Cannabis Public Relations

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NisonCo is a leading cannabis PR firm. Our mission is to connect leaders in the legal cannabis, medical marijuana, and hemp/CBD industries with influential journalists across the U.S., Canada, and the world.

We tailor our approach to public relations specifically around the work and needs of our clients to help them market a wide array of cannabis products and services. We help journalists reach thought leaders and innovators that can inform the public of how the marijuana industry is developing and maturing.

Our goal is to promote the best business practices and ideas in cannabis while supporting its regulation and acceptance in America.

NisonCo works with everyone from growers to retailers, investors, consultants, researchers, doctors, scientists, lawyers, activists, patients, inventors, tech companies, brands, manufacturers, ancillary service providers, food and beverage companies, and a whole lot more.

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Cannabis Public Relations

NisonCo is the country’s oldest cannabis PR firm. Our mission is to connect leaders in the legal cannabis, medical marijuana, hemp, and CBD industries with influential journalists across the world. We aim to promote the best business practices and ideas in cannabis while supporting its regulation and acceptance in America.

How Cannabis PR Can Help Your Brand Succeed

Is your cannabis company struggling to gain traction? Do you need help making a mark on the competitive marketplace? Public relations and cannabis media marketing can help.

Benefits of Cannabis Media Marketing

  • Increased cannabrand awareness
  • Cannabis industry authority
  • Increased internet presence
  • Trustworthy cannabis brand reputation
  • Established presence in the cannabis market
  • Increased exposure

Cannabis PR can help solidify your company’s position in the industry.

NisonCo’s History of PR Success

NisonCo has been a leader in cannabis PR for more than a decade. Over the years, our services have garnered recognition from publications like the Cannabis Industry Journal, Observer, Green Market Report, and Business Insider. 

We have helped countless companies increase their presence, solidify their reputations as industry leaders, and attract more clients. With more than 4,000 active media relationships and over 1,700 stories placed annually, we can help your business succeed, too. 

For more information about our successes in the cannabis media marketing industry, browse NisonCo’s case studies

Effective Cannabis Public Relations Strategies

Each cannabusiness is different, so NisonCo formulates a custom PR plan for each client. Depending on your company’s needs and goals, we employ various strategies to get you where you want to be.

Cannabis PR Strategies to Help Your Cannabusiness Thrive

NisonCo puts tried-and-true media marketing strategies to work for your cannabis business, including: 

  • Cannabis article pitching and followups
  • Cannabis press releases
  • Cannabis editorials
  • Cannabis thought leadership
  • Cannabis award submissions
  • Cannabis social media profile optimization
  • Cannabis SEO audit and analysis
  • Cannabis content creation and cannabis blogs
  • Cannabis website optimization
  • Regular reporting and check-ins on your cannabis PR plan

Cannabis Media Marketing for Every Cannabis Brand

NisonCo has experience working with cannabis companies in every part of the industry. From plant-touching cannabusinesses navigating complex regulations to ancillary cannabis companies like ours, we can leverage our PR expertise to help you stand out. 

NisonCo Serves All Types of Cannabis Companies

NisonCo has extensive experience providing media marketing services to various cannabis companies, including:

  • PR for cannabis cultivators
  • PR for dispensaries
  • Medical marijuana PR
  • PR for cannabis manufacturers
  • PR for cannabis brands
  • Cannabis retail PR
  • Cannabis accounting PR
  • Cannabis law PR
  • PR for edible companies
  • PR for vape companies 
  • PR for hemp companies
  • CBD PR
  • PR for cannabinoid companies
  • Hemp-derived cannabis PR

What to Expect from a Cannabis PR Campaign

Public relations are foundational in creating a solid brand. A cannabis-specific PR firm, like NisonCo, knows the ins and outs of the industry. We have the cannabis industry connections, knowledge, and experience to help your brand stand out in this exciting sector. 

We employ proven strategies to get your company in front of consumers and industry partners, which will help your brand find tremendous success. Whether you want to make more sales, form strong industry connections, or become a thought leader in the cannabis industry, NisonCo PR can help your company grow and thrive. 

Partner With a Top Cannabis PR Firm to Find Success

The best way to find success in the cannabis industry is to partner with a PR firm that has extensive experience in the sector, like NisonCo. 

To learn more about our PR services or begin building a PR strategy that’s right for your business, contact NisonCo today

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