Ultimate List of Plant-Based, Vegetarian, Vegan Conferences, Events and Festivals 2023

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Written by: Olivia Swann

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Updated September 19, 2023

Annually, vegan food festivals and plant-based conferences attract various types of people from all walks of life worldwide. Though some people are curious about the benefits of a plant-based, vegan lifestyle, many more attend simply because they love delicious food. 

Some attendees prioritize attending vegan conferences and expos because they are interested in activism, environmentalism, healthcare, nutrition, or the future of a rapidly growing plant-based industry. Wherever your interests and passions lie concerning veganism and plant-based lifestyles, this comprehensive conference list will help you choose the best event for your goals.

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What exciting new plant-based solutions will you encounter at a vegetarian conference, event or festival?

Q1 2023 Plant-Based, Vegetarian and Vegan Conferences, Events and Expos

Conference Location Date
North Brisbane Vegan Market Brisbane, Australia Monthly 
Veggienale & FairGoods  Berlin, Germany 01/21/23
Rhode Island VegFest Providence, Rhode Island, USA 02/05/23
Fort Meyers VegFest 2023 Fort Myers, Florida, USA 02/05/23
Gainesville VegFest Gainesville, Florida, USA 02/12/23
SWFL Vegan Farm & Fruit Festival Bokeelia, Florida, USA 03/03/23
Plants 2 Table Naples, Florida, USA 03/04/23
Plants 2 Table Dinner on The Farm Citra, Florida, USA 03/11/23
Ocala VegFest 2023 Ocala, Florida, USA 03/12/23
VeganFest 2023 Brno, Czech Republic  03/11/23
Vegandale Festival (Canada) Toronto, Canada 03/15/23
Wake Forest VegFest 2023 Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA 03/25/23
Pensacola VegFest Pensacola, Florida, USA 03/25/23
Savannah VegFest 2023 Savannah, Georgia, USA 03/26/23


Q2 2023 Plant-Based, Vegetarian and Vegan Conferences, Events and Expos

Conference Location Date
Raleigh VegFest — Spring Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 04/02/23
Texas VegFest 2023 Austin, Texas, USA 04/08/23
Irish Vegan Festival Belfast, Northern Ireland 04/16/23
St. Augustine VegFest St. Augustine, Florida, USA 04/22/23
International Conference on Animal-Free Agriculture and Vegan Permaculture Boston, Massachusetts, USA 4/21/22
Fairfax VegFest Herndon, Virginia, USA 04/23/23
Wilmington VegFest Wilmington, North Carolina, USA 04/23/23
Columbia VegFest Columbia, South Carolina, USA 04/30/23
Worldwide Vegan Climate March Multiple Locations 05/06/23
Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom 05/06/23
Vegfest Tacoma, Washington, USA 05/13/23
The Vegan Women Summit 2023 New York, New York, USA 05/18/23
Vegan Festival Seoul Seoul, Korea 05/20/23
VeganFest Sarasota Sarasota, Florida, USA 05/21/23
Planted Expo Toronto Toronto, Canada 05/27/23
Lancaster Vegfest Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA 06/03/23
VegMichigan’s VegFest Detroit, Michigan, USA 06/04/23
Zurich Vegan Festival Zurich, Switzerland 06/06/23
Vegandale Festival (Illinois) Chicago, Illinois, USA 06/10/23
Greenville FunFest Greenville, South Carolina, USA 06/11/23
Vegan Summer Festival  — Veganes Sommerfest Berlin, Germany 06/16/23
Plant-Based Beer, Bourbon BBQ Festival 2023 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 06/18/23
Vegan Fest Tel-Aviv, Isreal 06/21/23
New England VegFest Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 06/21/23
Triangle VegFest Durham, North Carolina, USA 06/25/23
The Plant Powered Show Capetown, South Africa 06/26/23


