Top 20 Podcasts For Psychedelics Pros

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Written by: NisonCo Staff

Get Help Landing Interviews on Psychedelic Podcasts

Whether you are a thought leader in a future-facing industry like cannabis or psychedelics or work directly in pharmaceutical psilocybin production, landing a guest spot on an enterprising psychedelics podcast can be invaluable in spreading the word about your mission.

Why Do Psychedelics Pros Need to Listen to Popular Podcasts?

As access to regulated psychedelic medicine expands, psychedelic professionals need informative and entertaining podcasts focusing on the field. Are you a psychedelics pro needing a list of the top industry podcasts?

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Without further ado, here’s a list of the top 20 psychedelic podcasts for pros. Those who want to skip to the meat can grab a link to a Spotify playlist of the podcasts featured here.


1. Psychedelics Today

Do you need a podcast that discusses the latest developments in psychedelics education, media and advocacy? Joe Moore and Kyle Buller host the Psychedelics Today podcast and discuss the latest advancements in the psychedelics ecosystem. The hosting podcast duo interviews the leading minds in psychedelics.


2. MAPS Podcast

Do you want to receive knowledge on psychedelic medicine from the field’s leading nonprofit? The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelics Studies (MAPS) produces this podcast hosted by Zach Leary, the son of psychedelics pioneer Timothy Leary. The MAPS Podcast features discussions recorded at the MAPS-sponsored Psychedelics Science Conference.


3. Psychedelic Medicine Podcast with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Would you like the latest updates on the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic medicine? Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, President of the Psychedelic Medicine Association, hosts this informative podcast, which discusses the latest developments in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Dr. Morski interviews psychedelics pros and shares news on scientific research, medical practices and legal developments.


4. Field Tripping

Are you seeking a podcast that explores the potential of psychedelics to alter how we see the world? Field Trip CEO Ronan Levy hosts the Field Tripping podcast and interviews researchers, business leaders and artists to understand how psychedelics heal the mind and body. This podcast gives listeners insights into how psychedelics can make you healthier and happier.


5. Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Do you want a podcast that shares knowledge on how psychedelics can optimize the performance of the human mind and body? Aubrey Marcus is honest, vulnerable and funny while hosting this podcast and interviewing guests who discuss how psychedelics positively impact our lives. Marcus and the guests explore how psychedelics affect entrepreneurship, spirituality and relationships.


6. Mikeadelic

Would you like a podcast that dives deeply into the philosophy of psychedelics? The Mikeadelic podcast host Mike Brancatelli interviews deep thinkers discussing how psychedelics impact our cognitive liberty. Mikeadelic is an informative, funny and heartwarming psychedelics podcast.


7. Business Trip

Are you looking for a podcast that explores the latest business trends in the psychedelics ecosystem? Greg Kubin and Matias Serebrinsky host the Business Trip podcast and interview top business leaders in the psychedelics industry. Podcast episodes cover the business issues affecting the development and distribution of psychedelic medicine.


8. Sex Love Psychedelics

Do you want a podcast discussing how psychedelics impact love and sexuality? Dr. Cat Meyer is the host of Sex Love Psychedelics, a podcast discussing scientific research on the role psychedelics play in our love lives. Listen to this podcast to learn how psychedelics can improve your ability to give and receive love.


9. Set and Setting with Madison Margolin

Would you like to listen to a podcast exploring how psychedelics impact spirituality and culture? Journalist Madison Margolin hosts the Set and Setting podcast and interviews deep thinkers in the psychedelics space. Margolin and her guests discuss integrating psychedelics into spiritual, meditation and mindfulness practices.


10. The Psychedelic Podcast from Third Wave

Are you looking for a podcast providing a diverse perspective on the potential of psychedelic medicine? The hosts of The Third Wave podcast interview guests with unique insights into the utilization of psychedelic medicine. This podcast provides an expansive overview of how psychedelics heal and transform minds and bodies.


11. The Free Thinkers Society with Mike Romanelli

Do you like psychedelics podcasts served with a side of skepticism? Mike Romanelli keeps an open mind while hosting The Free Thinkers podcast. This podcast withholds judgment while providing unique perspectives on psychedelic medicine.


12. Psychedelic Diaries

Are you seeking a podcast focusing on how psychedelics affect the mind and the outside world? The Psychedelics Diaries podcast explores how psychedelics impact our mental health and create mystical experiences. Listen to this podcast if you want a perspective on how psychedelics change your inner and outer world.


13. Plus Three

Would you like to listen to a podcast that navigates the complex world of psychedelics? Brian Normand and Nese Devenot host the Plus Three podcast and interview guests with diverse political and cultural perspectives. The Plus Three hosts discuss the influence of psychedelics on science, capitalism and culture.


14. Psychedelic Salon

Do you want a podcast that explores the benefits of psychedelic medicines? Lorenzo Hagerty hosts the Psychedelic Salon podcast and interviews psychedelics professionals who provide education on how to use psychedelic medicines to heal the mind and body. Listen to this podcast if you want to use psychedelics as a healing modality.


15. Trip on This

Are you looking for a lighthearted and entertaining psychedelics podcast? Kat Walsh hosts Trip on This, a podcast exploring how psychedelics provide spiritual awakenings and profound wisdom. This podcast offers a practical guide on how to work with psychedelic medicines.


16. Adventures Through The Mind

Would you like a podcast that discusses how to integrate psychedelic experiences into your daily life? James W. Hesso hosts the Adventures Through The Mind podcast and discusses the development of psychedelic medicine, research and culture. This podcast allows you to integrate psychedelic experiences and achieve long-lasting growth.


17. Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Do you want to listen to a psychedelics podcast that will make you double over in laughter? Comedian Duncan Trussell interviews artists, spiritual leaders and scientists to explore the nature of our minds and reality. You will actually laugh aloud while listening to Trussell and guests navigate the frontiers of consciousness and the cosmos.


18. Drug Positive Podcast

Are you looking for a psychedelics podcast that focuses on harm reduction? DanceSafe co-founder Emanuel Sferios hosts the Drug Positive Podcast, which focuses on removing the stigma and shame associated with the responsible use of psychedelic medicines. Listen to this podcast to reduce risk while using psychedelic medicines.


19. The Marianne Williamson Podcast

Would you like a podcast that focuses on the spirituality of psychedelic medicine? Spiritual guru Marianne Williamson discusses using psychedelics to promote meaningful change in your life. The Marianne Williamson Podcast is a non-judgemental environment for attaining sustained spiritual growth.


20. Professionally Cannabis & Psychedelics

Do you want a psychedelics podcast focusing on how the cannabis and psychedelics industries are evolving? The Professionally Cannabis & Psychedelics podcast shares market intelligence to understand market opportunities. This podcast provides insight into how to progress in the cannabis and psychedelics industries swiftly.


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