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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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In today’s online world, we have access to an incredible amount of high-quality cannabis content on topics from cultivation to business technology. The staff at NisonCo has rounded up 20 of our favorite cannabis blogs to share with you today. 


The Best Cannabis News Blogs to Help You Stay Ahead of the Industry

Blogs are a great way to stay informed about the cannabis industry and get your news from people who are active inside the sector. 


1. Cannabis Now

With a focus on current events in cannabis alongside a smattering of educational and pop-culture pieces, Cannabis Now is an excellent source for general cannabis news. This publication brings stories about a wide range of timely cannabis topics. 


2. The Cannabist

This publication covers cannabis news across the United States. While many of the stories featured in The Cannabist concern news surrounding cannabis businesses, the site also publishes articles about major happenings in cannabis culture and policy.

If you want more cannabis news in your life, you can also follow cannabis reporters, journalists, and writers to get information straight from the source. 


The Top Cannabis Policy Blogs Covering Advocacy and Law

As a cannabis company rooted in advocacy, the whole team at NisonCo is deeply passionate about regulatory policy and reform. Here are a few blogs we rely on for information about cannabis activism. 


3. The Canna Law Blog

Written by a law firm, The Canna Law Blog is an excellent source for articles on topics relating to cannabis law. The site also covers developments in cannabis law and legalization. 


4. Marijuana Moment

One of the biggest names in cannabis policy news, Marijuana Moment regularly publishes stories about the cannabis industry, focusing on policy and reform. The blog also touches on psychedelics and other related sectors in select posts. 



The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is a powerhouse in the cannabis advocacy movement. The NORML blog provides invaluable information on progress in the regulated cannabis industry and what you can do to get involved.  

If these blogs spark an interest in social justice and advocacy, countless more blogs and podcasts can help you learn more and participate in important movements. NisonCo has also compiled a list of our favorite social justice podcasts for further listening. 


Excellent Cannabis Business Blogs for an Inside Look at the Sector

Whether you want to stay informed about the cannabis industry or are looking for tips and tricks to help your cannabusiness succeed, cannabis business blogs are an incredible resource. 


6. Cannabis Business Executive

This blog focuses on news and policy developments. Cannabis Business Executive publishes articles on nearly every topic under the umbrella of cannabis business, including conversations with professionals in the industry. 


7. Cannabis Business Times

If you only have a few minutes and want an overview of what’s happening in the cannabis industry, Cannabis Business Times is an excellent blog to check. With categories addressing nearly every aspect of the sector, from finance to scheduling to industry operations, this site provides a thorough overview of developments in the cannabis industry. 


8. The Cannabis Marketing Association

This blog isn’t just for cannabis marketers; anyone in the cannabis industry can gain valuable insights from the blogs published on the Cannabis Marketing Association’s site. With a focus on cannabis business operations, the Cannabis Marketing Association also shares interviews and guest posts from thought leaders. 


9. Ganjapreneur

Whether you’re just starting your cannabis business or have years of experience in the industry, Ganjapreneur is an excellent source of cannabis business news and other articles. The site balances up-to-date stories with editorials from guest contributors to create a well-rounded resource for any cannabis professional. 


10. Green Market Report

For a roundup of news about the financial dimension of the cannabis industry, you can’t beat the Green Market Report. With articles about overall economic trends in the cannabis industry and the performance of individual companies, Green Market Report is an excellent blog for anyone interested in the finances of the cannabis sector.


11. MJBizDaily

Another prominent name in cannabis, MJBizDaily is a compendium of articles and blog posts about the business of cannabis. Though the publication focuses on cannabis business news, it also touches on other related topics, like cultivation, retail, and the legal landscape surrounding cannabusinesses. 


12. NisonCo

We work hard to make the NisonCo blog a valuable resource for cannabis industry professionals, too. We regularly post resources, tips and tricks for cannabis professionals, and conversations with industry leaders. 


13. The Cannabis Industry Journal

With Articles on various topics in the cannabis business sector and columns from respected thought leaders and trusted cannabis brands, The Cannabis Industry Journal is a great blog to follow if you’re interested in the business of cannabis

Blogs aren’t the only way to learn about cannabusiness and finance. If you prefer to listen, there are a ton of great cannabis podcasts out there to tune into, too. We recently published a list of some of our favorite cannabis business podcasts on the NisonCo blog


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The Best Cannabis Growing Blogs to Increase Your Harvest

Growing cannabis can be a rewarding hobby and a profitable business, but it can get complicated quickly. Luckily, there are several blogs dedicated exclusively to helping you grow high-quality cannabis, whether you’re a hobbyist or the head of a cultivation center. 


14. Grow Weed Easy

Whether you want an overview of the latest growing technology or need help troubleshooting your harvest, Grow Weed Easy probably has a blog post or article that can help. This blog has a great combination of established guides and recent articles to provide a guide for any grower. 


15. I Love Growing Marijuana

One of the older online resources for cannabis cultivators, I Love Growing Marijuana is an impressive blog with countless articles on cannabis cultivation and technology. The site is also home to strain and product reviews, so it’s an excellent reference for whatever you need to know about growing cannabis. 


Relax With Our Favorite Cannabis Culture Blogs

Cannabis blogs don’t have to be all informational all the time. Some of our favorites — and the most well-known cannabis publications — focus primarily on culture. However, cannabis is inherently a political topic, so you can expect some more serious pieces in almost all of these blogs, too. 


16. Cannabis Culture

The aptly named Cannabis Culture blog publishes various pieces covering many cannabis-related topics, from pop culture to legislative progress.


17. Fat Nugs Magazine

This publication acknowledges nearly every aspect of the cannabis industry with a different theme for each edition. Full of articles, product reviews, and Q&As with cannabis professionals across the sector, Fat Nugs Magazine and its accompanying blog are fun reads for anyone interested in cannabis.  


18. The Fresh Toast

If you’re looking for quick reads about light topics in the cannabis industry, The Fresh Toast is a great blog to check out. With articles on many cannabis-related issues, this blog is a culture-focused publication that can appeal to anyone, not just people involved in the cannabis industry. 


19. High Times

One of the most recognizable names in cannabis culture, High Times has been publishing articles and blogs about cannabis for decades. Many of its pieces address politics and legislation in some capacity, but most featured blogs and articles have a more upbeat, cultural spin. 


20. Leafly Cannabis 101

Known as one of the largest repositories for cannabis cultivar information, Leafly also has a robust blog. The site regularly publishes educational, informational, and entertaining articles about cannabis consumption and culture. 


Land a Guest Article or Start Your Own Blog With Cannabis Copywriters

If you want to start a cannabis blog or produce content as a guest writer on one of the blogs we mentioned, a cannabis content creation company like NisonCo can help. Our cannabis copywriters and SEO team will work together to create optimized cannabis content for you, and our award-winning PR team can get your pieces placed in cannabis blogs like these. 

If you’re ready to expand your thought leadership with compelling cannabis content, contact NisonCo today. We look forward to working with you. 

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