The 50 Best SEO Blog Topic Ideas for Content Writers

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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Whether you seek to expand thought leadership via editorials or increased search engine result page (SERP) presence with blogging and website rewrites, our experienced team of content marketers has a proven track record of helping companies and nonprofits get their messages to the right audience.

One of the best ways to increase your website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) is to publish blogs filled with highly-searched keywords or phrases. If your website involves search engine optimization (SEO), these blogs will be filled with SEO-related keywords. As a top-rated SEO agency, we want to share some of the best topics we’ve found for SEO blogs and SEO articles. 


Top SEO Blog Topics

1. Are SEO services worth it?

2. How can SEO increase web traffic?

3. Can I do SEO on my own?

4. How SEO works step by step

5. How SEO and PPC work together

6. What SEO stands for

7. What SEO does

8. What is SEO?

9. Which SEO metrics are important to track?

10. Why SEO is important

11. Will SEO be replaced by AI?

12. Can ChatGPT do SEO?

13. SEO for beginners

14. SEO and SEM meaning

15. What is PPC?

16. What is SEM?

17. SEO best practices 2023

18. SEO definitions

19. What is SEO optimization?

20. What is an SEO ranking?

21. What is search intent?


Best Meta Tag Blog Topics

22. Are meta tags still used?

23. Are meta tags important?

24. What are meta tags in SEO?

25. How meta tags work in SEO

26. What is metadata?

27. What is a meta description?

28. What meta tags should I use?

29. Which meta tags are important for SEO?

30. What is meta tagging?

31. Meta tags for SEO

32. Meta tags to improve SEO

33. Meta tags examples

34. How to use a meta tags generator

35. Meta tags definition

36. How to use meta tags in HTML

37. Meta tags list

38. Meta tags keywords


Excellent Keyword Blog Topics

39. Can keywords be two words?

40. What are keywords?

41. Keywords vs. longtail keywords

42. What are longtail keywords?

43. How keyword research is done

44. How to use keyword tools

45. What keyword density is ideal

46. Why keywords are important in SEO

47. Keyword vs search term

48. Keyword list for [insert relevant keywords]

49. Is keyword stuffing effective?

50. How to do a keyword search


3 Tactics to Write a Great SEO Blog

Writing blog posts chock-full of SEO-related key terms and buzzwords can boost your brand’s internet presence, but there are other things you need to keep in mind. After all, consumers aren’t just looking for lists of keywords; they want well-written, quality content that clearly answers the query they searched for in the first place. 


1. Optimize Your SEO With the Help of an SEO Firm

No matter what your blog post is about, it’s essential to keep your overarching SEO strategy in mind. Before publishing a blog, you must ask yourself a litany of questions

  • Are you targeting the most effective keywords? 
  • Is your competitor research up to date? 
  • Is your keyword density at the right level? 
  • Is your site accessible and quick to load? 
  • Does your metadata look the way it needs to? 


The sheer amount of SEO work that goes into a single page can be overwhelming. When optimizing your own website, it’s easy to get distracted or overlook the details. 

Even if your company deals with SEO, a specialized SEO firm can still help ensure your search engine optimization strategy is performing as well as possible. NisonCo offers SEO services for all industries, specializing in niche and future-facing markets. We would love to help you optimize your website, too. 


2. Know Your Audience for Blogs About SEO

It’s also essential to know your intended audience when writing and posting any type of blog. This is especially important when dealing with niche, highly specialized topics like SEO. If you’re an SEO expert by trade, SEO abbreviations and jargon are probably second nature to you. The same might not be true of all of your readers, though. 

When writing a blog about SEO topics, keep your tone approachable. Explain the terms and acronyms you employ, use examples, and include screenshots if the ideas or methods you cover are particularly complex. 


3. Work With a Content Writing Agency to Produce High-Quality SEO Blogs

A content writing agency like NisonCo can help ensure your SEO blogs hit the perfect tone, contain all the relevant information, and engage readers. Crafting a well-thought-out blog post about the finer points of SEO can be difficult, and if you’re an SEO professional, your time is more well-spent optimizing your clients’ sites than writing, editing, and proofreading blog posts. 

Consider working with a content writing firm well-versed in SEO and writing about various niche topics for broad audiences. NisonCo’s team of content writers covers topics ranging from lifestyle to technology, and we can help you craft compelling, effective blog posts about any SEO topic under the sun. 


NisonCo Can Help With SEO and SEO Blogging

If your company needs a boost with SEO and content creation, you’re in the right place. NisonCo is a top PR and SEO firm with capabilities including marketing and content creation, too. We would be honored to help your SEO company grow with any combination of our services. 

To learn more or schedule a meeting, contact us today.

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