10 Excellent Cannabis Business Podcasts for Industry Professionals

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

Get Help Landing Interviews on Cannabis Business Podcasts

Whether you are a thought leader in the cannabis industry or work directly in cannabinoid manufacturing, landing a guest spot on a hemp or cannabis podcast can be invaluable in spreading the word about your business and brand.

Cannabis business podcasts are a great way to learn new things and stay on top of industry news and trends. Whether you are a cannabis industry pro or curious about entering the market, you’ll want to peep at some of our favorite cannabis podcasts

The team at NisonCo has compiled a list of top podcasts covering a wide swathe of cannabis business topics, from the growing cannabis economy to predictions about the next big trends in cannabis


Cannabis Business Podcasts Can Help Your Company Succeed

Research suggests that more than 40% of American adults listen to podcasts every week. Getting featured on a podcast that increases your visibility to other cannabis media or potential clients is an incredible way to boost brand awareness, promote your thought leadership, and gain new business connections and clients. 

As we’ve helped our clients get featured on cannabis podcasts, we’ve seen firsthand how podcast appearances can boost a brand or industry leader’s share of voice. 


10 Top Cannabis Business Podcasts for Industry Professionals

Listen to these podcasts to learn about cannabis business topics, and contact NisonCo to learn more about landing on them for an interview.

1. Cannabis Insider

Hosted by Benzinga, Cannabis Insider is a podcast where industry leaders join hosts Abbey Higginbotham and Patricio Liddle to discuss cannabis-related topics. Most of these conversations revolve around the business of cannabis, as Benzinga covers financial news.

NisonCo has helped several clients secure spots on this exciting, topical podcast, including representatives from Somaî Pharmaceuticals, Linnea Cannabinoids, Qredible, and Symple Seeds

2. Grassroots Marketing by Cannabis Radio

Cannabis Radio is home to several podcasts about cannabis and psychedelics that touch on the culture and business of cannabis. Grassroots Marketing is one of our favorites. On it, leaders of emerging companies share the ins and outs of their industry and how they got their business off the ground. 

NisonCo recently landed Eugene and Tyler McCain of Mello and Real Talk Cannabis on an excellent episode of Grassroots Marketing

3. People Are the Answer

Hosted by longtime NisonCo friend and client Jeffrey Zucker, People Are the Answer is one of our favorite podcasts — period. On the show, Zucker discusses business ethics and how we can all be responsible industry members


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Are you interested in securing interviews on cannabis business podcasts like those on this list? Click the image to connect with our experienced cannabis media marketing team.


4. Professionally Cannabis

If you’re interested in learning about new and exciting cannabis businesses directly from the entrepreneurs who built them, Professionally Cannabis is a great podcast to tune into. In each episode, cannabis business leaders discuss their companies and the cannabis industry on a broader scale. 

5. Seed to CEO

Though the show hasn’t released any new episodes in the past several months, it’s worth going through the back catalog of MJBizDaily’s Seed to CEO podcast. On the show, you’ll hear the head of MJBizDaily, Chris Walsh, interview cannabis entrepreneurs and professionals to discover how they have succeeded in this exciting industry.

6. The Brian Nichols Show

This podcast pays special attention to marketing and how professionals can leverage clever solutions to bring their endeavors to greater success. Host Brian Nichols talks with people from all industries, from cannabis and psychedelics to politics, and always brings exciting questions to the table. 

NisonCo helped secure Psycheceutical CEO Chad Harman a guest spot on The Brian Nichols Show in an engaging episode that covers pharmaceutical-grade plant medicine. 

7. The Cannabis Conversation

Hosted by Anuj Desai, The Cannabis Conversation focuses on the European cannabis industry. It’s a great listen for anyone interested in developments in the global cannabis industry or how the business of cannabis works in places around the world. 

8. The Cannabis Industry Voice

The National Cannabis Industry Association is one of the most influential organizations in the American cannabis market. You can get an inside look at how the organization works with cannabis business owners and how it helps support the industry by listening to their podcast, The Cannabis Industry Voice

9. The Cannabis Investing Podcast

This show focuses on the financial aspects of the cannabis industry, giving listeners an inside look at the most exciting businesses in the cannabis sector. Whether you’re a business owner, a serious investor, or just interested in the industry, The Cannabis Investing Podcast is a great way to learn more about the financial aspect of cannabis businesses. 

10. U.S. Chamber of Cannabis

This podcast, hosted by Scott Goddard, brings together cannabis science, culture, and business to explore the industry in an exciting and hopeful way. The U.S. Chamber of Cannabis podcast works to normalize cannabis and further the mission of legalization, and it offers something to interest every cannabis businessperson. 


A Cannabis PR Company Can Get You Placed in Top Cannabis Business Podcasts

With so many incredible cannabis business podcasts on the air, there’s a perfect fit for every brand and entrepreneur. Consider working with a PR team to get your cannabis business featured on one of these great podcasts. 

NisonCo has years of experience helping cannabis brands and thought leaders expand their reach and gain more business, and we can help you land a guest spot on your favorite cannabis business podcasts. Contact NisonCo today to begin working on your custom cannabis PR strategy.

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