The Ultimate 2023 Cannabis Social and Blog Content Marketing Calendar

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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Capitalizing on holidays is an essential part of successful marketing. Releasing themed content, like blog posts and press releases, can allow you to participate in search trends and rank higher for your targeted keywords.

If you’re a cannabis company, you probably already have a plan for 4/20 marketing, but that’s not the only cannabis-related holiday you can take advantage of. Keep reading for a list of the cannabis holidays you can’t miss in your cannabis marketing plan and some ideas about content marketing for each. 


February 1 is CBD Day

February 1 is also known as CBD Day. Take this day as an opportunity to educate potential customers about CBD’s benefits and potential uses in all its forms. A blog post or email campaign can inform customers and steer them toward your products simultaneously. 


February 4 is Hemp Day

Just a few days later, you can celebrate hemp in February, too. Hemp Day is dedicated to appreciating the hemp plant and educating the public about its benefits, whether used for CBD or as a renewable manufacturing resource. This holiday is an excellent opportunity to publish a blog on hot topics like the history of hemp or the differences between hemp, CBD, and THC. 


April is National Cannabis Awareness Month

You can celebrate cannabis all month long in April with blogs, articles, emails, and more about any and every aspect of the cannabis industry that you can think of. National Cannabis Awareness Month is a great time to publish a series of related blog posts. Cannabis content writing services will help you stay organized and produce optimized content weekly or monthly.


April 20 is 420 or 4/20

The biggest cannabis holiday of the year probably doesn’t need any explanation. This is a great day to release any cannabis marketing content, from a celebratory blog or listicle to an event announcement or new product launch. 


May 24 is Tommy Chong’s Birthday

Birthdays of famous cannabis activists can also be an excellent marketing opportunity. Celebrate Tommy Chong’s history of advocating for cannabis by posting a blog about him and his career, or try a listicle about celebrities who have publicly supported cannabis. 

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Planning your yearly cannabis content marketing strategy can be a doozy. Consider bringing in experts like NisonCo’s Content Marketing team to make selling and promotion a breeze on every cannabis holiday.

June 18 is Jack Herer’s Birthday

With Jack Herer’s birthday less than a month after Tommy Chong’s, there are a lot of cannabis activists to celebrate in the summer. To celebrate Jack Herer’s birthday and promote your brand, you could continue a series of blog posts about cannabis activists or even post a listicle of strains named after people.


July 10 is Dab Day or 710

The second-biggest cannabis holiday — right after 4/20 — is an excellent opportunity to post content related to extracts, wax, concentrates, and dabs. Dab day originates in the date’s numerals — 710 — spell “OIL” when inverted, calculator-style.


July is Hemp Month

If one day in February isn’t enough, you can celebrate hemp for an entire month with content marketing spread throughout hemp’s crop growth in July. 


October 5 is the Commemoration of the Victims of Prohibition

On October 5, consider publishing a press release or blog to acknowledge the history of the cannabis industry and the state of cannabis laws in America. This cannabis holiday is a day of commemoration, so make sure you strike the right tone in your content marketing. A cannabis marketing agency can help you craft a sensitive, relevant piece that aligns with your brand and mission. 


November 6 is Legalization Day

Celebrate the anniversary of the legal cannabis industry in this country on November 6, also known as Legalization Day. This day is an excellent opportunity to publish up-to-date information about cannabis laws, encourage your customers to push for more legislative change, or celebrate how far we’ve come with an upbeat blog post or press release. 


November 1-7 is National Medical Cannabis Week

Finally, close out a year of cannabis holidays by celebrating and promoting medical cannabis during National Medical Cannabis Week. Release a blog post educating customers on the advancements in medical cannabis over the past year, or send out an email with information about your medical cannabis services. 


Cannabis Content Writing Services for Every Holiday

These cannabis holidays will take you through most of the year, but don’t be afraid to get creative and celebrate even more fun holidays. You can post a blog to celebrate National Seed Swap Day on the last Saturday of January if you run a cannabis seed bank, tackle some relevant topics on the World Day of Social Justice on February 20 if you’re on the advocacy side of the cannabis industry, or post a listicle detailing everything that hemp can do for the environment on April 22, Earth Day

The plethora of holidays to keep up with, cannabis-related and otherwise, doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time writing, posting, and creating content, though. A cannabis marketing firm like NisonCo can help you produce high-quality, SEO-optimized blogs, articles, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can start writing cannabis marketing content for you before the next cannabis holiday rolls around.

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