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Unparalleled Influencer Marketing for Cannabis Brands

We offer influencer marketing services that deliver the best-in-class service for all types of cannabis brands.

Hands-on Service

Our influencer program works closely with you to identify influencers that best fit your brand and budget.

We establish goals and prepare an influencer marketing proposal complete with target influencers, posting guidelines, and necessary setup, and act as the liaison between you and the influencer.

Influencer Management

Not only will we work with you to identify influencers, but we’ll help you continue to build and manage your pool of relationships over time.

Measured Success

Once the proposal has been approved and the campaign has begun, we monitor posts and engagement. We’ll provide you with statistical reporting and analysis, and make adjustments to optimize our strategy.

Determining an influencer marketing budget

While there are some influencers who will promote for free, in our experience, these relationships are not the best course of action if you’re looking for a steady ROI and reliable, timely posting.

    • How many posts do you want per month?
    • How many influencers do you want promoting your products at once?
    • Do you want to provide a special link that tracks sales coming from the campaign?
    • What type of posts do you want? Do you want strictly feed posts, or do you want posts on stories as well? Do you want these stories to have a “swipe up” link to the product?

About our cannabis influencer program

Our influencer program pairs you with the influencers we believe fit your brand and budget the best.

We’ll prepare an influencer marketing proposal complete with target influencers, posting guidelines, and necessary setup steps. We’ll also act as a liaison between you and the influencer, negotiating prices on your behalf that take into consideration the value of the product, the influencer’s engagement rates, exclusivity, and the length of the partnership.

Once the proposal has been approved, relationships have been established, and the campaign has gone into effect, we monitor and report back to you on engagement metrics, making adjustments to optimize our strategy along the way.

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