4 Top Tactics to Increase Repeat Visitor Traffic to Your Blog

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4 Top Tactics to Increase Repeat Visitor Traffic to Your Blog

Written by: Olivia Swann

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A higher volume of quality website traffic is good for business. In particular, a company blog is a huge asset because it drives potential customers to the services and products on your website and offers an opportunity to showcase expertise. At Nison Co, we offer a wide range of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to our clients and use SEO best practices to increase traffic to your website. While optimization is imperative in the modern online world, you must first begin with producing quality content that drives repeat visitors to your blog.


Why are repeat visitors important, and how do I get them to return to my blog?

Repeat visitors are more likely to share your product or service information, provide reviews, interact with your brand, or recommend your website to others. Repeat visitors are also often retained customers, meaning they consistently contribute to the profitability of the company. Therefore, there are many added benefits to increasing the number of repeat visitors or users to your blog. If you’re wondering how to get started, begin with these four simple tactics.

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1. Play to Your Audience

Knowing your audience is very important. Start with determining demographics like age, gender, and location. It is crucial that you pay attention to referral sources. For example, if the majority of your referral sources are from a social media platform such as Instagram, you may have a younger audience.

 After you have a good understanding of your audience in these terms, work on determining what their interests are, what motivates them, etc., and try to incorporate these topics into your blog. Discerning exactly what topic or product led the consumer to your site initially will also be beneficial in creating targeted content. See our previous blog, Ask the Experts: Building the Best SEO Competitive Analysis for the basics of targeting your audience via keyword research.


2. Deliver Quality and Consistency

One of the best ways to generate repeat visitors to your site is to curate high-quality, relevant content in a consistent manner. Consistency can mean how often you are posting, as well as consistency in brand messaging, tone, and topic.  

When creating quality content, keep in mind your target audience. Consider what kind of content your audience would respond well to. Think about what types of questions they might have about your brand, company, or your industry in general.


3. Don’t Write a Sales Pitch — Be an Expert Instead

Advertising and marketing have their places but can appear disingenuous and unhelpful to your blog’s visitors if you over-advertise. Instead of writing a sales pitch, become an excellent source of information for your target audience. It’s likely you’ll receive offers for “free” blogs from outside sources — here are 4 reasons why you should be wary of these emails.

When you provide education to help your site visitors solve their problems, answer their questions, and offer real-world guidance, you establish credibility and utility. Your users will return time and time again for information from a trusted source. 


4. Make Your Blog both Interactive and Accessible

Offer the ability to comment, review, or vote to encourage engagement with your audience to increase interaction. You can even allow users to contribute to content pages. This provides the ability to receive direct consumer feedback and allows your visitors to actively participate with your blog, brand, or services. This will provide an opportunity for users to add their experiences and information to your site, making it more educational and accurate.
Increasing the accessibility of a site is triply beneficial: it allows those with various needs to access your site, allows you to avoid potential litigation issues, and also improves Google search rankings. 


Begin with these four simple tactics to driving repeat visitors to your blog, and be sure to check out our complimentary post, 3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Company’s Blog.

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