Get Ready for 4/20 With 7 Cannabis Content Marketing Tactics

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

Get Help Making the Most of Every Canna-Holiday

If your dispensary, cannabrand, ancillary cannabis company, hemp or psychedelics business needs marketing services, is new to cannabis public relations, or requires SEO and website-building services — we’re here to help! Our team has a decade of experience developing marketing campaigns and PR strategies to improve client clout, and we are committed to helping your cannabis, CBD or psychedelics business flourish.

There are many holidays for cannabis companies to capitalize on throughout the year, but April 20, otherwise known as 4/20, is undoubtedly the most impactful. Most cannabis companies see their highest sales of the year, but you’ll have to prepare to stand out. With 11 years in the industry, NisonCo is well-versed in what makes for a successful 420 marketing campaign. Have you already started work on these seven tactics?


1. Publish Optimized Cannabis Blogs About 4/20 to Attract Traffic to Your Website

Themed blog posts are an excellent way to attract traffic to your website, capture consumer interest, and build brand legitimacy. 4/20 is a treasure trove of blog ideas to help bump your site up on your targeted Google results pages. 

Consider writing a post about the history of 420 or how your products or services can help your customers celebrate the holiday. You could even compile responses from employees about their favorite things about 4/20. 

No matter what your 4/20 blog posts are about, make sure they are well-written and optimized to bring in as much traffic as possible. An internet marketing firm like NisonCo can help you craft blogs with the most significant impact; our SEO team will determine which cannabis keywords will be most effective, and our content team will weave them into a compelling piece. 


2. Craft 420 Articles and Editorials to Promote Your Thought Leadership

If you want to expand your brand’s profile beyond your website and share your expertise with a broader audience, consider writing an article or editorial with 420 promotion ideas to engage your audience and extend your brand’s reach.

Editorials and articles are great mediums to reflect and discuss a specific aspect of 4/20, the “weed holiday.” It’s also a great time to share your opinion on the sector as a cannabis industry professional.

Articles are typically more in-depth than blog posts, and you must work with outside publications to get your work in front of readers. NisonCo can help with every step of the process. Our cannabis content creation team can help you create personalized, professional editorials. NisonCo’s public relations team can also help you publish your editorial; we publish more than 1,700 client pieces annually. 


3. Send Out a Press Release to Share What Your Cannabusiness is Doing on April 20 

Press releases are a great way to publicize your cannabis company’s exciting plans for 4/20 in 2024. 

Whether hosting your largest sale of the year or releasing a new product, a press release can help consumers discover what you’re up to in April. 4/20 is a great time to recognize the history of the cannabis industry and highlight your company’s social justice initiatives, too. 

NisonCo has more than 4,000 active media relationships, so we can help you get your press release placed in the perfect publication for your company. We can help you craft it, too — our content creation and cannabis public relations teams are well-versed in putting together informative, easy-to-read, and engaging press releases that help clients gain visibility.


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Are you on target to hit strategic cannabis holiday marketing goals? Click to connect with an expert.


4. Prepare for Potential Cannabis Legislation Changes With a Cannabis Communications Firm

With the SAFER Banking Act and the potential rescheduling or de-scheduling of cannabis in discussion among policymakers, it seems there’s a chance that 4/20/24 could coincide with some major regulatory changes to the industry. 

No matter what niche your company fills in the cannabis sector, it’s essential to be prepared if and when these changes happen. Have quotes and comments ready to go so that you can contribute to the conversation as soon as the news drops, and consider whether you will need to pivot any other aspects of your business’s operation if these legislative changes go through. 

The legal landscape surrounding cannabis can be challenging to navigate, but working with an expert, compliant communications firm like NisonCo can help make things easier. We can assist you in crafting quotes and responses, connect you with media contacts, and help you make the most of any upcoming regulatory changes. 


5. Share Your 4/20/24 Marketing Tactics on Social Media

For your 420 marketing ideas to succeed, you must share them with your clients, customers, and professional contacts. Social media posts are an effective way to spread the word about your cannabis company’s 4/20 celebrations. 

Whether you’re publicizing a special that your dispensary is running for 4/20 or sharing blogs, articles, and press releases you’ve written to celebrate the season, posting on social media platforms is a great way to stay connected to the cannabis community and industry. 

A media and internet marketing company like NisonCo can help you adopt a consistent, streamlined social media strategy. From crafting blurbs for you to use when you post on social media to providing copy for your cannabis company’s 4/20 newsletter, we can help you get the word out about your 4/20 celebrations. 


6. Polish Your Website Ahead of the Biggest Cannabis Holiday

Regularly updating your website is essential to capture the most customers and remain relevant. 4/20 is a great reminder to revise your web strategy and rewrite any outdated pages on your site. 

Adding blog posts about 4/20, updating your backend data to include 420 keywords, and simply going through your website to ensure all links are operational can make a huge difference in capturing and retaining new customers. 4/20 rolls around at the same time every year, so why not use it as a reminder to update your website?

NisonCo’s site building, SEO, and content creation services can help you keep your website operating at peak performance. We offer a full suite of services to ensure your internet presence is at its best ahead of the most significant cannabis holiday of the year. 


7. A Cannabis Media Marketing Firm Can Help You Prepare for 4/20/24

There’s much to keep track of when it comes to 4/20, like 420 marketing campaigns, 420 sales ideas, celebratory events, and increased opportunities for thought leadership. Working with an experienced cannabis media marketing firm is the best way to ensure you check off all the boxes this 4/20 and find even greater success than ever in 2024. 

NisonCo has been a leader in the industry for more than ten years, and we have helped countless cannabusinesses like yours excel. For a free consultation or more information about any of our services, contact NisonCo today. We look forward to working with you. 

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