Digital Cannabis Marketing is Key: Planning Your 2024 PR Budget

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Written by: Marissa Black-Smith

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In 2024’s bustling online marketplace,  cannabis digital marketing is likely to continue reigning supreme.
As one of the first cannabis PR agencies in the United States,  marijuana digital marketing is our bread and butter at NisonCo. Allow us to share with you a few big topics you should consider now while creating your public relations budget for 2024


Virtual Cannabis Conferences are Here to Stay in 2024

The COVID-19 Pandemic taught us to be flexible in how we gathered for industry networking events as we saw the rise of virtual cannabis conferences. Although many cannabis conferences have been able to shift back into in-person events, there are still a handful of virtual cannabis events on the horizon in 2024.

Hosting these digital events comes with a host of benefits beyond public health concerns; they make it easy for international audiences to attend, they make the event more accessible to a broader audience, and they allow for more diverse programming, including on-demand events that viewers can access at a later date. Check out NisonCo’s list of 2024 cannabis conferences for a complete guide to can’t-miss in-person and digital events.

Programmatic Ads Allow Targeted Marketing

In 2019 — before the global COVID-19 pandemic forced an even harder digital shift — programmatic technology already accounted for transacting 83.5% of all display advertising dollars in the United States. Marijuana programmatic advertising is poised to be one of the greatest digital marketing advantages for the cannabis industry this decade.

Cannabis compliance policies create hurdles state-to-state in digital cannabis marketing, just as in banking and print/radio/television advertising. Programmatic marijuana advertising makes working around cannabis compliance manageable and affordable. An additional benefit is being able to precisely target consumer audiences potentially interested in using your product and/or service, thus generating sales while saving time and money.


SEO Should Be Woven Into All Content Created

When you weave SEO strategy into blogs, social media posts, newsletters, etc., content is doing double duty: acting to engage consumers while driving traffic to your website by targeting certain keywords/phrases. Those keywords/phrases help raise your company toward the top of search results seen by consumers.

Realistically, as a cannabis, hemp, CBD, psychedelic or ancillary company, you should be considering a separate budget entirely for SEO optimization in 2024. Read through NisonCo’s blog on putting together a 2024 SEO budget for three key considerations to keep in mind.
For more information about how, precisely, SEO can boost your PR strategy, check out our blog on how SEO can help you get more media coverage.

Work with an Award-Winning Cannabis Digital Marketing Firm

Is this all sounding like too much to do? The NisonCo team is here to help you develop a cannabis, CBD, hemp or psychedelic PR strategy in an ever-changing industry and world. Our top-notch cannabis communications agency can help with everything from securing marijuana PR coverage in traditional media outlets to SEO optimization.

A PR strategy is only as good as its ability to adapt to a changing environment. We have a proven track record of helping industry leaders craft communications that matter by setting media trends and taking advantage of existing ones. Click here to contact NisonCo today to begin putting our expertise to work developing targeted cannabis, hemp, CBD or psychedelic communications for your brand.

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