NisonCo Cannabis Marketing

A top cannabis marketing agency driven by experience, data analytics, and a deep understanding of the industry.

Proven Strategies

We utilize the skills and experience of both our PR and marketing experts to create customized and innovative goal-oriented marketing strategies.

Integrated Approach

Rest easy knowing you have a cannabis marketing agency that will manage all of your digital communications around a unified strategy, driven by cannabis marketing and public relations experts.

Data and Analytics Driven

Understanding data and knowing how to leverage it is key to outperforming your competition. We use data to drive your marketing strategy and track results, uncovering critical insights to improve your overall business strategy.

Our Philosophy

Our tactics are driven by experience, creativity, data analytics, and a deep understanding of the cannabis and hemp industries.

Our Cannabis Roots

NisonCo was founded in 2013 and has been working with cannabis companies since the first legal marijuana sale in 2014. Comprised of former and current advocates of legalization and other social issues, our team has a proven record of success with creating and shaping public narratives.

Evolving Marketing Services

NisonCo Marketing grew organically out of our clients’ evolving needs in the cannabis and hemp industry. As more states create regulate cannabis and advertising policies change, there is a growing need to pursue an aggressive digital marketing strategy to take your place as an industry leader.

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Promote Your Dispensary or Cannabis Business

Cannabis marketing is about more than just developing content and writing blog posts. A true digital communication strategy, driven by data analysis and innovative strategies, is the only way to compete in today’s cannabis industry.

Cannabis Marketing Services

Cannabis Content Marketing

Build and grow your brand’s community of supporters through content. Drive brand awareness, sales, and traffic to your website or storefront.

Our expert cannabis bloggers are up-to-date on your industry’s policies and consumer trends. We know how to write content that is engaging and effective at improving on-site SEO and web traffic.
One of the first places consumers go to connect with brands is social media, and an active presence can help increase clicks, website traffic, and aid in customer service and satisfaction. NisonCo helps your company set up social platforms, draft and post updates, and monitor your pages for audience interaction.
Email newsletters are one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and keep your network engaged. NisonCo’s cannabis content marketers will help create an email template, assist with list building and management, and draft and send announcements on your behalf.

Cannabis SEO

Whether you’re a start-up or a established multi-state operator, your website has the ability to capture more customers online by ranking higher in search results. Effective SEO for dispensaries and cannabis websites is essential to compete. Our cannabis and CBD SEO work is backed by NisonCo PR, the eminent cannabis PR firm, allowing us to use unique and innovative search engine optimization strategies that will differentiate you from competitors.

Cannabis SEM and Search Ads

We’ve been on the cutting edge of search engine marketing and optimization since the beginning of the legal cannabis industry. We know how to adapt our cannabis SEM and Google Ad strategy as the rules change and industry evolves.

B2B Lead Generation for Cannabis Businesses

NisonCo Marketing offers cannabis email lists, dispensary contact information, and business development lists to the cannabis industry. Our Cannabis Marketing Agency team includes veterans of the cannabis industry, business development pros, and advocacy experts experienced in emailing cannabis industry businesses and consumers.

Cannabis Influencer Marketing

Influencers build trust with their audiences and are therefore often able to persuade (or “influence”) their followers to purchase products and services from the brands they promote. Influencer marketing is an incredibly effective way to reach interested consumers.

Dispensary Marketing Packages

We have SEO and content marketing packages for everyone from small dispensaries and shops to large national chains. Contact us and we’ll put together a custom solution for you.

Organic Growth

NisonCo Marketing was grown organically out of the success of NisonCo PR, the largest cannabis-specific public relations firm. We employ the same tactics we’ve used for ourselves and clients.

Natural Expansion

NisonCo has worked with cannabis companies since 2013, originally focused solely on PR due to the harsh regulatory climate around marketing cannabis. Our tactics have evolved with changes in cannabis policy and regulation.

SEO Optimization

We help search engine crawlers understand your digital assets, making it easy for your customers to find you online.

Companies of All Sizes

Whether you need a full-service communications agency or a content writer to create your blog posts, we can help. We offer our marketing services a la carte and in full-service packages.

Years of Experience

NisonCo has worked with cannabis companies on public relations since 2013, and content marketing since 2016. We’re as old as the legal cannabis industry itself, and our experts have been involved in helping re-frame and de-stigmatize cannabis for decades.

Happy Clients

We’ve worked with over 110 cannabis companies since our founding. From public companies on the Nasdaq to start-ups raising their series A, we’re communications and marketing experts focused on establishing all kinds of companies as industry leaders.

Why NisonCo Marketing?

Unify Digital Marketing Efforts

Have cannabis SEO experts lead a unified digital communications strategy across all social media channels, email marketing campaigns, and content marketing efforts. Build brand awareness, generate sales, and drive traffic to your website or storefront.

Tap into Trends

Our marijuana marketing agency was grown by and is rooted into NisonCo PR, the largest cannabis-specific PR firm. We’re directly tapped into the pulse of cannabis news, trends, and what’s coming next. We have a proven track record with helping industry leaders start communications that matter by setting news trends and taking advantage of existing ones.

Build an Engaged Community

The major advantage of cannabis content marketing is the ability to personalize your brand and stand out amongst the crowded industry. As you build your social channels, SEO-optimized blog, and email newsletter campaigns, you’re building a community that you can activate and keep informed of your work. We’ll track your growth and interactions and share them with you each week.