitor your website’s statistics. Still, you might need the help of a cannabis SEO agency like NisonCo to make sense of the information this software presents. 

6. Emphasize Local Cannabis SEO

Local SEO refers to optimizing your company’s website and online profiles so that you are one of the first results when someone searches for your industry on Google Maps or types in something like “cannabis wedding planners near me.” 

If you cater to local events, like weddings, local SEO is indispensable. It will help you reach a specific subset of customers for a highly effective and efficient marketing strategy. 

7. Maintain Compliance with Local Cannabis Laws

Of course, you must comply with your state’s laws surrounding cannabis and its consumption. This is another excellent reason to focus on local SEO. Every state’s cannabis laws are different, so concentrating on one geographic area is a great way to ensure you are familiar with all the relevant rules and regulations. 


Cannabis PR and SEO Firms Help Promote Wedding Services

Marketing in competitive industries like weddings and cannabis can be difficult and time-consuming. Partnering with a cannabis PR and SEO company like NisonCo can allow you more time to focus on the parts of your business you’re best at, like running a cannabusiness or catering to couples who are excited about their big day. To get started with our services or request a quote, contact NisonCo today.

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