Royal Oil: Why Holidays like 7/10 “Dab Day” Will Rule the Future of Cannabis PR

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Royal Oil: Why Holidays like 7/10 “Dab Day” Will Rule the Future of Cannabis PR

Written by: NisonCo Staff

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Are you familiar with 7/10? What does 7/10 have to do with cannabis dabs?

Simply put, 7/10 is known as “Dab Day” because flipped upside down, 710 becomes OIL. Cannabis companies have celebrated its existence since it first began in 2011 as a retail holiday — sporting discounts, special sales on items like storage pucks and dab rigs, and paying an ode to dab concentrates, a popular form of cannabis consumption. 

Operating within the world of cannabis PR and cannabis SEO, we at NisonCo recognize how important this holiday is to the businesses that celebrate it. “Dab Day” offers businesses a chance to acquire necessary brand recognition, awareness and visibility — all vital features to supporting future ventures. NisonCo PR Account Manager Raquel Heras says, “Having a strong and creative marketing strategy can help advance a brand’s PR goals. Landing a feature in a major news outlet when you’re not the Amazon or Googles of the world is very difficult, so you have to be creative and implement marketing strategies that are unique and make a difference.”

Cannabis companies still face uphill battles in terms of advertising, including strict regulations and outright bans not imposed on other industries. Due to these marketing challenges, cannabis companies have to be thoroughly prepared to jump at opportunities to score new consumers. These chances often organically arise through boosting cannabis SEO and the use of powerful media campaigns. Indeed, cannabis SEO and PR strategies can help your brand beat out the competition to capture visibility during the busiest cannabis holidays of the year, including 7/10. 


Increase Visibility with Cannabis SEO and PR 

The industry is quickly populating with diverse brands, which means the need to beat out the competition is greater than ever. With a strong cannabis PR campaign, you can further brand visibility and in turn, bring a greater volume of customers to your website.
Set your brand apart by scoring features in noticeable cannabis outlets and cannabis-specific stories for 7/10. Customers want to shop with a brand they trust. Whenever you’re featured in a high-quality outlet or meet your target audience, customers will see your brand is trusted by reviewers and they will be more likely to become buyers themselves.

As the first cannabis-specific PR firm to launch in the United States, we have worked with an abundance of clients over the years on holiday campaigns. This includes big cannabis holidays like 4/20 and 7/10, as well as launching strategic campaigns during other opportunistic standard holidays such as Father’s Day and Thanksgiving, which have proved to be unexpectedly busy sales days.
Growing as a company alongside the evolution and implementation of cannabis SEO, we recognized the ability to further campaigns’ impact by employing SEO strategies. Ideas like inserting cannabis keywords into pitch requests to help brands stand out from pitching through publishing became instrumental in successful practice. 


Gift/Product Guides Sell Cannabis Products, do Evergreen SEO/PR Work

Gift and product guides can make a world of difference to an overall cannabis PR plan, especially when incorporating SEO keywords to further drive traffic. Interweaving SEO strategies directly can further drive customers to your site, linking words you’ve used to associate your brand with your customer base. 

Take these three excellent products for instance: the revolutionary Cloudious9 Hydrology NX dab pen and flower vaporizer duo, the EVRI dab straw by Dip Devices; and Dr. Dabber’s Boost EVO smart dab rig. These products, while incredible on their own, were featured in Bloom and Oil’s 4/20 Gift Guide, High Times 710 Gift Guide, and Thrillist’s Best Vaporizers of 2021 product guide, in respective order. By scoring these media opportunities, the brands were able to heighten visibility, as well as directly reach customers searching for products to use to suit timeliness and purpose. Being included in these types of product guides also acts as a great way to increase online presence, and give customers added incentives to visit your site or location to purchase from your brand. 

The real prize of holiday marketing is of course a feature. Single features can be hard to land, but big publications which feature your product as one of only a few cannabis products can make just as big a splash. Recently, Moxie was featured in LA Weekly’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, centering on their THC-powered MX Sport line for Sport-loving dads. Although the gift guide wasn’t specific to cannabis, Moxie was able to extend their brand to other audiences they may not usually reach, showcasing their products’ benefits as a great gift for dad.

Think outside the normal web-print marketing box to nail a single feature, if that’s what you’re after. On 4/20, Lifted Made was featured on Chicago’s WGN Radio, exhibiting their popular line of Delta 8 THC products. Lifted Made pulled ahead of the competition as one of the preliminary Delta 8 THC lines, featuring products like their pull and snap cannabis concentrates, which are available in many states where traditional concentrates are not. LiftedMade effectively bypassed much of the web white noise on 4/20 to directly market to consumers’ ears in the Chicago area and managed to snag a coveted single feature in the process.


When it comes to cannabis holidays like 7/10, incorporating cannabis PR and SEO strategies can be game-changers. If you have any questions about how you can boost your brand with cannabis PR and SEO, reach out to us. We’d love to chat about how you can make the next cannabis holiday even better with cannabis PR. 

Looking for more recommendations or to review a product? Reach out to receive a personalized list of products available that speak to your target audience.

Likewise, let us know if you need help researching trends and topics, crafting communications, or securing news spots by contacting us here.

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