The 40 Best PR Blog Topic Ideas for Marketing Agencies

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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Whether you seek to expand thought leadership via editorials or increased search engine result page (SERP) presence with blogging and website rewrites, our experienced team of content marketers has a proven track record of helping companies and nonprofits get their messages to the right audience.

No matter what type of company you run, posting well-crafted PR blog topics on your website is one of the best ways to increase domain authority and traffic. To round out our series of blog ideas, we’re touching on public relations — something NisonCo is well versed in as the country’s oldest cannabis PR firm


What is Public Relations?

This first group of blog topics covers the basics, allowing you to provide curious readers with an overview of what PR is and what it entails. Depending on your target audience, these blogs can cover just the essentials or dive more deeply into niche public relations tactics


  1.  What PR means

  2.  Public relations definition

  3.  What public relations is not

  4.  What is public relations and communication?

  5.  Public relations for dummies

  6.  Are PR and marketing the same thing?

  7.  How PR is different from advertising

  8.  Public relations vs. marketing


How Does Public Relations Work?

These topics take a more in-depth look at how PR firms get results. Whether you’re explaining to potential clients why your firm chooses specific techniques or providing an introduction to people outside the industry who are interested in PR, explanatory blog topics like these can add immense value to your website. 


  1.  How PR works

  2.  How PR companies work

  3.  How to do public relations

  4.  Public relations do’s and don’ts 

  5.  Public relations examples


How PR Can Help Businesses

When selling prospective clients on your PR services, they must know how PR will benefit them and how your firm, specifically, will help them reach their goals. These blog topics can be general or highlight certain services your public relations agency offers. 


  1.  Are PR agencies worth it?

  2.  How PR helps in building a brand

  3.  How can public relations help a company?

  4.  Is public relations important?

  5.  Why public relations is important

  6.  What can public relations do for you?


All About the Public Relations Industry

It can be hard to consistently develop original content to post on a blog. Touching on niche topics like these can be hugely beneficial. If you’re one of the first sites to publish an informative, optimized, and well-written blog on a highly specific topic, you will surely capture significant traffic. 


  1. Will AI replace public relations?

  2. Will public relations be automated?

  3. Public relations and advertising

  4. Public relations and marketing

  5. Public relations and communications

  6. Public relations and social media

  7. Public relations conferences 2023

  8. Public relations firms

  9. Public relations trends

  10. Public relations news

  11. Public relations writing

  12. Public relations jobs

  13. Public relations job description


Public Relations for Every Industry

Finally, touching on how public relations can help companies in various industries is a great way to appeal to a broad selection of potential clients. Whether you highlight the industries your company serves or provide a general overview of how PR tactics differ across industries, sector-specific blogs like these can also be an excellent way to target powerful keywords. 


  1. Public relations for nonprofits

  2. Public relations for law firms

  3. Public relations for business

  4. Public relations for marketing

  5. Public relations for cannabis

  6. Public relations for dispensaries

  7. Public relations for CBD

  8. Public relations and lobbying


A Public Relations and Content Creation Agency Can Help Your Business Thrive

NisonCo knows PR — we’ve been in the business since 2013 and have helped countless companies grow and thrive over the past decade. As such, our writing team is highly knowledgeable about PR topics and can craft compelling, optimized blog posts about every aspect of PR. Contact us today to get started leveraging your website’s blog to get you noticed. 

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