The Best Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery Keywords To Use 2024

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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Keywords and phrases are the basic building blocks of search engine optimization (SEO) for dispensaries and cannabis delivery companies. They’re essential in helping your business appear prominently on your targeted search engine results pages (SERPs). The first result on any given results page receives nearly a third of all clicks, so showing up as high as possible on Google or other search engines is vital to your company’s success. Ranking well is especially important for companies in highly competitive markets, such as dispensaries and cannabis delivery companies.  

NisonCo has compiled a list of some of the best keywords and phrases for cannabis delivery services and dispensaries. While this resource provides a great starting point for your keyword research, you’ll need to work with a cannabis SEO agency to formulate more personalized keywords and a strategy to implement them.

When using these keywords in blogs, marketing materials, or your company’s social media profiles, make sure you refer to our blog on other SEO best practices to follow, too. 


Cannabis Strain Keywords for Dispensaries and Delivery Services

When customers decide which dispensary to visit or which cannabis delivery service to order from, one of their chief concerns is product selection. Whether you run a dispensary or a cannabis delivery brand, using cultivar-related keywords in your SEO strategy will allow you to capture consumers looking for your products. 

Be sure to focus on the strains you carry, featuring keywords of any unique or trendy cultivars you currently have in stock. 

Cannabis Cultivar Keywords

Search Volume

Ice Cream Cake Strain 40,500
Runtz Strain 40,500
Oreoz Strain 33,100
Cereal Milk Strain 33,100
Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain 33,100
White Truffle Strain 27,100
Jealousy Strain 27,100
RS11 Strain 18,100
Mac 1 Strain 18,100
Grease Monkey Strain 18,100
Gushers Strain 18,100
Black Runtz Strain 14,800
Peanut Butter Breath Strain 14,800
Apples and Bananas Strain 14,800
London Pound Cake Strain 14,800
Sundae Driver Strain 14,800
Zkittlez Strain 14,800
Cherry Pie Strain 14,800
White Runtz Strain 14,800
Gumbo Strain 12,100
Rainbow Belts Strain 12,100
Pink Runtz Strain 12,100
Gelonade Strain 12,100
Zoap Strain 12,100
Grape Ape Strain 12,100
Permanent Marker Strain 12,100


High Intent Keywords and Phrases for Dispensaries

Customers have several different types of search intentions in mind when they Google keywords or phrases. The kind that will have the most significant impact on your sales is transactional search intent, which consumers use when they are interested in immediately making a purchase. 

Don’t neglect other types of keywords, but strategically highlighting keywords that signal a high transactional search intent may allow you to capture more customers. 

General Dispensary Keywords

Search Volume

Recreational Dispensary Near Me 165,000
Marijuana Dispensary Near Me 110,000
Cannabis Dispensary Near Me 74,000
Cannabis Near Me 60,500
Dispensary Near Me Open 40,500
Medical Dispensary Near Me 40,500
Weed Dispensary Near Me 40,500
Weed Near Me 40,500
Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me 33,100
Cannabis Store Near Me 22,200
Dispensary Open Near Me 22,200
Marijuana Dispensary 22,200
Recreational Dispensary Near Me 22,200
Weed Shops Near Me 22,200
Cannabis Dispensary Near Me 18,100
Closest Dispensary To Me 18,100
Weed Store Near Me 18,100
Cannabis Store 14,800
Dispensaries Open Near Me 14,800
Downtown Dispensary 14,800
Marijuana Near Me 14,800
Weed Shop Near Me 14,800
Best Dispensaries Near Me 6,600
Best Dispensaries 1,000
Best Weed Dispensaries Near Me 480
Best Medical Dispensaries 110


Location-Based Dispensary Keywords

For companies that depend on in-person business, like medical and adult-use cannabis dispensaries, local SEO is essential. Local SEO refers to a group of SEO strategies, including location-based keywords, that help customers in your area find your business. 

