5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Company’s Social Presence Now

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Written by: Marissa Black-Smith

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Some brands think they have social media figured out, and that it’s a straightforward and easy business tactic. The fact is that this is quite the opposite, and unfortunately, there is a lot more to a marketing social media strategy than many realize. Social media has many different facets to it, and a lot of hard work and thought goes into those posts you see when you’re scrolling. If you’re tackling your social media by yourself, take a look at our quick tips on how to up your game ASAP.

1. Create Content Relevant To The Current State of Affairs 

The last thing you want is for your brand to come across as tone-deaf to what is going on in the world. If you ignore current events and continue to post regular content, you put your brand at risk of being “canceled,” meaning you become irrelevant and are ejected from influence or fame by “questionable” actions. The best way to post relevant content is by tuning in with your audience. What are some struggles they are experiencing as a result of current affairs? Once you find out what people need help with, then you can create content that is geared towards those needs. This can include posts about healthy ways to cope, tips on how to tweak resumes, or advice on how to excel in an individual’s profession. 

2. Use Hashtags Strategically

An important thing to remember about hashtags is that they’re used to not only describe posts but to also help direct people to what action you want them to take after seeing your post. For example, #LinkInBio is an extremely popular hashtag that is used to direct people to the link in your Instagram bio. Also, make sure to use a variety of hashtags with large followings to help get your posts in front of more users than those niche hashtags you use every time, like #cannabis or #cbd. 

3. Tap Into New Audiences

We all know about hashtags and their wonderful ability to help your posts become searchable and discoverable by other users. Take some time each month to do some research and discover which hashtags are popular in your industry, and which are popular among audiences you want to reach but haven’t yet. Once you find some, make sure to follow those hashtags and interact with the accounts and posts using them, such as liking, commenting, sharing, and following. Don’t forget to include those hashtags in your posts as well, so those who follow them will see your posts and discover your content. This is a great and easy way to tap into new audiences and broaden your reach. 

4. Focus on Helping and Educating, Not Selling and Promoting

This is where a lot of brands seem to go south in their social media strategy. Often businesses are too concerned with promoting and selling their products or services, which can hurt their brand and social media presence. Users don’t want to be bombarded with ads or posts telling them why your product is better than someone else’s product. Instead, they want to see content that is useful and of interest to them. We’re not saying don’t promote yourself at all, but make sure you’re sharing plenty of 3rd party content, in addition to original content that isn’t promotional. Don’t forget to add humor to your page as well, not everything has to be cut-and-dried! The more relatable or useful the post, the more engagement you’ll see.

5. Stay Active

Part of what social media algorithms take into account is how well, and often, you interact with other accounts aside from just likes and comments. One major change you can start doing? Post frequently on your social media stories. Whether you’re posting original content or are resharing posts from other accounts, make sure what you’re sharing is relevant to your audience. Another change you can make is going live, whether by yourself or with another account. Followers will get a push notification you’ve gone live, and if you’re using Instagram to do this, your live broadcast will be placed first in the row of Instagram stories. 

Hopefully, you learned something new and found our post to be helpful to you and your social media strategy. Realizing that social media marketing takes a lot more work than you originally thought? Feel free to reach out to us about our social media services today to find out how we can help take this facet of running a business off your plate!

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