SEO Keywords and Search Phrases for Dispensaries and Cannabis Businesses 2023

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We provide some of the best keywords and search phrases to help guide your dispensary, cannabis company, or CBD website’s SEO strategy.

If you’re looking to increase traffic to your cannabis business’s website, utilizing SEO strategies like keyword and search phrase research is key. NisonCo is a top-rated CBD and Cannabis SEO Agency and can help.

Excellent SEO and keyword research tools include Google Search Trends, MOZ, and SEMRush. In order to maximize any keyword target list you create, make sure to do local research and analyze data in your website’s Google Search Console.

Get started on your research by checking out some top-performing keywords and search phrases for your dispensary, CBD website, or cannabis brand.

Contact us for a no-cost consultation and price quote to find out how we can help you.

2023 SEO Keywords for Cannabis Dispensaries

Using San Francisco as an example, we collected national volume data on dispensary search terms:

Keyword Volume
dispensary near me 1,500,000
dispensaries near me 450,000
dispensary 246,000
recreational dispensary near me 165,000
marijuana dispensary near me 110,000
dispensary near me open 40,500
weed dispensary near me 40,500
dispensaries 40,500
medical dispensary near me 40,500
cannabis store 22,200
cannabis dispensary near me 14,800
best dispensary near me 8,100
san francisco dispensary 6,600
marijuana dispensary san francisco 1,300
best dispensary in san francisco 590
medical marijuana dispensaries san francisco 480
san francisco recreational dispensary 480
cannabis dispensary san francisco 480
san francisco dispensary menu 320
recreational dispensary san francisco 210
san francisco dispensaries open 140
dispensary near me san francisco 70
recreational pot dispensaries in san francisco 50
top dispensaries in san francisco 40
dispensary near me in san francisco 30
best cannabis dispensary in san francisco 30
cheapest dispensary in san francisco 10
san francisco dispensary near me 10

SEO Keywords and Search Phrases for Cannabis Brands 2023

We analyzed the search volume for different cannabis-related search terms to help guide your cannabis company’s SEO strategy:

Keyword Volume
cannabis oil 12,100
cannabis sativa 9,900
cannabis coconut oil 8,100
cannabis edibles 6,600
mango cannabis 5,400
cannabis indica 4,400
cannabis vape pen 3,600
cannabis patch 3,600
cannabis lube 2,900
cannabis for dogs 2,400
cannabis candy 2,400
cannabis flower 2,400
cannabis energy drink 2,400
cannabis cream 1,900
cannabis tincture 1,600
cannabis tea 1,600
cannabis extract 1,600
cannabis strains 1,600
cannabis gummies 1,000

CBD Keywords and Search Phrases for CBD and Hemp SEO

We compared some of the common search terms for CBD and hemp websites as well as e-commerce shops:

Keyword Volume
best cbd oil 301,000
cbd for cats 90,500
cbd benefits 60,500
hemp oil 49,500
cbd gummies 49,500
cbd honey 49,500
delta 8 40,500
cbd vape oil 40,500
cbg 33,100
cbd effects 27,100
hemp flower 22,200
cbd isolate 22,200
hemp lotion 18,100
cbd vs thc 18,100
cbd for anxiety 18,100
cbd oil effects 18,100
hemp milk 18,100
delta 8 cart 14,800
cbd tincture 14,800
cbd edibles 14,800
cbd cartridge 12,100
cbd for dogs 12,100
cbd vape juice 12,100
cbd oil benefits 12,100
hemp wraps 12,100
cbd pills 9,900
hemp vs cbd 8,100
cbd pen 8,100
delta 8 gummies 6,600
hemp buds 6,600
thc delta 8 4,400
cbd lotion 4,400
cbd products 4,400
cbg flower 3,600
cbd dabs 3,600
delta 8 flower 2,900
cbd bath bomb 2,900
cbd gummies review 2,900
cbd patches 1,900
cbd candy 1,900
smokable hemp flower 1,000
cbd hemp flower 880
buy hemp flower 880
cbg strains 720
cbg hemp flower 480
wholesale hemp flower 480
best hemp flower 390
bulk hemp flower 390
hemp flower wholesale 320
hemp flower strains 320
organic hemp flower 260
cheap hemp flower 260
hemp flower buds 260

Remember, there are many factors to consider in addition to volume when determining which phrases to target. These include sales conversion rates and competitiveness for different search phrases. Check out this Dispensary SEO for Beginners video to learn more:

Interested in learning more? You can contact us here for help creating a custom SEO strategy. We’re available to conduct audits and perform competitive and local SEO research.

You can also get a free SEO audit of your dispensary below. 

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