Top 20 Podcasts For Cannabis Pros

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Written by: NisonCo Staff

Get Help Landing Interviews on Cannabis or Hemp Podcasts

Whether you are a thought leader in a future-facing industry like cannabis or work directly in cannabinoid manufacturing, landing a guest spot on a hemp or cannabis podcast can be invaluable in spreading the word about your mission.

Why Are Cannabis Podcasts Important to Cannabis Pros?

Cannabis podcasts — also lovingly referred to as “potcasts” — are an excellent way to learn. Whether you’re just dipping a toe in cannabis news, seeking growing tips or looking for the latest technological advantage to give your brand an edge, we’ve got the list for you.

As leaders in cannabis public relations and search engine optimization, at NisonCo, we know firsthand how influential podcasts and those who make them can be in the cannabis space. If you have any interest in landing an interview on one of these or another top program, feel free to contact us here.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the top 20 cannabis podcasts for pros. Those of you who want to skip to the meat can grab a link to a Spotify playlist of the potcasts featured here.


1. Great Moments in Weed History

Do you know your cannabis history? Great Moments in Weed History hosts Abdullah and Bean recap significant moments in the history of weed. What happened when Willie Nelson brought marijuana to the White House? How did cannabis influence Carl Sagan’s scientific research into the cosmos? Did Jesus use marijuana as a sacrament? Abdullah and Bean dive into the best stories in cannabis history.


2. CannaInsider

Are you looking for inside knowledge on the business of cannabis? CannaInsider host Matthew Kind interviews top business leaders in the cannabis industry and asks them to share their knowledge. Listen to this podcast if you are interested in advancing your career in the cannabis industry.


3. Cannabis Talk 101

Would you like to receive cannabis knowledge from four industry insiders? Every episode, Cannabis Talk 101 hosts Chris Wright, Joe Grande, Marc Wasserman and Craig Wasserman discuss cannabis business and culture. The podcast foursome host this entertaining and educational podcast that provides a perspective from leading cannabis industry professionals.


4. Grow Bud Yourself

Are you a cannabis cultivator collecting information on how to enhance your grow? Danny Danko and Mike G. host Grow Bud Yourself and share education on cultivating the best cannabis. The podcast duo interviews leading cultivators sharing tips on how to maximize your marijuana grow.


5. US Chamber of Cannabis

Do you need knowledge of cannabis science and culture? US Chamber of Cannabis hosts The Professor, and Keegan Mack discusses the cannabis industry from the perspective of legacy operators and corporate titans. The podcasters give you a diverse view of the cannabis business community.


6. Marijuana Today

Are you interested in receiving insights into the cannabis business and advocacy? Marijuana Today host Shea Gunther interviews industry advocates and business leaders discussing unique viewpoints on regulations and market forces affecting the budding cannabis industry. The podcast host deeply investigates the business and politics of cannabis.


7. Marijuana Tomorrow

Would you like a unique analysis of the latest cannabis business and politics news? The Marijuana Tomorrow podcast shares the cannabis business and politics stories that will be trending soon. This podcast gives the insight needed to discuss cannabis politics and business intelligently.


8. Marijuana Mind

Do you seek a deep dive into the business of cannabis? Marijuana Mind hosts Dr. Justin Davis and Cynthia Brewer take a thoughtful approach while examining the cannabis industry. The podcast duo clears the smoke clouding views of the cannabis industry’s inner workings.


9. The Cannabis Industry Voice

Do you need cannabis knowledge from the industry’s leading trade association? The National Cannabis Industry Association’s Cannabis Industry Voice podcast, hosted by Bethany Moore, provides an objective understanding of the cannabis business, regulations, and culture. Moore interviews industry leaders, providing a view from cannabis boardrooms.


10. Grow Weed at Home

Do you want to learn how to grow cannabis from the leading minds in cannabis cultivation? The Grow Weed at Home podcast hosts interviews with the most intelligent individuals growing cannabis. The podcast shares tips on how to cultivate fantastic cannabis.


11. Seed to CEO

Are you looking for advice on how to be a successful cannabis entrepreneur? MJBizDaily CEO Chris Walsh interviews cannabis industry thought leaders and asks them to share tips on succeeding in the cannabis business. The Seed to CEO podcast gives you the knowledge needed to build a thriving cannabis business.


12. The Roll Up

Would you like the latest news on the cannabis business and culture? Leafly leadership hosts The Roll Up and examines the top stories in the world of cannabis. This weekly podcast provides deep insights into the stories impacting the cannabis industry.


13. Cannabis Insider

Do you need information on the financial outlook for the cannabis industry? Cannabis Insider is a Benzinga-produced podcast hosted by Elliot Lane and top cannabis reporter Javier Hasse. The podcast duo dives deeply into the world of cannabis business and finance.


14. Cannabis Science Today

Are you looking for the latest information on cannabis science and medicine? Cannabis Science Today host Emily Fata explores the latest innovations in cannabis science and medicine. Fata hosts scientists and medical professionals working on the cutting edge of cannabis science and medicine.


15. Stoner Chicks Podcast

Do you want to laugh while listening to a cannabis podcast? The Stoner Chicks Podcast is a hilarious podcast hosted by comedians Grace Penzell, Phoebe Richards, Kayla Teel, and Stephani Thompson. The podcast promotes the role of women in the cannabis industry while making you giggle.


16. Cannabis School

Would you like a podcast that discusses specific cannabis strains? Cannabis connoisseurs Brandon Elder and Jesse Angeles are the hosts of the Cannabis School podcast. The podcast duo discusses personal cannabis consumption as they dive into an individual strain in each episode.


17. The Cannabis Investing Podcast

Are you looking for actionable cannabis investment insight? The Cannabis Investing Podcast host Rena Sherbill, interviews industry experts to understand the complex world of cannabis finance. The podcast host provides advice on thoughtfully approaching investments in cannabis businesses.


18. The Cannabis Conversation

Do you need an insider’s perspective on the European cannabis industry? Anuj Desai hosts The Cannabis Conversation podcast and interviews top cannabis leaders in Europe and beyond. Desai interviews various industry leaders, providing diverse vantage of the European cannabis industry.


19. CannabisTech

Where do you find the latest knowledge on cannabis science and technology? The hosts of the CannabisTech podcast interview CEOs, scientists, inventors, and engineers to provide an understanding of cannabis science and technology. Podcast guests discuss the latest innovations in cannabis science and technology that the industry will soon widely adopt.


20. The Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

Are you looking for the latest information on cannabis cultivation and science? Tad Hussey hosts the Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast and interviews the leading minds in cannabis cultivation and science. Hussey examines many topics from various angles, putting a fresh spin on each idea.


Bonus Podcast: Pothead Parent

Latina mom Missy and veteran dad Derek tell it straight on this frank, refreshing and surprising new podcast. With episodes ranging from personal stories to interviews with terrifying clowns, you’ll soon be wondering how you can land an invite to dinner with the industry’s next big cannabis couple.


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