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Written by: Maxwell Solch

Highlight your work with Public Relations

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As the country’s oldest cannabis-specific public relations firm, NisonCo is well-versed in reaching consumers wherever they are. Our team of PR professionals has years of experience pitching products, ideas, and companies to platforms across multiple industries. If you want to expand your brand recognition with product placements, promotions, or reviews, NisonCo can help.


Experienced in Pitching Products

Though our background is in cannabis, NisonCo has served companies in other industries for several years. No matter what products or services your brand offers, NisonCo’s PR team can pitch your brand to creators, influencers, and reporters in various industries to land you media coverage, promotions, and product placements. 


Product Placements, Promotions, Influencers, and More

Whether you hope to land media coverage, secure brand partnerships, or seek promotions and influencer reviews, NisonCo’s PR department can help. We have a decade of experience pitching to outlets, platforms, and individuals across multiple industries, and we would love to help your brand expand, too.


Public Relations Can Help Your Product Succeed

  • Product placement in the media
  • Promotions in articles, listicles and blogs
  • Reviews by top reporters and influencers
  • Promotional material from content creators
  • Articles highlighting your brand’s products and services


     Grow Your Brand With NisonCo Public Relations

NisonCo PR can help your company grow and thrive, regardless of the industry in which you are making a mark. Our PR, SEO, and content creation teams can work together to pitch your products or services, craft compelling content, and land you coverage that will propel your company forward into your next stage of success. To schedule a meeting and get started, contact us today. 

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