Cannabis Instagram Accounts You Need To Know

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By activating social networks, the cannabis industry and community have taken de-stigmatization, education, and awareness into our own hands. We’ve re-branded what it looks like to be a stoner and shed light on the high ethical standards we are upholding for the industry.

Here are some of our favorite cannabis social media influencers that bring knowledge, humor, and advocacy to our Twitter and Instagram feeds:


Danielle Guercio

Follow Danielle on Instagram

Longtime cannabis writer and advocate Danielle Guercio hails from New York City and is a veteran in the scene. Her feed and her stories contain everything from product reviews, political jokes, the latest cannabis legislation news, and recipes, all in a colorful neon palette. Danielle is a frequent writer for The Fresh Toast, Civilized, Big Buds and other outlets, so check out her feed for her artistic musings, well-reported stories, and updates on all things cannabis.


Humble Bloom

Follow Humble Bloom on Instagram
Follow Solonje on Instagram
Follow Danniel on Instagram

The Humble Bloom duo made up of Solonje Burnett and Danniel Swatosh are some of our favorite leading womxn in cannabis. NYC community leaders, you can look to Humble Bloom’s feed as well as Solonje and Danniel’s personal Instagrams to follow womxn and cannabis-centered events happening in NYC and across the world. Want to know how you can fight to make the cannabis industry more equitable and inclusive? Look at Humble Bloom’s feed for activists and initiatives, too.



Follow Cannaclusive on Instagram

One of the leading voices for social equity, diversity, and activism in cannabis, Cannaclusive is a fast-growing brand and social equity force. You can barely find an important event or summit where co-founder Mary Pryor can’t be found speaking, and there is no piece of breaking news that falls by the wayside that Cannaclusive isn’t sharing on their feed. With an active community across the United States, Cannaclusive battles for inclusivity and diversity by taking on those problems head-on. From gathering POC-owned businesses to creating diverse stock images of cannabis use that aren’t white-washed, look to Cannaclusive’s IG to make sure you’re aware of the most important cannabis issues of today.


Shaleen Title

Follow Shaleen on Instagram

Shaleen Title is a lawyer, drug policy activist, and one of five Cannabis Control Commissioners in Massachusetts. One of the most influential people in Boston, Shaleen is a key player in writing and standardizing some of America’s most progressive and inclusive cannabis policies. For fellow activists interested in learning how to best fight for equity in your state, follow Shaleen Title on Twitter for advice, inspiration, and education on the latest developments in drug policy.


The People’s Dispensary

Follow The People’s Dispensary on Instagram

One of the leading equity-modeled dispensaries, The People’s Dispensary empowers communities through cannabis by committing 10% of net profits to local community reinvestment funds. Focusing on communities devastated by the war on drugs, TPD has also made it accessible for people of all backgrounds to invest in and reap the economic benefits of the cannabis industry, while empowering their employees. TPD’s Instagram feed posts breaking news and events regarding sustainable and equitable cannabis companies, while encouraging you to get involved.


Supernova Women

Follow Supernova Women on Instagram

With roots in California but an impact across the nation, Supernova Women empowers communities affected by the war on drugs by investing in women of color and helping them reap the benefits of the cannabis industry. Their goal is to help women become self-sufficient through community empowerment, holistic education, advocacy training, and skill-building. Follow their Instagram for updates and community events.



Follow Civilized on Instagram

Based out of Canada, Civilized is one of the leading lifestyle websites and brands in cannabis. They share daily news, culture articles, and content while simultaneously challenging popular conventions about cannabis consumers by presenting them as intelligent, accomplished, and lighthearted. Civilized’s Instagram feed is the perfect mix of funny, educational, entertaining, and thought-provoking cannabis-related content in a crisp, engaging feed.


Broccoli Mag

Follow Broccoli Mag on Instagram

One of the chicest print publications in cannabis, Broccoli Mag is a favorite for sophisticated, international fashion-friendly, and art-focused cannabis users. Their feed is immaculately curated to provoke your eye and keep you scrolling while revealing the fascinating unexplored intersections of culture and cannabis in communities throughout the world.


Tom Angell  of Marijuana Moment

Follow Tom Angell on Twitter

It’s hard to think of an outlet that can beat out Marijuana Moment in terms of having the latest and most up-to-date coverage on the United States cannabis industry. Editor Tom Angell is the go-to source for the industry’s breaking news. Follow Tom on Twitter to be sure that you won’t miss any breaking marijuana news again.

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