The Ultimate 2024 Plant-Based, Vegetarian, and Vegan Event List

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Written by: Olivia Swann

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Updated June 28, 2024

Every year, global interest in vegetarian and vegan conferences, festivals and plant-based events continues to surge, drawing diverse individuals from around the globe. Whatever your passion or curiosity regarding veganism and plant-based living may be, this all-encompassing list of plant based conferences for 2024 is your go-to resource for selecting the perfect event aligned with your goals. Bookmark this blog, as we’ll keep it updated throughout 2024.

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Q1 2024 Vegan and Plant-Based Conferences and Expos

Conference Location Date
SEED Food and Wine Festival Miami, FL 01/18/24
Vegan Block Party Orlando, FL 02/10/24
Natural Products Expo West Anaheim, CA 03/12/24
Vegan Street Fair (Los Angeles) North Hollywood, CA 03/22/24
Planted Expo (Toronto)  Toronto, Canada 03/23/24
VeggieWorld (Düsseldorf) Düsseldorf, Germany 03/23/24


Q2 2024 Vegetarian Conferences and Festivals

Conference Location Date
Planted Expo (Seattle) Seattle, WA 04/20/24
Vegan Street Fair (Phoenix) Phoenix, AZ 04/20/24
Irish Vegan Festival Belfast, Ireland 04/21/24
Vegan Block Party (Spring Festival) Fort Lauderdale, FL 04/27/24
The Vegan Women Summit Los Angeles, CA 05/09/24
Vegan Street Fair (New York) The Bronx, NY 05/18/24
Plant Powered Show (Cape Town) Cape Town, South Africa 05/31/24 – 06/02/24
Planted Expo (Vancouver) Vancouver, Canada 06/01/24
Vegan Street Fair (Pittsburgh) Pittsburgh, PA 06/01/24
Vegan Street Fair (Atlanta) Atlanta, GA 06/15/24
Bluegrass VegFest Louisville, KY 06/22/24
Pride Vegan Night Market Portland, OR 06/22/24
The Allergy and Free From Show London, United Kingdom 06/22/24
Vegandale (Chicago) Chicago, IL 06/22/24 – 06/23/24
Vegan Street Fair (Indiana) Indianapolis, IN 06/29/24


Q3 2024 Plant-Based Expos and Events

Conference Location Date
Vegan Street Fair (Chicago) Chicago, IL 07/13/24
Vegan Street Fair (Minneapolis) Minneapolis, MN 07/20/24
Vegan Camp Out Oxfordshire, United Kingdom 07/26/24
Plant Powered Show (Johannesburg) Johannesburg, South Africa 07/26/24 – 07/28/24
Vegan Street Fair (Seattle) Seattle, WA 07/27/24
VegFest Colorado Denver, CO 07/27/24 – 07/28/24
Vegan Street Fair (Bay Area) The Bay Area, CA 08/24/24 – 08/25/24
Vegandale (New York) New York, NY 08/24/24 – 08/25/24
VeggieWorld (Zürich) Zürich, Switzerland 09/03/24
Vegandale (Toronto) Toronto, Canada 09/07/2024
Plant-Based World Expo New York, NY 09/11/24
Vegan Fest Catalunya Catalunya, Spain 09/13/24
International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference Anaheim, CA 09/20/24 – 09/23/24
Vegan Street Fair (Salt Lake City) Salt Lake City, UT 09/21/24
Vegan Street Fair (Denver) Denver, CO 09/21/24
VeggieWorld (Wiesbaden) Wiesbaden, Germany 09/28/24
Vegandale (Dallas) Dallas, TX 09/28/24


Q4 2024 Vegan and Vegetarian Conferences and Events

Conference Location Date
Vegan Street Fair (Austin) Austin, TX 10/05/24
VeggieWorld (Karlsruhe) Karlsruhe, Germany 10/12/24
Vegandale (Los Angeles) Los Angeles, CA 10/12/24
Vegandale (Miami) Miami, FL 11/23/24
Halloween Vegan Night Market Portland, OR TBD


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