How Inclusive Cannabis Consumables Support Successful Marketing Campaigns

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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As a cannabis SEO and PR company with roots in activism, we’ve talked extensively about how the cannabis industry is inherently tied to equity and community. How does that ethos tie directly into cannabis consumables? 

Emphasizing the inclusivity of your cannabis edibles can be an incredible marketing tool and a great way to connect to the community. 


What are Inclusive Consumable Cannabis Products?

Generally speaking, when we talk about inclusive edibles, we’re referring to any cannabis consumable that caters to a specific dietary restriction. Vegan cannabis consumables, gluten-free cannabis consumables, and Kosher or Halal cannabis consumables all fall under this umbrella. 


3 Reasons Inclusive Cannabis Edibles Are Important

Though it takes more consideration, manufacturing inclusive consumable cannabis products is beneficial for several reasons. 

1. Inclusive Edibles Demonstrate a Commitment to Quality

Catering to dietary needs isn’t always easy, as anyone with food allergies can tell you. Manufacturing foods that adhere to strict dietary requirements necessitates close attention to ingredient quality, product purity, and manufacturing practices. 

Creating cannabis consumables that adhere to various dietary restrictions, therefore, often results in a higher-quality cannabis product. Customers with specific nutritional needs and hearty omnivores alike will appreciate the attention to detail and high-quality products that are a natural byproduct of inclusive edibles. 

2. Corner the Market with Edibles that Cater to Dietary Restrictions

It can be challenging for cannabis connoisseurs with food sensitivities to find edible options that fit within their dietary restrictions. By offering vegan gummies, allergy-friendly edibles, or sugar-free edibles, your company can corner these respective markets and bring cannabis consumables to an entirely new group of customers.

Additionally, food allergies are on the rise. As more people follow specialized diets, the demand for inclusive cannabis consumables will only continue to grow. By providing these products and marketing yourself as an inclusive cannabis consumable company, you can capitalize on this niche and grow your brand. 

3. Show Customers You Care with Inclusive Cannabis Consumables

Inclusive cannabis consumables are also a great way to build your brand image as a caring cannabis company. People with dietary restrictions are used to feeling left out regarding novelty foods. By highlighting inclusivity in your edible collections, you can make your consumers feel seen and gain their business, too.


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Does your cannabis company get the most out of marketing your sugar-free, vegan, Kosher, Halal or otherwise inclusive consumable products? Click on the image above to connect with our cannabis PR generating, cannabis SEO optimizing, content-creating team of expert cannabis marketers today.


Highlighting Inclusivity in Your Cannabis Edible Marketing Campaign

Creating inclusive cannabis consumables is just the first step. Now, you’ll need to tell customers about those products through media and internet marketing. Here are a few ways you can jumpstart your inclusive edible marketing campaigns. 

— Get Your Products Certified. First and foremost, your consumers need to know what is in your cannabis consumables to determine if the edibles fit their dietary needs. Get your products certified through a trusted organization, and always clearly list the ingredients on the packaging. 

— Target Specific Groups of Consumers. Do keyword research to determine how your ideal customers search for edibles that fit their dietary needs. You can use NisonCo’s lists of vegan keywords and cannabis keywords as starting points. 

— Seek Exposure Within Your Industry. Conferences, expos, influencers, and podcasts can all be great ways to reach consumers interested in your niche. If you’re creating vegan edibles, check out NisonCo’s list of plant-based conferences and vegan podcasts for ideas about where to start. 

— Refine Your Inclusive Edible Company’s Online Presence. Using high-value keywords on your company’s website is important, but don’t forget about other social channels, too. Optimize your company’s LinkedIn, social media profiles, and Google My Business profiles to help consumers find the information they want about your brand, like your certifications and ingredients. 


Types of Inclusive Cannabis Products

You certainly don’t have to create edibles that cater to every imaginable dietary restriction, but it’s important to know about different consumers’ wants and needs when devising a marketing strategy for inclusive edibles. 

Vegan Edibles

Vegan cannabis consumables can’t contain animal products, such as meat or gelatin, or animal byproducts, like dairy or eggs. 

To demonstrate that your cannabis products are vegan, you can have them certified by several organizations. The “certified vegan” logo is one of the most widely recognized

Kosher Edibles

For a cannabis consumable to be Kosher, all ingredients must be manufactured following Kosher law. Most rules govern meat and dairy, so they’re typically easy to follow when making edibles. However, it’s important to note that gelatin is rarely Kosher, which rules out many popular types of gummy edibles. 

Several organizations can certify Kosher edibles.

Halal Edibles 

Halal cannabis consumables must be manufactured per halal guidelines. Again, most of these rules govern meat, so many don’t apply to typical cannabis consumables. However, neither gelatin nor alcohol-based flavorings, like vanilla extract, are halal

Additionally, it’s worth noting that non-medical cannabis consumption is generally not considered halal for Muslims, though there is much ongoing debate on the topic.

Several organizations certify halal products, including halal edibles. 

Sugar-Free Edibles

Edible companies can manufacture sugar-free cannabis consumables using sugar substitutes, such as stevia, or opting to craft savory edibles instead. 

To demonstrate that your edibles are sugar free, you can market them as such and clearly list the ingredients on the packaging. 

Gluten-Free Edibles

Gluten-free cannabis consumables cannot contain wheat or added gluten. 

To cater to consumers with wheat or gluten allergies, a third-party organization must certify your products and manufacturing facility as gluten-free.

Non-GMO and Organic Edibles 

With the rise of artificial and highly processed ingredients, many consumers opt to eat only non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO) and organic foods. Organic cannabis consumables and non-GMO cannabis consumables must be certified by the relevant organizations. 

GMP Certified Edibles

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification ensures the safety and quality of manufactured goods. Even if your edibles do not cater to a specific dietary need, getting GMP certified is a good idea to demonstrate an overall commitment to quality. Additionally, many medical cannabis programs require GMP certification. 


Partner With a Cannabis PR Firm to Boost Inclusive Edible Marketing Efforts

If you want your inclusive cannabis consumable company to excel, you must engage in careful internet and media marketing campaigns. The best way to ensure these campaigns are successful is to work with a PR and SEO firm that works with both companies catering to specialized diets and cannabis companies. 

NisonCo has been a powerhouse in the cannabis industry for over a decade and has also helped vegan and plant-based companies succeed. Contact NisonCo today for more information about our services and how we can help your beverage, edible, or consumables company grow. 

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