Keep in mind that these location-dependent cannabis keywords reflect the most common keywords in this category, not the best keywords for your specific business. A cannabis SEO company can help you determine which location-based cannabis keywords will be most effective for your dispensary. 

Geographic Dispensary Keywords

Search Volume

Michigan Dispensary 40,500
Michigan Dispensaries 18,100
Missouri Dispensary 18,100
Illinois Dispensary 14,800
Chicago Dispensary 9,900
Dispensary Michigan 9,900
Missouri Dispensaries 9,900
Dispensaries In Michigan 8,100
Dispensary Illinois 8,100
Garden State Dispensary 8,100
New Jersey Dispensary 8,100
Dispensaries In Missouri 6,600
Dispensary Chicago 4,400
Dispensary NJ 4,400
Illinois Dispensaries 4,400


A colorful impressionistic image of a cannabis leaf on a delivery bag overflowing with cannabis nuggets.

Continue scrolling for cannabis delivery SEO keywords and phrases, or click the image above to connect with NisonCo’s expert cannabis SEO team for a free, specialized audit of your delivery company.


SEO Keywords for Cannabis Delivery Services

SEO for cannabis delivery services is relatively similar to SEO for cannabis dispensaries, but there are a few key differences between the two — including the best keywords to use on your website and profiles. 

Cannabis Delivery Company Keywords

Search Volume

Weed Delivery 49,500
Weed Delivery Near Me 14,800
Cannabis Delivery 14,800
Cannabis Delivery Near Me 4,400
Weed Delivery Service Near Me 2,400
Weed Delivery To Me 1,900
Order Weed Delivery 1,600
Delivery Cannabis 1,000
Delivery Weed Services 880
Weed Delivery Near Me 24 Hour 880
Weed Delivery Service 880
Delivery Weed Near Me 720
Weed Delivery Online 480
Delivery Cannabis Near Me 480
Cannabis Delivery Service 390
24 Hour Weed Delivery Near Me Now 390
Online Weed Delivery Service Near Me 390
Recreational Cannabis Delivery 140
Online Cannabis Delivery 110
Cannabis Dispensary Delivery 90
Cannabis Delivery Business 70
Cannabis Delivery Laws 70
Medical Cannabis Delivery 70
Cannabis Delivery Companies 50
Best Cannabis Delivery 40


Location-Based Keyphrases for Cannabis Delivery Companies

Since cannabis delivery companies cater to a specific geographic area, local SEO is also vital to these businesses. Remember that, similar to the geographically-based keywords for dispensaries, these keywords simply reflect the locations people search for most often. A cannabis SEO firm will help you pinpoint location-based keywords that fit your cannabis delivery company’s service area. 

Geographic Cannabis Delivery Keywords

Search Volume

Weed Delivery Las Vegas 4,400
Weed Delivery NJ 3,600
DC Weed Delivery 1,900
Weed Delivery Boston 1,900
Weed Delivery DC 1,900
Weed Delivery Los Angeles 1,300
Weed Delivery NY 1,300
Weed Delivery NYC 1,300
Weed Delivery Sacramento 1,300
New York Weed Delivery 1,000
Cannabis Delivery Long Island 210
Cannabis Delivery NJ 210
Sacramento Cannabis Delivery 210
Cannabis Delivery Las Vegas 170
Cannabis Delivery Los Angeles 170
Cannabis Delivery San Diego 170
Cannabis Delivery San Jose 170
Cannabis Delivery Nyc 140
Cannabis Delivery Palo Alto 140
Cannabis Delivery Virginia 140


Boost Your Cannabis SEO Strategy with Custom Keywords and Phrases

These keywords provide a great starting point for when you’re just beginning to formulate your cannabis dispensary’s or delivery service’s approach to SEO. However, the best way to ensure your SEO strategy will help your company excel is to work with an effective cannabis SEO firm like NisonCo. We’ve helped countless cannabis companies find greater success through SEO, PR, and content creation, and we look forward to helping you, too. 

Contact NisonCo for a free SEO audit and to discuss how we can help you grow today. 

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