3 Cannabis Tips for the 2022 PR Budget Planner

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3 Cannabis Trends for the 2022 PR Budget Planner

Written by: NisonCo Staff

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If the last two tumultuous years have taught companies anything, it’s that brands must rapidly adapt to change.

As a leading cannabis PR agency, flexible digital marketing strategy — especially when paired with cannabis SEO marketing — is our specialty at NisonCo. Read on below for PR tips that you should consider while creating your 2022 public relations budget.


Choose 2022 Cannabis Conferences Strategically 

Although some conferences are opting to stay virtual during this transitional period, many have bounced back to being in person. However, even large conferences have made adjustments to cope with the lingering pandemic. This can look like requiring vaccination cards for entry and limiting the number of people at an event or in a room, such as for NisonCo’s successful MJBizCon 2021 Mixer

During the lockdown, in-person events such as conferences were expected to make a major comeback. However, the outcome has been more nuanced.

For example, NisonCo SEO Account Manager Tony Ham recently attended MJBizCon 2021 in Las Vegas and observed, “A slew of international companies simply could not attend because of travel restrictions. Many large-sized growing equipment and cannabis-product producers usually in attendance were missing from the roster.”

Keeping this in mind, approach conferences wisely and strategically. Get selective. Prioritize certain conferences and associated events over others depending on your desired output. Although it may make sense to limit the number of conferences to attend altogether, you can opt to send a smaller number of team members (even just one or two) to conferences rather than a large number. If you take that approach, check out our blog on plotting the most effective conference experience possible.


Stay Abreast of Cannabiz Social Justice Issues

Media marketing has helped promote awareness and discussions of social issues on a large scale and its influence will continue to shape major cultural trends and conversations. 

Our cannabis PR agency has foundations in the grassroots legalization and cannabis reform movement. Likewise, we have values in social justice and political advocacy. Our team at NisonCo is expected to be informed of social issues, such as by following political commentary on the news and social media channels.

Since PR plays a part in shaping media coverage that can add to social justice conversations, we recommend brands do the same. Take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to monitoring news and trends, and work to contribute to industry-shaping conversations. Stay engaged and avoid PR nightmares by staying ahead of potential issues. 


Cannabis SEO + Cannabis PR = Success

As a leading cannabis PR firm, NisonCo’s strategy pairs both SEO marketing and PR campaigns. We see the two tactics as inseparable. For example, when obtaining press coverage for a brand, our PR team pairs with our SEO content writers and score backlinks to credible, authoritative news sources that boost the brand’s SEO rankings on Google and other major search engines.

Learn about incorporating basic SEO strategy into your cannabis marketing campaigns by clicking here. When you integrate even a basic SEO strategy into cannabis content creation, that content will do double-duty, driving targeted traffic to your site while genuinely engaging consumers or fellow businesses. Begin reflexively incorporating cannabis keywords, and make the content work for you.


Your Best Cannabis PR Budget Move? Our Experienced Agency

Does this all sound overwhelming? The NisonCo team is here to help you develop crypto, vegan, plant-based, or cannabis PR strategies in a transitional, post-lockdown world. Our cannabis communications agency can help with everything from securing PR coverage in traditional media outlets to SEO optimization.

A PR strategy is only as effective as its ability to adapt in an ever-changing world. We have a proven track record of helping business leaders craft unique communication strategies across the cannabis industry and beyond, including in the vegan and cryptocurrency markets. Click here to contact NisonCo today to begin putting our expertise to work developing targeted crypto, cannabis, vegan, plant-based, or psychedelic communications for your brand.

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