SEO Marketing for Public Relations: How to Get More Media Coverage

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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In today’s competitive marketplace, it takes a carefully orchestrated suite of SEO marketing techniques to make your company stand out. A stellar website, a detailed search engine optimization strategy, and well-planned public relations campaigns are all essential to your company’s success, and NisonCo can provide all of them. 


What is Public Relations?

There are countless different public relations strategies, and for your PR push to be successful, you need to partner with a firm that will create a personalized plan to build on your company’s unique strengths and meet your specific goals. 

Generally speaking, public relations involves increasing brand awareness. PR professionals will help your company land guest articles or mentions in well-known publications, place your products in gift guides or product reviews, build your thought leadership through interviews, and more. 

A successful public relations campaign will lead to more brand recognition by industry professionals and consumers, build your authority and brand image, and often lead to even more PR opportunities. 


What is SEO Marketing?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to a complex group of strategies and practices that help your company rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

There are countless different SEO techniques, and the best practices are constantly changing, but a basic SEO marketing strategy will likely include optimized content creation, metatag updates, and inclusion in directories. 

A successful SEO agency will help your company achieve more organic traffic and a higher ranking on your targeted SERPs.

For both PR and SEO, choosing an agency that is well-versed in your industry can help your strategies be successful. NisonCo is the oldest cannabis-specific PR firm in the United States, and we have extensive experience working in several other industries as well. We know our way around the complicated landscapes of cannabis PR and SEO, so we can help your company thrive in any industry. 


4 Ways SEO and PR Work Together

Though they employ different strategies, PR and SEO can work together to help bolster your company’s success. 

1. SEO Marketing Makes PR Content More Visible

Having your company highlighted in a well-regarded publication or widely-read website can contribute massively to your brand’s visibility and overall success. A piece of PR-driven content that contains powerful keywords with high transactional search intent, however, can have an even more significant impact. 

For example, a press release is likely to be read by consumers familiar with the publications that pick it up. An optimized press release that uses SEO best practices, however, is more likely to be read by a broader audience searching for related news containing your targeted keywords. 

2. PR as a Form of Offsite SEO

SEO can be divided into two categories: onsite SEO and offsite SEO. Onsite SEO concerns the strategies that your SEO agency employs directly on your website, such as optimized content and polished metadata. Offsite SEO refers to SEO strategies that help your ranking but take place on other websites. 

PR is an excellent example of offsite SEO. PR can get your brand featured on another website, building authority and broadening your brand image. The more your brand is connected with your targeted keywords and search terms on your site and others, the more highly ranked your website will become. 

3. Generate More Website Traffic With SEO and PR

SEO and PR can also work together to generate more traffic to your company’s website.

SEO can increase your website’s organic traffic; this describes the situation where a potential customer searches for one of your targeted phrases and clicks on your website from the search results page. If you have a carefully designed website and have worked with an SEO agency to choose powerful terms to target, this often results in a new customer. 

PR can also increase the traffic to your company’s website. Press releases, featured stories in industry publications, and even linked mentions in articles can all introduce readers — and potential customers — to your company and lead them back to your website. 

When PR and SEO strategies work together, the increase in traffic will be even more dramatic. Optimized PR content will be more likely to show up on user searches and more likely to funnel readers back to your website, hopefully gaining your company a new customer or client. 

4. SEO and PR Build Brand Authority

Brand authority is essential to creating a positive impression with your peers in the industry and potential customers. People want to support companies they trust, and regular inclusion in trusted publications will help your brand build a sense of authority and familiarity. 

PR builds brand authority by directly linking your company with others. A mention or featured piece about your company’s offerings in a well-respected, long-established publication will expose potential clients to your company and create a positive overall impression. 

Careful SEO can also build your brand authority in less apparent ways. Linking and backlinking between your site and other trusted websites will help to build your authority in the eyes of consumers and search algorithms; if Google’s web crawler, for example, views your website as trustworthy because of high-quality links and other SEO strategies, it is more likely to rank your page higher on your targeted SERPs. 


3 Steps to Get Started with SEO and PR

Because PR and SEO build off each other, it’s essential to structure your strategies as stepping stones. 

1. Use Website Building Services

First and foremost, to run any type of campaign, you will need a website that is high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. 

If your existing website needs a refresh or you need a new website, NisonCo’s website-building services can help. We can design your company a top-quality website and build in SEO best practices. 

2. Begin Search Engine Optimization

Once your site is up and running, your SEO marketing agency can fully deploy customized strategies. Your SEO firm will begin publishing optimized content and tracking your rank to see what works best for your unique business. 

It can take up to a couple of months to see results from SEO changes. During this stage, it’s important to be patient — with a good SEO strategy, you will see your ranking soar before you know it. 

3. Work With a PR Firm

As your SEO marketing strategies start to pay off, it’s time to start a public relations push to solidify your company’s rising profile and increase brand awareness. Your PR will build off your SEO success, and in time, your SEO authority will build off your PR successes, too. 


NisonCo Provides All the PR and SEO Services Your Brand Needs 

Working with a single agency for your website building, search engine optimization, and public relations can be incredibly helpful, as all the strategies are intertwined. By partnering with a multitasking firm like NisonCo, you will get to know the people helping your brand grow, and they will be able to become familiar with your brand identity to keep it consistent throughout your website design, SEO, and PR campaigns. 

NisonCo offers all the services you need to help your brand get more media coverage, from website building and SEO to content creation and PR. Contact NisonCo now to start getting more media coverage today. 

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