10 Knowledgeable Cannabis Education Podcasts to Learn From

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

Get Help Landing Interviews on Cannabis Education Podcasts

Whether you are a thought leader in the cannabis industry or work directly in cannabinoid manufacturing, landing a guest spot on a hemp or cannabis podcast can be invaluable in spreading the word about your business and brand.

Did you know learning new things can help keep your brain healthy and agile? Podcasts are a great way to keep your brain active and pick up new information about virtually any topic, including cannabis. 


As you can probably guess from our previous blogs on cannabis podcasts, social justice podcasts, vegan podcasts, and cannabis business podcasts, the team at NisonCo loves a good listen. Whether you’re a cannabis professional with limited free time, a cannabis newbie, or just an auditory learner, we hope these cannabis education podcasts will get you thinking. 


1. How to Do the Pot

In this playfully named podcast, host Ellen Scanlon provides curious cannabis consumers with answers to all their most burning questions. How to Do the Pot is a fun, approachable cannabis podcast that still packs a ton of education into each episode.


2. Cannabinoid Connect

If you’re looking for a podcast to share with anyone with misconceptions about the hemp and cannabis industries, this is it. Cannabinoid Connect sheds light on the misinformation that has followed cannabis for decades as host Kevin Carrillo educates listeners on the benefits of hemp and cannabis. 


3. The Cannabis Connoisseur Podcast

In this podcast, hosts Zach Stone and Ryan Chavez discuss how cannabis can help improve your life through mindful consumption. The Cannabis Connoisseur provides listeners with helpful, actionable tips and information about various topics surrounding cannabis.


4. The Cannabis Hangout

Hosted by best friends Brannan and Sabah, this podcast brings a fun spin to educational cannabis content. The Cannabis Hangout intersperses fun conversations with input from industry experts and educational information for a show that feels fresh and relatable.


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5. Cannabis School

One of the most aptly-named podcasts on our list, Cannabis School is a podcast dedicated to empowering consumers to have comfortable, meaningful cannabis experiences through education. Hosts Brandon Elder and Jesse Angeles make it easy to learn about cannabis with their insight into cannabis science, culture, and consumption. 


6. Cannabis Science Today

For all topics related to cannabis and psychedelic science, Cannabis Science Today is your go-to podcast. Host Emily Fata talks with leading scientists and doctors to educate her listeners on the latest advances in cannabis and psychedelic research. 


7. Cannabis Talk 101

This podcast features open, educational conversations about cannabis. On Cannabis Talk 101, hosts Christopher Wright and Joe Grande talk with industry leaders to dispel common misconceptions about cannabis and have fun at the same time. 


8. Curious About Cannabis

Hosted by Jason Wilson, MS, Curious About Cannabis provides listeners with cannabis education on many topics. The show is dedicated to changing the way people think about cannabis and takes a scientific approach to the cannabis plant and all it can offer. 


9. Periodic Effects

Can’t decide if you want to focus on cannabis science or business? You don’t have to choose with Periodic Effects. This podcast, hosted by Wayne Schwind, provides listeners with information about cannabis business, the science behind the plant, and even interesting facts about consumption methods. 


10. Planted with Sara Payan

If you’re looking for a podcast that covers the intersection between cannabis education and activism, Planted with Sara Payan is the show for you. On the podcast, you can expect to learn from conversations with policymakers, media professionals, and cannabis industry leaders.


Leverage Cannabis Podcasts to Help Your Cannabusiness Succeed

With so many great podcasts out there, it’s no surprise that nearly a quarter of everyone on the internet listens to podcasts. Podcast listeners make up a massive market. If your goal is to grow your company, you can’t afford to neglect the opportunity that podcasts present. 

The best way to secure a guest spot on one of these educational cannabis podcasts is to work with a cannabis PR agency like NisonCo. We can help you connect with podcasters, formulate your pitch, and expand your business

For more information about our cannabis digital marketing services, contact NisonCo today. We look forward to working with you and hearing what you have to share with podcast listeners worldwide.

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