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Psychedelics Public Relations and Marketing

A Public Relations Agency For The Emerging Psychedelics Industry

Our team members have been working on drug policy and laws surrounding psychedelics for nearly a decade and have deep connections with the psychedelic world and press.

Promote Psychedelic Therapeutics with PR

The emerging psychedelics-based therapeutic and medical industry has quickly become a competitive market and to gain a competitive edge, it’s key to develop an effective PR strategy. Whether you’re a laboratory, psychedelics-based clinic wondering how PR affects ketamine clinic marketing, or offering plant medicine retreats, NisonCo’s proven PR strategies can connect you with the media.

Press and Psychedelics Legalization

Ketamine, Psilocybin, and MDMA research and development of potential substance use disorders (DPS) and depression treatments have been fast-tracked by the FDA and Health Canada due to their remarkable results, and many other psychedelics like LSD, Ibogaine, DMT, and 2C-B hold great promise for behavioral health as well. Many companies are seeking to promote their scientific findings to educate the public about these commonly misunderstood compounds and the benefits they might provide. With our long-standing reputation since 2013 in cannabis PR and our belief in the healing power of psychedelic medicine, NisonCo naturally began helping labs, clinics, and retreat holders gain positive press through our established media partners.

Our Psychedelic Public Relations Strategies

Our proven psychedelic PR and psychedelic marketing strategies have placed clients in notable media outlets and elevated thought leadership conversations in the Huffington Post, Inc, Yahoo Finance, Daily Caller, Forbes, Business Insider, High Times and more.

Simultaneously, we’ll raise your profile on Google through our SEO efforts, and help you network with like-minded peers. Contact us today to get started.

Psychedelic Press Success Stories

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