The 50 Best Crypto and Blockchain Blog Topic Ideas for Content Writers

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are everywhere these days, from the front page of the newspaper to integrated into the cannabis industry. These sectors can be a goldmine of ideas for crypto and blockchain content writers. We’ve compiled a list of the best blog topics about crypto and the blockchain, whether you’re a crypto professional looking to spruce up your website with some SEO-rich content or a freelance writer looking to modernize your portfolio. 

We’ve divided this article into three sections: cryptocurrency FAQs that you can answer in hopes of landing a featured snippet on Google, opinion-based topics for crypto editorials, and blockchain FAQs that will add value to your website. 


Cryptocurrency FAQs for Crypto Content Writers

  1. Are crypto losses tax deductible?

  2. Are crypto gains taxed?

  3. Crypto and taxes

  4. Cryptocurrency and taxes

  5. How crypto works

  6. How crypto mining works

  7. How crypto wallets work

  8. Where blockchain data is stored

  9. Crypto for Dummies

  10. Crypto for beginners

  11. Crypto vs. stocks

  12. Do I need a crypto PR agency?

  13. Are cryptocurrency transactions anonymous?

  14. Can cryptocurrency be converted into cash?

  15. Where cryptocurrency is used

  16. Who uses cryptocurrency?

  17. Who regulates cryptocurrency

  18. Crypto and NFT

  19. Cryptocurrency for beginners


Cryptocurrency Blog Topics

  1. Can crypto make you rich?

  2. Can crypto recover?

  3. What crypto to buy now

  4. Crypto to watch in 2023

  5. Which crypto to buy

  6. Crypto to buy in 2023

  7. Is cryptocurrency a good investment?

  8. What cryptocurrency to buy in 2023

  9. Which cryptocurrency should I invest in?

  10. Is crypto over?

  11. Is cryptocurrency safe?

  12. How does cryptocurrency gain value?

  13. Will cryptocurrency replace money?


FAQs for Blockchain Content Writers

  1. Can blockchain be hacked

  2. How blockchain works

  3. Where blockchain is used

  4. Where blockchain data is stored

  5. Which blockchain is the best

  6. Why blockchain is not the future

  7. Blockchain for dummies

  8. Blockchain for supply chain

  9. Blockchain for business

  10. Blockchain and cryptocurrency

  11. Blockchain and AI

  12. Blockchain and healthcare

  13. How does blockchain technology work?

  14. How to become a blockchain developer

  15. How does a blockchain wallet work?

  16. Do I need a blockchain SEO agency?

  17. Is blockchain safe?

  18. Is blockchain the future?

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NisonCo’s expert blog writers and marketing strategists are ready to write your blockchain and cryptocurrency content.

Bonus Crypto SEO Tips to Optimize Your Site

Crypto and blockchain SEO is much like SEO for other industries. However, updating your strategies and keeping your content relevant is even more critical in a field that grows and evolves as fast as crypto can. 

Regularly perform market and competitor research to stay on top of trends, slang, and emerging companies and technologies in the industry. This research will allow you to publish more relevant content and remain up-to-date with consumers’ needs. A full-service crypto and blockchain SEO agency will perform this research for you and leverage it in your site’s SEO strategy so that you can spend more time investing. 

In a novel industry like cryptocurrency, it’s essential to maintain a transparent, approachable public image. Creating content that helps people understand cryptocurrency, the blockchain and topics related to these industries will allow you to stay relevant on search engine results pages (SERPs) and build your brand identity. Booking speaking engagements, podcast appearances, and guest posts on other websites can also help build brand and domain authority. Consider enlisting the help of a crypto and blockchain PR agency to help you expand your brand’s footprint so your company can grow and thrive. 


Connect with a Crypto PR Agency to Grow Your Business

There’s a lot of ground to cover when writing about crypto and the blockchain, and the landscape can change in the blink of an eye. It’s essential to stay up-to-date with your crypto PR strategies, and a cryptocurrency PR and SEO firm like NisonCo can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help you craft high-ranking, engaging blogs about cryptocurrency and the blockchain. 

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