3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Cannabis PR and SEO Preparations for the 2023 Holiday Season

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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It’s no secret that the “most wonderful time of the year” can also be the most stressful, with events to attend, shopping to do, and party planning to take care of. Don’t let your cannabis company’s holiday strategy add to your stress. Today, NisonCo is here to share our top three tips for making the most of your holiday cannabis PR and SEO strategies — and getting it all done ahead of time. 


When to Start SEO and Cannabis PR for the 2023 Holiday Season

It might seem early, but summer is the perfect time to start preparing for your holiday sales and marketing campaigns by ramping up your PR and SEO strategies. 

Most consumers plan to start their holiday shopping well before December; in 2022, most customers surveyed said they intended to begin their holiday shopping in October. Because SEO and PR take time to produce results, August or September is the optimal time to implement your strategies.


3 Ways to Make the Most of Cannabis PR and SEO this Holiday Season

As one of the top cannabis public relations firms, we know a few things about ensuring a successful holiday season for our clients. Here are three of our biggest pieces of advice to make your 2023 season as stress-free (and profitable) as possible. 


1. Start Cannabis PR and SEO Preparations Early to Be Ready for the Holidays

The number one thing you can do to help your holiday PR and SEO strategies succeed is to start them early. A head start will give you and your PR firm or SEO agency time to plan your strategy, implement it, and begin seeing results as the holiday shopping rush begins. 

It’s also important to note that winter gift-giving holidays aren’t the only cannabis shopping holidays in the fourth quarter. More and more consumers are stocking up on cannabis before Thanksgiving (or “Danksgiving”) rolls around. In recent years, cannabis dispensaries have reported that “Green Wednesday,” or the day before American Thanksgiving, is their second-highest sales day of the year — second only to 4/20.


2. Formulate Cannabis PR and SEO Goals for the Winter Holidays

No matter when you start your holiday preparations, having a goal in mind for your business this holiday season is essential. Having a clear idea of the results you’re looking for from a PR and SEO campaign will help the cannabis SEO and PR agency you team up with to come up with a course of action.

When it comes to holiday PR and SEO, there are countless goals you can pursue. Are you hoping to reach consumers via top-tier cannabis gift guides? Do you want to increase web traffic and sales? Launch the next viral holiday marketing campaign? Will you use the holidays to support a cause your business cares about? The right cannabis SEO agency can help your cannabusiness achieve its holiday goals. 


3. Find an SEO and Cannabis PR Firm that Fits Your Needs

When embarking on a large-scale cannabis PR and SEO campaign for the 2023 holiday season, partnering with a cannabis PR firm is invaluable. A high-quality cannabis PR and SEO agency will work with you to personalize a thorough, detailed strategy and meet with you regularly throughout the process to discuss results and the next steps. 

Working with a cannabis PR firm that offers a wide variety of services can be especially helpful when coordinating a far-reaching holiday PR plan. NisonCo offers PR, SEO, marketing, and content creation services, so our team has everything you need to optimize your company’s holiday strategy and ensure your success throughout the holiday season and beyond. 


A Cannabis PR and SEO Firm Can Help Your Company Succeed This Holiday Season

Whether you’re launching a campaign for the Winter Holidays, Green Wednesday, or Q4 2023, a cannabis PR and SEO agency can help you achieve your goals. 

Schedule an appointment with us today to get an early start on your cannabrand’s holiday PR and SEO strategies. 

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