Why Great Media Coverage Doesn’t Happen Overnight

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Written by: NisonCo Staff

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Good PR is like a snowball. It starts small and builds upon itself, contributing to your company’s media presence over time and leading to bigger results. Our team understands that public relations is both a process and an art form. It requires a high degree of industry awareness and a certain amount of creativity. All this of course is paired with good timing. 

Many clients sign up for PR services and immediately want their companies and spokespeople to be on Good Morning America, Headline News or other well-known media outlets. We don’t blame you! Many people set their expectations high and then soon feel as though their PR firm has let them down. We want you and your company to succeed, so we want you to enter into a relationship with our public relations firm having realistic expectations of what this process entails.

First, you must learn to crawl before you walk. With a public relations campaign, you’ll have access to top-notch media training if you need it, and a solid strategy before you get that coveted media clip you’re looking for. We help our clients refine their messages and practice delivering them to the best audiences through customized media training, while also working with you to create strategic plans designed to meet your goals. 

We strive to help you and your company make appearances and earn mentions in the media over a period of time whether it’s 3, 6, or 12 months – not just one time and you are done.

Through our established system of media pitching, we’ll help you garner placements in media outlets ranging from local radio stations to national media like USA Today or Business Insider. We want you to be a well-recognized thought-leader in your industry, the go-to person for the media to interview – not just the subject of a filler story. Although we do recognize the value of all media hits great and small, we strive for the best and most strategic coverage for our clients as opposed to chasing every PR opportunity that we see.

Gaining national attention seldom happens overnight. When it does, it’s usually during a crisis and you need PR help stat! Luckily, we can help with crisis communications plans too when time is of the essence. 

At NisonCo, we work hard for you and your business to help you gain the promotional exposure you seek. We want to help you set and achieve reasonable and attainable goals for you and your company so we may be mutually successful.

Understanding the PR process and timeline is just the first step – we will be with you every other step of the way. Let us help you build your brand through a customized strategic PR campaign, and for an even more holistic approach feel free to take advantage of our marketing and SEO services. If you build it, the success will follow. We look forward to working with you!

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