Hauntingly Successful Campaigns: Unmasking the Cannabis PR Strategies Behind Spine-Chilling Success Stories

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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The holiday sales season is approaching, but Halloween is coming up first. This year, NisonCo is celebrating by revisiting some of our most frighteningly successful cannabis PR campaigns. Read on for a thrill!


Vicente LLP: Groundbreaking Cannabis Election Commentary

The United States has seen an exciting array of cannabis legislations and elections this past year, and Vicente LLP, one of the nation’s leading cannabis law firms, has been able to comment on many of them. Following Oklahoma’s election in March of 2023, one of the most exciting for the cannabis community, the firm was quoted in over 150 publications, including The Associated Press, NBC News and NY Daily News

Vicente LLP also does incredible work outside the courtroom. During our time working with the company, NisonCo has worked to promote everything from webinars to workshops hosted by the legal professionals at Vicente LLP. Combined with their ability to consistently provide timely takes on legal, political, and legislative issues, we are so proud of our work to help cement Vicente as a go-to source for up-to-the-minute news and commentary on everything cannabis. 


Reepher: An Exciting Launch Leads to Thought Leadership

Reepher, a company that provides cannabis DUI insurance and other services, officially launched in late 2022. During the months after their launch, we landed them coverage in several big-name publications and outlets, including Cheddar TV, FOX News, and Forbes.

Because of the coverage we got Reepher, other companies began approaching co-founder and CEO Justin Kahn directly for commentary on several cannabis-related topics. Since then, we’ve helped him meet these requests and become an even more well-respected thought leader in the cannabis industry. We’ve even had him as a guest on our blog!

Justin Kahn, CEO of reepher, speaks to NisonCo cannabis PR about his expectations for the industry's future.

Justin Kahn, CEO of reepher, speaks to NisonCo cannabis PR about his expectations for the industry’s future. Click to read Justin’s Q&A on NisonCo’s blog here.

As part of our custom PR strategy for Reepher, we focused on raising awareness of the issue in our pitches to journalists and publications. Cannabis DUIs — and the inconsistencies in being charged with one — are major concerns for everyone who consumes cannabis, even occasionally. After making people aware of the issue and its complexity, we presented Reepher as the solution, securing public interest. 


Qredible: Timely Technology and an Important Mission

Qredible is a pioneering cannabis company working to make the cannabis supply chain safer and more transparent. In past years, the cannabis industry has had a problem with untrustworthy labs providing untrustworthy results. Qredible’s pioneering chairman and CEO, Brian Fitzpatrick, aims to stop this problem, and we were able to help disseminate opportune, powerful information on the subject.

Qredible Chairman and CEO Brian Fitzpatrick spoke to NisonCo cannabis PR about blockchain, compliance and transparency.

Qredible Chairman and CEO Brian Fitzpatrick spoke to NisonCo cannabis PR about blockchain, compliance and transparency. Click here to read the interview on NisonCo’s blog.

We secured coverage for Qredible by centering the timely nature of their work — the public was interested in ethics and safety in cannabis labs, and Qredible can provide assurances. The company’s clear goal and innovative business plan helped us to propel them forward, too. Check out some of their press spotlights in Highly Capitalized, Benzinga, Green Market Report, Forbes, Cannabis Equipment News Today and Cannabis Radio’s Blunt Business podcast. 


Somaí Pharmaceuticals: European Cannabis, International Coverage

With cannabis legalization progressing in Europe, we’re honored to be able to help some of the most influential companies make their mark in the European Union and beyond. We worked with Somaí Pharmaceuticals, a company that creates active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including cannabis APIs, to raise its profile on a global scale. 

Somaí Pharmaceuticals CEO Michael Sassano provides cannabis industry predictions for 2023.

Somaí Pharmaceuticals CEO Michael Sassano gave NisonCo cannabis PR excellent industry predictions for 2023. Read the full article on NisonCo’s blog here.

Earlier this year, Somaí Pharmaceuticals received Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certification, allowing them to operate in the EU. Because of our continuous pitching — and the continued thought leadership of company founder, chairman, and CEO Michael Sassano — we landed Somaí Pharmaceuticals coverage in several international publications, including MJBiz Daily and Business of Cannabis


SAFER Banking: A Multi-Client Cannabis PR Success Story

Some of the most exciting stories that we land involve multiple clients. Here’s a hauntingly good example: The cannabis industry has been abuzz with the potential passage of the SAFER Banking Act, and we were able to help three of our clients land mentions in a Forbes article on the topic that went viral with 300,000 views and counting. 

NisonCo has been working with DocMJ, Dip Devices and The Chamber of Cannabis for months, and our continued efforts to cement these companies as leaders in the space enabled us to get them quoted in one of the most-read recent articles about the SAFER Banking Act. Inclusion on this list has cemented these clients as leading contributors in the cannabis space, and we are all poised for any further news about the Act that we can land them coverage on. 


Achieve Hair-Raising Success with a Cannabis Public Relations Company

If you want to help your company achieve this same level of success, there’s no better way than to partner with a cannabis PR firm — especially when it’s America’s oldest cannabis PR agency. Learn more about our services and work with us to develop a customized plan for your company by contacting us today.  

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