Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How long does SEO take to see results?

SEO is the process of gaining search engine ranking, which takes time to gain traction. There are many factors that play into it, such as the age of a website or the difficulty of the terms they are targeting. However, 6 months is a good timeframe to expect to see changes. Learn more about Search Intent and Best SEO Practices here.

Should we expect ongoing SEO, or can we stop after 6 months and continue to see results?

SEO is an ongoing process, that requires maintenance and reassessing search trends and keywords as they change overtime. Think of your website like a living entity that requires upkeep, and the same goes for your SEO strategy. When an organization has begun to see results after several months, it’s best to keep the momentum with ongoing strategy and tools like blogging. Click here to see if your SEO agency is doing a good job.

Finding opportunities for backlinks is built into NisonCo’s overall SEO strategy and packages. Some dubious actors claiming to be SEO specialists offer quick results with paid backlinks. While there are times it is appropriate to pay for backlinks, if an agency promises higher ranks by paying for backlinks, they are likely not offering long-lasting results, and could actually hurt your ranking over time. In a blog, NisonCo’s founder, Evan Nison, discusses backlinks and directories here. One great way to build backlinks is by getting your organization featured in online publications, which is one of the ways our PR and SEO services support one another.

How can I increase my sales using SEO?

Our SEO agency helps you rank higher on Google and other Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). By ranking higher, it’s more likely your website will receive authentic, high-intent traffic. It is a multi-faceted process of converting these site visitors into a sale; SEO is one part of that. One of the most important factors is the product or service you‘re offering. Click here for 7 High-Quality Tips to Boost E-Commerce Sales With SEO

What strategy will you use to help convert clicks to customers?

NisonCo’s SEO team helps you get found online by ranking higher in search results. Being seen by your target market is an essential first step to gaining a customer. NisonCo will build a SEO strategy that creates the environment in which site visitors can become customers, by supporting your marketing funnels and CTAs. We also offer services that assist in building webpages to generate traffic and our PR packages  gain your organization press.

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Should we be blogging and doing SEO?

Blogging and SEO work in sync together. Blogs are an opportunity to share what makes your brand unique through thoughtful, useful content, like education or entertainment. It also is an ongoing way to funnel traffic using keywords in web copy, metatags, URL slugs, headers, and alt image text. Learn more about How to Optimize Blog Posts and Web Pages for SEO.

Public Relations (PR)

What kind of relationships do you have in my industry?

NisonCo has spent the last decade building extensive networks of entrepreneurs, service providers and journalists in an array of burgeoning product and service markets, including cannabis, psychedelics, cryptocurrency and the plant-based space, to name a few. Our dedicated team of in-house researchers upkeeps NisonCo’s extensive proprietary databases of reporter contacts in various emerging industries and conducts targeted research to assist our clients and team. Get a peek at the types of reporters we regularly engage with in this blog post: The Top 2023 Cannabis Journalists and Reporters To Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Will PR help with sales?

When provided correctly, public relations services demonstrate a return on your investment. Some of the best reasons to engage in public relations include:

  • Boosting “big-news” events
  • Increasing brand awareness around a new product or service
  • Seeking to strengthen relationships with stakeholders
  • Enhancing corporate reputation and fostering credibility
  • Increasing share of voice and generating media coverage
  • Influencing public policy

Sales increase should not be considered the only goal for public relations engagements. Instead, it is one of many desirable outcomes, the first and foremost of which is usually an increased presence among a target market or audience.

Is press coverage guaranteed when we are a client?

NisonCo prioritizes quality coverage over quantity, recognizing that gaining national attention can take time. Our public relations campaign offers media training and a tailored strategy to help our clients refine their messages and reach their target audiences. We specialize in media pitching to get our clients placements in outlets ranging from local radio to national media like USA Today or Business Insider. Learn more about Why Great Media Coverage Doesn't Happen Overnight.

Can NisonCo help land paid media opportunities and placements?

Yes! Paid placement presents opportunities that can be otherwise inaccessible, such as premiere event sponsorships or award list inclusion. NisonCo has extensive experience strategically advising paid opportunities for clients. If your organization offers paid awards, media opportunities and placements, contact us here to be added to our proprietary database for our client’s strategic consideration.

Every publication has different rules. For example, if you are writing an editorial, there will likely be a bio and hyperlink included alongside your name. If you are simply providing a quote, sometimes it is without a link back to the company or your profile. While you can request our team exclude you from stories without links, we find the overall share of voice is improved regardless of hyperlink status. Contact our public relations experts to craft a specialized communication strategy that fits your needs by clicking here.

About NisonCo

How did NisonCo get its start?

NisonCo was founded by Evan Nison, who learned about public relations while working on advocacy efforts for the New York Medical Marijuana Law and 911 Good Samaritan campaigns while seeking his undergraduate degree. He took a semester off from college to work on the Prop 19 campaign in 2010. Although Prop 19 failed, it succeeded in changing the narrative around cannabis and legalization. After graduation, Evan was hired to lobby for bills he had already been supporting for free. NisonCo's first contracts were lobbying contracts in New Jersey for bills Evan had been working on pro bono. NisonCo became an advocacy-centered PR firm by maintaining dozens of reporter relationships and added SEO, content creation and web design services later. Read more about Evan’s tale: Founder of America’s First Cannabis PR Agency Shares Success Story.

How many employees work at NisonCo?

NisonCo currently has 22 employees that provide a range of expertise in the communications, marketing and digital presence spaces. Our global team comprises talented, like-minded professionals who work together seamlessly to provide top-tier services to clients. Meet the team here.

How many people will be managing my account?

Depending on your selected services and level of engagement, you will be assigned an Account Manager or Account Coordinator upon onboarding, who works with additional support coordinators and fellow team members to execute your specialized strategy. If bundling services, you will work with a PR, SEO and/or Writing account manager, who sync their plans for gaining you exposure, brand resonance, and online presence. 

What other services do you offer?

Does NisonCo host guest content?

NisonCo provides paid partnership opportunities for brands and writers interested in posting content on our blogs. Clients have the option of guest posting on our blog without charge. You can contact Managing Editor Marissa Smith regarding rates, limitations and expectations. Recommended reading from the blog: 4 Reasons “Free” Guest Blog Posts Will Cost You

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