Public Relations for the Cannabis Industry

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Public Relations for the Cannabis Industry

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Public Relations for the Cannabis Industry

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Connecting Industry Pioneers With Leaders In Media

Our Mission

NISONCO is the largest cannabis, CBD, and hemp-specific PR firm and has worked with over 100 cannabis companies. Established in 2013, our mission is to build trusting relationships with members of the media in order to advance inclusive and sustainable social policies, while ethically monetizing our influence.

A Proven Record of Success

NISONCO has a proven track record of successful political advocacy and policy change supporting the legalization of marijuana and other causes. These same capabilities have helped our clients in multiple sectors build, secure, and increase brand awareness in a constantly shifting cultural landscape.

An Unmatched Network

Reporters come to us to learn what’s going on in the cannabis and hemp industries. With over 2,800 active media contacts at over 2,900 outlets, NISONCO is one of the top cannabis industry PR firms, with an unmatched network of relationships with mainstream media, industry specific media, product reviewers, and thought leaders from around the country.

Outstanding Client Service

We work hard to open doors and help you make the connections you need for your business to thrive. At NISONCO, we put the needs of our clients first and foremost. We aren’t happy unless you are, and our current and former clients know this. That is why 9 out of 10 clients say they would hire NISONCO again. 

Your Cause is Our Cause

From groundbreaking research and technology to sensible drug policy, your cause is aligned with our ideals. We work harder and smarter because we truly believe the work we do makes this world a better place. Work with us to share your story with the public.

About Us

Public relations is about more than just generating media coverage. It is about generating the right kinds of media coverage in the right places. NISONCO will work with you to develop a customized approach to public relations that will focus on generating media coverage in the outlets that reach the audiences you need to reach. With a proprietary database of over 10,000 reporters working for everything from local newspapers to national TV, our Marijuana Digital Communications Agency can help you find the right outlets and reporters that align with your strategic goals and objectives.
Through strategic public relations and access to an unmatched network of cannabis industry leaders, NISONCO can help position you as a thought leader. NISONCO can help you identify and secure speaking engagements at premiere conferences and industry events, and provide assistance in applying for awards.
NISONCO has several years of experience working with companies in the hemp and CBD space, from boutique cultivation and extraction operations to large-scale vertically integrated companies.
We work with a deep bench of product reviewers and influencers across North America. You can count on us to help you spread the word and build confidence in your brand, increasing your sales and SEO rankings in the process.


active media relationships

We maintain active relationships with over 3,300 reporters, thought leaders, and radio and TV hosts around the country.


client stories placed annually

We have placed over 1,400 stories in TV, radio, print, and online media outlets.


client satisfaction rating

All of our clients responded to a survey saying they were either “Extremely satisfied” or “satisfied” with our services.


client referral

One-hundred percent of our clients have come from word-of-mouth referrals for our first three years.

Welcome to NISONCO Cannabis Press Relations

Choosing a public relations agency means selecting the people who will share your brand and story with the world. And when you’re in the cannabis industry, PR becomes especially important as you’re dealing with potential legal complications, stigma, and a sensitive burgeoning new industry. You and your team have worked hard, and it’s important the impression you communicate is a positive one.

When you trust NISONCO with this crucial responsibility, you can rest easy knowing your cannabis PR is in good hands with our marijuana communications experts. We serve the gamut of businesses who could benefit from marijuana PR: dispensaries, products, tech companies, hemp and CBD businesses, cannabis manufacturers, ancillary/accessory industries, and anyone else who might use our services.

What We Do

We know you’ve put care into establishing your business and we’ll help you take that impression to the next level. We offer a wide range of services which enable our clients to build brand awareness, stimulate consumer conversation, and drive thought leadership within the cannabis industry.

With NISONCO, you can:

  • Develop a PR strategy

  • Receive cannabis PR consulting

  • Reach relevant reporters and reviewers via our proprietary database

  • Take media training

  • Receive assistance in applying for awards

  • Develop targeted communications to support your social media strategy

  • Have customized content created and pitched to targeted publications

  • Distribute press releases

  • Identify, secure, and promote speaking engagements at premier conferences and industry events

  • Benefit from cannabis email marketing (optional add-on service)

An Authority In Cannabis PR

We’re a team of PR specialists that’s poured their passions into the creation of the legal cannabis market; our staff has actually worked on many of the policy regulations that made the legal industry possible. Our forward-thinking and diverse staff are masters at connecting journalists with industry leaders and educating on changing trends. We’re considered the “go-to” source for relevant news by industry pros, with whom we have long-standing relationships.

A Winning Cannabis PR Strategy!

We’re confident in our approach because we have proven results that speak for themselves. For example, our founder has been featured by Good Morning America, Bloomberg TV, New York Times, Forbes, USA Today, and others. Reach out today to see what we can do for your brand!

High Ethical Standards

We know how hard you work to be ethically-minded and elevate the cannabis industry. Our team is committed to the same objectives, and we are highly involved in cannabis advocacy. These values carry over to how we do business. We’re committed to honesty and transparency; it’s built into everything we do. (And since we’ve grown exponentially by word of mouth alone, it seems our clients appreciate it…)

We won’t try to upsell unnecessary services or provide dishonest metrics – some firms will try to sell you on things like crisis communications, but you won’t find that nonsense at NISONCO. Our retainer includes all of our PR services and we offer the ability to bundle additional services that complement our PR offerings. We also have an all-remote team that hustles until the job is done; without the constraints of an office, we’re able to start our work day on the east coast and end it on the west coast.

We’ve been in cannabis PR since 2013, making us one of the first cannabis-specific firms out there. We know what we’re doing, and we get palpable results. Many agencies lean on a slew of ambiguous metrics, but we get you published in outlets that make an impact. We ensure clients benefit from coverage to elevate the profiles of industry leaders. We’re experts in pitching and managing relationships, but we also receive a number of inbound requests from journalists every day.