Meet our team

Combined with our suite of proprietary databases, distribution channels, and scores of personal relationships with journalists forged over years of collaboration, there is no better firm representing members of the cannabis industry.

Duffy Graham: SEO Account Manager for NisonCo.

Duffy Graham

SEO Account Manager

Evan Nison, Founder of the Eminent Cannabis PR Firm.

Evan Nison

Founder & President

Dallas Evelyn, NisonCo PR & SEO Business Development

Dallas Evelyn

Business Development Specialist

Tori Gates, NisonCo PR Director of Operations

Tori Meiler

Director of Operations

Marissa Smith Managing Editor

Marissa Black-Smith

Content Director

Gina Epifano, Public Relations Account Coordinator

Gina Bowersox

PR Account Manager

Michelle Melton, PR Account Manager

Michelle Melton

PR Account Manager

Wilfred Maina Waimiri, PR Account Coordinator

Wilfred Maina Waimiri

PR Senior Account Coordinator

Johanna Bloomquist is a Staff Writer at NisonCo.

Johanna Bloomquist

Staff Writer

Maxwell Solch, SEO Account Coordinator

Maxwell Solch

SEO Account Coordinator

Matt Aragon, Researcher

Matt Aragon


Marisa Rivera-Martinez, Manager of HR Operations and Accounting

Marisa Rivera-Martinez

Manager of HR Operations and Accounting

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