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NisonCo is a socially conscious PR, marketing, and SEO agency established in 2013 to advocate on behalf of emerging industries. Since that time, NisonCo’s team of experts has been devoted to delivering industry-leading services. NisonCo has successfully served professionals in these emerging industries: cannabis, crypto, blockchain, plant-based, wellness, green technology, and nonprofits.

NisonCo can develop a search engine optimization strategy for your nonprofit that sets your content apart from mission-aligned organizations.

NisonCo’s Nonprofit SEO Service Offerings:

Your supporters use search engines to find web content on your nonprofit’s cause. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases the potential of search engines featuring your web pages in top results. Your nonprofit’s SEO strategy guides the development of keyword-rich website content that ranks higher in organic search results.

Nonprofit Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis: The development of keyword research and competitive analysis increases your website’s search result rankings. Your nonprofit needs data on keywords being used by your target audience while searching for information on your cause. NisonCo’s team of SEO experts will perform a competitive analysis of your website’s content, and develop a data-driven keyword target list for you. This keyword analysis helps you understand how to create content that drives organic search engine traffic to your website.

Nonprofit On-site SEO: Onsite SEO is the development of content that boosts search result rankings. NisonCo’s SEO team will develop keyword-rich content, meta tags, and Google structured data for your nonprofit’s website. Onsite SEO development brings organic search engine traffic to your website.

Nonprofit Off-site SEO: Offsite SEO is the development of links to third-party websites to drive search engine traffic to your nonprofit’s website. Our team develops top-quality backlinks, directory postings, and NAP data, and deploys it on websites like Google and other social media. Offsite SEO enhances your website’s organic search result rankings.

Data Analytics, Performance Monitoring, and Continuous SEO Optimizations:
SEO best practices and search trends are constantly evolving. NisonCo’s team of public relations, marketing, and SEO experts monitors innovative nonprofit SEO strategies to drive traffic to your website’s content. We regularly monitor your website and page-specific data to boost your content’s organic search engine traffic.

Nonprofit SEO Audits:
NisonCo’s team of experts will provide an in-depth SEO audit of your nonprofit’s web content. Let us show you what we can do for your nonprofit SEO before you sign on.

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