Q3 2023 Plant-Based, Vegetarian and Vegan Conferences, Events and Expos

Conference Location Date
Just V Show 2023 London, England, United Kingdom 07/07/23
Bluegrass VegFest 2023 Louisville, Kentucky, USA 07/15/23
Compassionfest 2023 Hamden, Connecticut, USA 07/22/23
Vegan Camp Out 2023 Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom 07/28/23
VegFest Colorado Denver, Colorado, USA 07/29/23
Memphis VegFest Memphis, Tennessee, USA 06/30/23
Vegan Playground Summer Nights Los Angeles, California, USA 08/02/23
Taking Action for Animals 2023 Springfield, Illinois, USA 08/04/23
K-Vegan Fair in Seoul 2023 Seoul, Korea 08/10/23
Vegan Kids Festival Bristol, England, UK 08/11/23
Animal Rights Community Conference 2023 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 08/24/23
Georgia VegFest Atlanta, Georgia, USA 08/26/23
Plant Based World Expo — North America New York, New York, USA 09/07/23
International Animal Rights Conference 2023 Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg 09/07/23
The International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference 2023 Palm Desert, California, USA 09/08/23
Ethos Farm Days Festival Long Valley, New Jersey, USA 09/09/23
Vegan Fest Catalunya Terrassa, Spain 09/15/23
Vegandale Festival (New York) New York, New York, USA 09/17/23
Nashville VegFest Nashville, Tennessee 09/17/23
Natural Products Expo East Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 09/20/23
SoCal VegFest Costa Mesa, California, USA 09/23/23
Sonoma County VegFest Santa Rosa, California, USA 09/23/23
Vegan Street Fair (Denver) Denver, Colorado, USA 09/23/23
Anchorage VegFest Anchorage, Arkansas 09/23/23
Healthy for a Lifetime 2023 Omaha, Nebraska, USA 09/23/23
Syracuse VegFest Syracuse, New York, USA 09/23/23
Montreal Vegan Festival Montreal, Canada 09/30/23
Plant-Based Prevention of Disease (P-POD) Conference 2023 Newark, New Jersey, USA 09/30/23
Lake Nona VegFest Lake Nona, Florida, USA 09/30/23
Little Rock VegFest Little Rock, Arkansas 09/30/23


Q4 2023 Plant-Based, Vegetarian and Vegan Conferences, Events and Expos

Conference Location Date
Albany VegFest Albany, New York, USA 10/01/23
The London Vegan Comedy Festival (& Performing Arts) London, England, UK 10/01/23
St. Louis VegFest St. Louis, Missouri, USA 10/01/23
Kind Hearted Campout Palomar Mountain, California, USA 10/05/23
MidWest Soul Vegfest Kansas City, Missouri, USA 10/07/23
Vegan Street Fair Austin, Texas, USA 10/07/23
Flower Power Flea Market Fall Festival Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, USA 10/08/23
Asheville VeganFest Asheville, North Carolina, USA 10/08/23
Boston Veg Food Fest Boston, Massachusetts, USA 10/14/23
Vegandale Festival (Texas) Dallas, Texas, USA 10/14/23
Glasgow Vegan Festival Glasgow, Scotland, UK 10/14/23
Nagoya Vegan Gourmet Festival  Nagoya, Japan 10/14/23
Vegetarian Festival 2023 — Nine Emperor Gods Festival Bangkok, Thailand 10/14/23
Chattanooga VegFest Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA 10/14/23
Whole Plant Spirituality Forum & Retreat 2023 Unity Village, Missouri, USA 10/19/23
Vegas VegFest Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 10/21/23
VeggieWorld Hamburg Hamburg, Germany 10/22/23
Vegas VegFest Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 10/23/23
The Reducetarian Summit Denver, Colorado, USA 10/27/23
Vegandale Festival (California) Los Angeles, California, USA 10/28/23
Loudon VegFest 2023 Hillsboro, Virginia, USA 10/29/23
Vegan Gourmet Festival Autumn Tokyo, Japan Late October
The Global Vegan Hospitality Conference Virtual 11/01/23
Cultured Meat Symposium 2023 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 11/02/23
Tampa Bay VegFest Tampa, Florida, USA 11/04/23
Vegan Street Fair (Vegas) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 11/04/23
Raleigh VegFest — Autumn Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 11/05/23
VeggieWorld Munich Munich, Germany 11/11/23
New Jersey Vegan Food Festival Secaucus, New Jersey, USA 11/11/23
Naples VegFest Naples, Florida, USA 11/12/23
Plant Based World Expo Europe London, England, U.K. 11/15/23
Vegan Street Fair (Miami) Miami, Florida, USA 11/18/23
Veggienale & FairGoods Berlin, Germany 11/18/23
Vegandale Festival (Florida) Miami, Florida, USA 12/02/23
Sarasota VegFest Sarasota, Florida, USA 12/03/23
Vegan Picnic Adelaide, Australia 12/10/23
Indy VegFest TBD TBD


We make it a priority to update this list with new vegan events and plant-based conferences that we find. Check back regularly to see more plant-based conferences and festivals as the dates are released for 2023! If your vegan business or organization needs SEO or marketing services, contact us to learn more about our Vegan SEO and PR services. 

Don’t see your plant-based conference or vegan event on this list? Email Marissa@NisonCo.com for inclusion and consider our SEO services to help improve your search results for your plant-based organization.

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