Vegan and Plant-Based PR

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Vegan and Plant-Based PR

NisonCo is a public relations agency focused on increasing organic PR for plant-based and vegan companies.

Bringing Proven PR Strategies to Plant-Based and Vegan Companies

NisonCo is a leading public relations agency rooted in advocacy and socially conscious work. Founded in 2013 with a focus on cannabis companies, we became the eminent PR firm in the industry and quickly expanded our services to vegan and plant-based companies. At NisonCo, we’re driven by a vision for the future — and the future is plant-based.Our approach to vegan PR is hyper-focused and efficient, helping you to position your company as a leader and attract organic leads to your brand.

NisonCo is familiar with burgeoning and innovative industries.We take pride in educating the media on important issues. With over 20 employees spread across the globe, we have the expertise and relationships to promote your company to the press. Learn more about how NisonCo can help you with vegan PR initiatives today.

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