The Ultimate Plant-Based and Vegan SEO Keywords Guide 2024

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When it comes to building an exceptional SEO strategy for your vegan or plant-based business, you need the best keywords to stand out from the competition and attract new customers. Unlock your brand’s potential with our vegan SEO keywords guide.

Plant-based brands are vying for creative ways to drive traffic, gain new customers and be the next big thing to inspire global change. Although Google is constantly refining its SEO best practices, with brands now contending with other important features such as SEO entities and added visual appeal, employing SEO keyword strategies to elevate your brand’s search rank remains a reliable way to boost search rank.

Start with a clean slate through thoughtful vegan SEO keyword research. Using keyword research tools such as MOZ, SEMRush and Google Trends, you can create an impactful list to help your brand stand out. To help you get started, we compiled a list of some of the powerhouse keyword terms and phrases that can aid you in your goal to heighten your vegan company’s visibility and start ranking.

Best Vegan SEO Keywords and Search Phrases in 2024

Let’s kick off with the top vegan SEO keyword terms and search phrases. These keywords are essential for any vegan brand looking to make a splash in the space. We equipped the list with estimated monthly search volume, to give you an idea of how prevalent these terms are and how you can branch out from here:

Keyword Volume
Vegan Food Near Me 201,000
Vegan 135,000
Vegan Restaurants Near Me 90,500
Vegan Near Me 74,000
Vegan Restaurants 49,500
Vegan Food 49,500
Vegan Recipes 33,100
Vegan Breakfast Near Me 33,100
Vegan Cheese 27,100
Vegan Protein Powder 27,100
Vegan Breakfast 27,100
Vegan Ice Cream 27,100
Vegan Pizza 27,100
Vegan Pizza Near Me 27,100
Vegan Bakery Near Me 22,200
Vegan Desserts 22,200
Vegan Butter 18,100
Are Oreos Vegan 33,100
Are Sour Patch Kids Vegan 14,800
Vegan Snacks 12,100

Top Plant-Based SEO Keywords and Search Phrases

Plant-based lifestyles are rising in popularity, and customers everywhere are looking for new ways to take the plunge. Check out what customers are searching for with our list of the best plant-based SEO search phrases, accompanied by their estimated monthly search volume:

Keyword Volume
Plant Based Diet 33,100
Plant Based Protein 22,200
Plant Based Protein Powder 12,100
Plant Based Recipes 9,900
Plant Based 8,100
Plant Based Meat 6,600
Plant Based Foods 6,600
Best Plant Based Protein Powder 6,600
Plant Based Restaurants Near Me 6,600
Plant Based Meals 4,400
Plant Based Milk 4,400
Plant Based Chicken 3,600
What is a Plant Based Diet 2,900
Plant Based Pizzeria 2,900
Plant Based Proteins 2,900
Plant Based Diet Recipes 2,900
Plant Based Burger 2,900
Plant Based Meal Delivery 2,900
Plant Based vs Vegan 1,600
Vegan Party Food 1,300
Plant Based Chorizo 720

Best SEO Keywords and Search Phrases for Vegan Recipes

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the best general vegan and plant-based search queries, why not sample some of the most searched terms for vegan recipes? Consumers of vegan goods often look for ways to improve their meals, firing up delicious plant-based treats. Take a peek at these vegan recipes to get an idea of how you can get customers to gravitate to your site:

Keyword Volume
Vegan Recipes 33,100
Vegan Chili Recipe 14,800
Vegan Dinner Recipes 12,100
Vegan Lasagna Recipe 9,900
Vegan Pancake Recipe 9,900
Vegan Soup Recipes 8,100
Vegan Banana Bread Recipe 8,100
Easy Vegan Recipes 6,600
Vegan Pasta Recipes 6,600
Vegan Cookie Recipes 6,600
Vegan Recipes for Dinner 5,400
Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes 5,400
Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes 4,400
Vegan Dessert Recipes 4,400
Best Vegan Recipes 3,600
Vegan Instant Pot Recipes 2,400
Vegan Breakfast Recipes 2,400
Vegan Crockpot Recipes 2,400
Vegan Air Fryer Recipes 2,400
Vegan French Toast Recipe 1,900

Top SEO Keywords for Vegan Restaurants

If you manage a vegan restaurant, then it’s crucial you have the best SEO keywords to help customers find you. We put together a list to help you get started on your journey to getting to the top of the search results, whether you’re a vegan Mexican restaurant, sushi, or the local plant-based burger joint.  Check out the search queries below to learn how you can start ranking for the most searched vegan restaurant in your given area:

Keyword Volume
Vegan Restaurant 27,100
Vegan Friendly Restaurants Near Me 8,100
Restaurant Vegan 6,600
Vegan Mexican Restaurant 880
Vegan Restaurant Fort Lauderdale 720
Vegan Burger Restaurant 720
Vegan Italian Restaurant 720
Lotus Vegan Restaurant 590
Blossom Vegan Restaurant 590
Vegan Mexican Restaurant Near Me 590
Vegan Chinese Restaurant 590
Vegan Indian Restaurant 590
Vegan Food Restaurant 480
Vegan Restaurant Menu 480
Vegan Soul Food Restaurant 390
Vegan Restaurant Harlem 320
Vegan Sushi Restaurant 320
Vegan Restaurant West Palm Beach 320
Vegan Restaurant Hyde Park 210

We selected monthly volume to break down the keywords for you, but this is just one way to help you determine which phrases to target. Other factors such as keyword difficulty ratings, conversion rates, and brand authority matter in determining the hottest keywords. In any case, keyword research is an excellent starting point and a necessary function of your SEO strategy, vegan, plant-based or otherwise.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your vegan brand can benefit from SEO, check out our vegan and plant-based SEO service page. We have a team of experts who are eager to help you create a custom SEO strategy that aligns with your needs. We’re excited to help your brand embark on its journey to inform the world how a better future is possible. Let’s start building together. Contact us here to get started with a free SEO audit.

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