Renewable Energy Resource Guide: The Best Solar SEO Strategy

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Renewable Energy Resource Guide: The Best Solar SEO Strategy

Written by: NisonCo Staff

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Are you a solar company looking to outshine the competition online, but are unsure of what steps to take? Companies are taking the plunge and optimizing search results to boost their brands. As a solar brand, you’re passionate about helping people who are searching for ways to up their sustainability game and fight climate change to build a better future. Solar SEO helps to target those looking to get a sustainable hookup. At NisonCo, we want to connect you with your audience. That’s why our solar SEO and PR agency compiled this resource guide: To help you learn more about how solar SEO will take your campaigns to the next level. 


Google My Business (GMB) Fuels Local Solar SEO Results

When it comes to sustainability, local is the name of the game. Local SEO is also a crucial feature of your solar SEO strategy. Numerous solar companies rely on appointments, consultations, and at-home visits for sales and installation purposes. While building out your solar SEO strategy, be sure to realize the power of Google My Business or GMB. Google is constantly revamping to be increasingly helpful for customers and is now displaying multiple local results on the first page. GMB allows you to create and verify your solar company’s storefront, meaning you can show up on your target audience’s immediate radar. 

Key tips: Keep your store information relevant and up to date on GMB. If you are a business that relies on appointments, be sure to enable the booking feature for clients looking to schedule a solar consultation. Furthermore, host critical information such as your local store hours and contact information. These are known as citations, and act as a vote of confidence for search engines to guarantee your business is legitimate and ready for customers to visit. 


Expand Solar Keyword Research Know-How

If you’ve previously dabbled in SEO, you know keyword research can help build an online presence and increase authority. Fine-tune your keyword research by generating solar keywords to target your ideal audience. With the right keywords and context, your content will be boosted, such as solar-focused educational blogs, product pages, or other materials. We’ve touched on keyword research for cannabis companies in the past, but this strategy can easily be adapted to other industries such as solar. Incorporate fundamental features such as a competitor analysis to learn about where your competitors are succeeding as well as areas to take advantage of first.


Are you wondering which solar keywords you should be using? Check out this helpful list of the best solar SEO keywords to add to your initial strategy.


Just Like Solar, SEO Effectiveness Calls for Technical Innovation

The solar industry relies on paying attention to the details of power grids and power SEO campaigns. The latter is where technical SEO comes in handy. Draft your solar SEO strategy while keeping the little things in mind to enhance machine readability. Technical SEO can sound overwhelming, but mostly it boils down to keeping your overall SEO functionality in check. Ensure web crawlers can crawl your pages with ease to properly document them. Employ user-friendly URLs that customers can easily search for and find. When designing your structured data, ensure it is as specific as possible to keep the content of the page readily understandable, accurate for search engines and to enhance your odds of appearing as a rich result or featured snippet. Finally, make certain your site speed is satisfactory. Each of these features can serve to increase your organic rankings. In an industry that’s future-facing, it’s critical to ensure you’re employing tactics that keep you ahead of the curve. 


Paid Search Pays Off for Solar SEO

Solar is a budding industry. For new solar companies looking to launch, paid search by Google Ads can be a remarkably beneficial option. Paid search helps companies by driving relevant traffic. The tool also helps to measure keyword success, so companies looking to test new keywords or their capability to boost traffic have access to an exceptional source of real-time information and feedback.


Buff Up Your Solar Optimization with On-page SEO Features

Bolster your solar SEO with on-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to a wide variety of tasks, from creating content to fixing and optimizing tags and titles. Key elements include brushing up meta descriptions and buffing up page content, such as by updating keywords on your service pages or optimizing your blogs. While you’re at it, be sure to optimize each page’s alt-image text. This text is quite useful to your site as it helps bots understand what the images are, what they bring to your site, and helps them to connect the images across the web. 

Bonus: Optimizing for alt-image text also increases the page accessibility for users who are vision-impaired or otherwise unable to interact with the physical image.  


Complement Your Solar SEO With a Targeted PR Strategy

You’ve implemented GMB, secured ads, and have backed yourself with a trustworthy keyword research strategy. Try adding PR to your solar SEO strategy to take your marketing efforts to new heights. Whenever a new business hits the airwaves, it can spread everywhere. Think about cannabis and psychedelics — which is how our agency got its start as an advocacy-focused firm. People love to discuss the newest, latest advancements, meaning PR can be a fantastic complement to your SEO strategy. PR can improve your SEO in myriad ways, heightening your ability to interject solar keywords directly into press releases, interviews, and media kits, thereby giving everyone a way to associate certain words and phrases with your brand. 

Even the best solar SEO strategy will take time to come together and elevate your brands’ authority. Just as plants need a healthy regimen of sun, water, and key nutrients throughout the warm season to bloom, your solar SEO strategy requires patience and attention to take off and shine. If our solar SEO strategy guide left you seeking more of our advice and you wish to schedule a consultation to receive a free SEO audit, reach out to us today. We look forward to engaging with your solar business.

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