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NisonCo is a leading public relations agency rooted in advocacy and socially conscious work. Founded in 2013 with a focus on cannabis companies, we became an eminent PR firm in the industry and quickly expanded our services to vegan and plant-based companies. At NisonCo, we’re driven by a vision for the future — and the future is plant-based.

Public Relations for Vegan and Plant Based Businesses

NisonCo is familiar with burgeoning and innovative industries, including the plant based and vegan industries. Our services will help all types of vegan companies to grow and expand their reach.

Types of Vegan and Plant Based Companies We Service

  • PR for plant-based marketing companies
  • PR for vegan manufacturing companies
  • PR for plant based food companies
  • Vegan food company PR
  • PR for vegan advocacy organizations
  • Plant based lifestyle company PR

PR services will help your plant based company become a leader in the vegan industry.

Bringing Proven PR Strategies to Plant-Based and Vegan Companies

NisonCo’s highly efficient, hyper-focused approach to public relations will help you to position your company as a leader in the plant based space. Our team of seasoned PR professionals employs numerous PR strategies to help your vegan business shine.

Plant Based PR Strategies and Services from NisonCo

  • Vegan thought leadership to establish you as a leading voice in the industry
  • Focused, high-quality plant based media coverage to garner positive brand recognition
  • Vegan search engine optimization to enrich your internet presence
  • Plant based product review placements with leading vegan media influencers, vegan journalists, and more
  • Press release distribution for vegan companies to spread the word about your offerings
  • Plant based recognition
  • Vegan and plant-based content creation to optimize your digital footprint
  • Plant based networking to help you connect with the vegan industry


Vegan PR Strategies are Essential to Make a Difference in the Industry

Working with an experienced public relations company like NisonCo will help your vegan or plant based company grow and succeed like never before. Our hardworking PR, SEO, marketing, and content creation specialists will help you optimize every facet of your vegan business, amplifying your strengths and bringing your plant based mission to a broader, more diverse, and more relevant audience.

A Leading Vegan PR Firm is Here to Help

NisonCo has roots in advocacy and a passion for positive change, and we would be honored to help you spread the word about your plant based or vegan company, too. Contact us today to learn more about our vegan PR services and get started with the leading vegan PR agency.

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