50 Marketing Blog Ideas for SEO Content Writers

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

Get Help with Strategic Blogging and Optimized Writing

Whether you seek to expand thought leadership via editorials or increased search engine result page (SERP) presence with blogging and website rewrites, our experienced team of content marketers has a proven track record of helping companies and nonprofits get their messages to the right audience.

Great Marketing Blog Ideas Help You Stand Out from the Competition

It can be hard to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. One of the best ways to increase your search ranking and bring in new customers is by producing high-quality, search-engine-optimized blogs related to your service offerings. As one of the leading cannabis marketing firms, NisonCo knows marketing — and content creation. 

Here are 50 of our favorite marketing blog topic ideas for content writers. 


Marketing FAQ Blog Topic Ideas

These blog ideas seek to answer common marketing questions. Topics like these are also great jumping-off points for more in-depth blog series. 

  1. Are marketing and advertising the same thing?

  2. How marketing works

  3. How marketing and sales work together

  4. How marketing helps business

  5. How marketing can support sales

  6. What marketing is and what marketing is not

  7. Where marketing can be applied

  8. Can AI replace marketing?

  9. Why marketing matters

  10. Will marketing be automated

  11. Will marketing become obsolete

  12. Marketing and advertising

  13. Marketing and communications

  14. Marketing and public relations

  15. Marketing definition

  16. What are digital marketing agencies?


Blogs About Marketing Agencies

Customers and clients are also interested in the ins and outs of working with a cannabis marketing agency like NisonCo. Publishing a blog on one of these topics can help new clients feel more informed and comfortable signing on.

  1. Are marketing agencies worth it?

  2. Can marketing make you rich?

  3. How marketing agencies work

  4. What marketing agencies do

  5. Why marketing is important for small businesses

  6. Does marketing really work?

  7. Marketing companies near me

  8. Do I need a marketing agency?

  9. What to expect from a marketing agency


Topics in Marketing Blog Ideas

Marketing can be complicated, so we suggest companies work with a marketing firm, like NisonCo, for the best results. These blog ideas are a great way to give your clients a broad overview of niche marketing topics

  1. Which marketing strategy is most effective

  2. Can marketing costs be capitalized?

  3. What is a marketing timeline?

  4. What is the most effective form of marketing?

  5. Marketing for dummies

  6. Marketing with AI

  7. Marketing without social media

  8. Marketing like a pro

  9. Marketing your business


Marketing Blogs for Various Industries

Different industries have different standards, values, and areas of concern. Working with a marketing agency serving specific industries can be an invaluable way to establish your company effectively. 

  1. Marketing for non profit organizations

  2. Marketing for nonprofits

  3. Marketing for real estate agents

  4. Marketing for restaurants

  5. Marketing for business

  6. Marketing for law firms

  7. Marketing for cannabis companies

  8. Marketing for crypto and blockchain

  9. Marketing for psychedelics


Marketing Strategy Blogs to Reach Your Audience

Ultimately, marketing is all about connecting with prospective customers. It’s essential to keep your target audience in mind when formulating a marketing plan. 

  1. Marketing to Gen Z

  2. Marketing to millennials 

  3. Marketing to Gen X

  4. Marketing to baby boomers

  5. Marketing to seniors

  6. Marketing to women

  7. Marketing to vegans


Work With an Experienced Marketing Agency to Optimize Your Strategy

Much goes into marketing: developing a strategy, connecting with consumers, producing content, optimizing your web presence, and more — all while following regulations and staying updated on industry trends. NisonCo makes marketing easy by offering top-of-the-line marketing services to businesses in all industries. We can help your company succeed with our full line of services. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you, your brand, and your business.

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