5 Tips to Search Engine Optimize Professional and Social Media Profiles

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Written by: Olivia Swann

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What is Search Engine Profile Optimization?

Profile optimization involves updating social media and online presences to ensure searchers can find you or your business. From Google My Business to LinkedIn and Instagram, matching client needs to platform is an important consideration across platforms.

If you need assistance with profile optimization, listing your business on directories, or other SEO strategies to help reach your target audience, we can help you get started.

SEO Tips for Beginners: Profile Optimization 101

The goals of profile optimization are:

  • +Building brand awareness
  • +Increasing web presence
  • +Establishing trust with your target audience
  • +Engaging community
  • +Driving sales and leads


To start methodically working toward these goals, let’s go over the basics of SEO profile optimization that you can implement.


A yellow smiling face wearing sunglasses models the 60% face rule for optimized profile pictures.

This cool smiley models the 60% rule in profile picture optimization.

1. Optimized Profile Photos Match Across Platforms

The logo or profile photo should be direct, clear and take up 60% of the photo space. Use header photos/banners, such as on LinkedIn and Twitter, to make attention-grabbing personalizations. Ensure your photos match across Gmail, LinkedIn, Slack, Zoom, and other platforms, so people can quickly and easily recall who you are.


2. Learn Your Target Audience’s Preferred Sites and Lingo

Each site serves a purpose for an audience segment. So first and foremost, find out where your target audience consumes the most content. Then, closely observe the language your target audience uses on that site or app, and engage by matching tone where appropriate.


A keyboard "Enter" key has been swapped out for a green "Optimization" button with two gears.

Hitting the “Optimization” key on your profile means targeting site-specific strategies.

3. Create Profile Search Optimization Strategies Based on Platform

Google dislikes repetitive copy, so creating unique individualized profiles for each platform is essential. Once you’ve identified target sites and audiences, create an associated target phrase list with SEO keywords for each platform. Consider planning for additional elements (beyond simple text) with high interaction, like hashtags and location tags.


4. Explore All Profile Settings and Options for Optimized Success

If you can fill out a section describing the profile, do it! Completing profiles increases your presence and ensures you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Search each section of the settings and leave no digital stone unturned. Some platforms like Facebook have customization options to reformat and set your page apart from the competition. Consider what would best aid your target audience and create accordingly.


Six people are photographed sitting at a table from above, only arms, hands, phones, tablets and laptops visible. Interconnected webs of people icons are stylistically imposed over the photograph.

Engaging meaningfully with potential contacts is the most important step in any profile optimization strategy.

5. Responsive Engagement on Specific Platforms Aids Optimization

Based on your target audience research, identify which platforms you should only have a presence on and which you should engage actively. Each platform has optimal sharing times; use scheduling apps to maximize views. Once you’ve got a good schedule down — be responsive! Prove your trustworthiness and professionalism by answering queries and showing you’re a real person behind the screen, not AI.


How Do I Keep My Social and Professional Profiles Search Engine Optimized?

Implementing these five tenants of SEO profile optimization is a great place to start. Once you’ve accomplished that, set a recurring calendar event for every six months to review your profile on each site. 

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