The 20 Most Popular Vegetarian and Vegan Podcasts

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

Get Help Landing Interviews on Vegetarian and Plant-Based Podcasts

Whether you are a thought leader in the vegan space or work directly in plant-based production, landing a guest spot on a vegetarian podcast can be invaluable in spreading the word about your mission.

Over the past several years, podcasts have taken the world by storm. As of 2021, nearly half of Americans report listening to a podcast in the past month. With topics ranging from plant-friendly workouts to cannabis and everything in between, there’s a podcast for everyone. Plant-based diets are also on the rise, so it’s no surprise that there are countless great podcasts about vegetarianism and veganism.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the top 20 vegetarian and vegan podcasts. For those who just want to hear the pods already, you can grab a link to a Spotify playlist sampling the podcasts featured by clicking here.


1. The Rich Roll Podcast

Hosted by Rich Roll, an ultra-endurance athlete and plant-based living advocate, this podcast features deep conversations with innovative thinkers in all realms of health and wellness. Rich also discusses his vegan journey and offers tips and tricks to upwards of 764,000 listeners in each episode.


2. Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger

This podcast is hosted by Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM. He is a licensed general practitioner specializing in clinical nutrition, and on his podcast, he discusses the power of food and nutrition. More than 239,000 listeners tune in to each episode for unbiased, medically-backed information about healthy eating and real nutrition.


3. No Meat Athlete Radio

Packed with exercise tips, information about plant-based diets, and entertaining guest appearances, this podcast is an excellent resource for people looking to start healthy habits. It’s hosted by Matt Frazier and reaches upwards of 34,000 listeners with each episode.


4. Planthropology

Planthropology, hosted by Vikram Baliga, dives into the importance of plants in every aspect of our lives, regardless of our diets. This show features experts on every aspect of plants and the natural world, has more than 27,000 weekly listeners, and is sure to deepen your appreciation for plants of all kinds.


5. The Ellen Fisher Podcast

This show, hosted by Ellen Fisher, aims to teach you how to become empowered through holistic lifestyle shifts. This podcast regularly welcomes guest speakers and reaches over 23,000 listeners with each episode, covering everything from respectful parenting to plant-based nutrition.


6. Food with Mark Bittman

Hosted by Mark Bittman, a best-selling author and former food journalist for the New York Times, this show discusses all things food, often centering on plant-based living and sustainability. Every week, Mark talks with guests who are just as passionate about food as he is to an audience of over 21,000 listeners.


7. The Korean Vegan Podcast

The Korean Vegan is hosted by Joanne Molinaro, a New York Times bestselling author. Each week, she brings short conversations about mindful, purposeful living (and eating) to upwards of 18,000 listeners.


8. The Plant Based News Podcast

Hosted by Robbie Locke, this popular podcast updates listeners on the news in the world of plant-based living. With a focus on ethics, this show has welcomed big-name celebrities to discuss their experiences with veganism and vegetarianism. It reaches more than 16,000 listeners.


9. Food for Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Living Vegan

This show celebrates joyful, mindful, plant-based living. Host Colleen Patrick-Goudreau brings her common-sense takes to over 15,000 listeners with each episode.


10. Lean With Plants Podcast

Hosted by Chelsea Cullen, this show explores how to lose weight and get in shape while following a vegan diet. Though it’s aimed at women, this show has invaluable information for people of all genders and sizes and has over 13,000 regular listeners.


11. The Vegan Gym Podcast

This podcast emphasizes getting in shape as a vegan and aims to help spread veganism to a wider audience. More than 11,000 listeners tune in weekly for lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition information tailored to active vegans and the veggie-curious.


12. Plant-Based Fitness Secrets

Fritz Horstmann hosts this podcast, aimed at vegans looking to lose fat and build muscle. With each episode, he provides actionable tips to help you make manageable lifestyle changes in a fun and approachable way. This podcast sees more than 11,000 listeners with each episode.


13. Vegetarian Zen

This weekly podcast is hosted by Vickie Velasquez and features information about plant-based diets and lifestyles. Vickie brings a conversational, nonjudgmental tone to upwards of 8,100 listeners.


14. Brown Vegan Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Monique Koch, focuses on practical ways to incorporate plant-based practices into your life. She also discusses general wellness and entrepreneurship with her audience of over 8,000 listeners.


15. The Food Heals Podcast

On this podcast, host Allison Melody brings conversations about health and wellness to help her listeners become the best version of themselves. Allison often welcomes guests to talk about plant-based living and has more than 7,200 weekly listeners.


16. The Simply Vegan Podcast

The Simply Vegan Podcast aims to celebrate the ins and outs of plant-based living. Hosts Holly Johnson and Molly Pickering are often joined by vegan celebrities and personalities and reach more than 7,100 listeners per week.


17. No-Bullsh!t Vegan

In this podcast, host Karina Inkster debunks common nutritional myths with the help of expert guests. She brings practical, no-nonsense advice for staying active on a plant-based diet to over 6,400 listeners with every episode.


18. Plant-Powered People Podcast

This podcast celebrates plant-based living and the community that vegans and vegetarians can find there. In each episode, hosts Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn talk about the path to plant-based living. The hosts often welcome guests into their conversations with more than 5,400 listeners.


19. Plant Based Eating for Health

Hosted by Kathleen Gage, this podcast discusses the importance of whole-food diets and caring for the planet. Kathleen interviews vegan business owners, entrepreneurs, and more on her podcast, which reaches more than 4,700 listeners each week.


20. The Sonya Looney Show

This podcast is hosted by plant-based advocate and endurance athlete Sonya Looney. In each episode, she welcomes inspiring guests to talk about plant-based living, endurance sports, and how to be the healthiest version of yourself. The Sonya Looney Show is listened to by over 4,600 people weekly.


Bonus: Plant Based Briefing

This bite-sized podcast delivers a weekly roundup of plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian news from all over the internet. The 10-minute episodes have garnered a following of over 2,700 listeners.


The Importance of Vegan Podcasts in Your Marketing Strategy

Podcasts are a highly popular form of audio content. When marketing and promoting your business or personal brand, it’s essential not to overlook any potential channels. Being featured as a guest host on a popular podcast is a great way to increase your reach, reinforce your brand messaging, and create a connection with your consumers.


If you own a company that focuses on plant-based lifestyles, or if you’re a professional in another industry who follows a plant-based diet, getting involved in the community could be invaluable for you and your brand. Getting connected could look like optimizing your web presence, attending conferences, or even landing a guest spot on a podcast.


Plant-Based Public Relations Firms Can Help

Not sure where to start with becoming a guest speaker on a vegan podcast? NisonCo, a top vegan PR firm, can help. Contact us today to learn more about the services we can offer to you and your plant-based business.

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