Customized blog management and SEO strategy for your brand

Our experienced content writers are plugged into the industry’s hot topics and do extensive research to provide customized blog content for your company, written with SEO in mind.

We work with your team to develop a strategy and brainstorm topics for your blog.

We’ll employ our blogging and SEO best practices to come up with new ideas for content that’s attractive to search engines and align with strong current trends in your space.

Our blogging services go beyond writing interesting content to ensure your posts (and by extension, your brand) will get in front of as many eyes in your target market as possible.

How Blogging Can Help Your Cannabis Business

When your company is trying to get in front of potential customers, there are several ways to raise your profile. Blogging, when paired with an SEO strategy, is one of the best strategies at your disposal

Benefits of SEO-Optimized Blogging

    Blogging, when used regularly, is a powerful tool proven to increase:
  • Your company’s search engine ranking

  • Your brand’s name recognition with customers

  • Your company’s industry status as an expert

  • Your website’s online traffic (and in turn, your sales!)

Our SEO blogging strategy includes:

  • Sharing helpful, educational content in addition to sales/marketing info

  • Commentary on recent news trends that pertain to your company

  • Recapping events and sharing photos/videos

  • “Listicles” to showcase company thought leadership on a variety of topics

  • Showcasing your team and highlighting achievements

  • Drafting reader and SEO-friendly blog posts

  • Researching relevant keywords to sprinkle into your content effectively

  • Posting regularly to your company’s blog

  • Pairing blogging with a social media strategy to amplify content

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Quick Blogging Advice
Share Education: Or identify a trend that your company has seen emerge! Content that is educational and helpful is a great way to elevate your business as a thought leader in your industry. Business blogs don’t have to share about products all day – they should offer strategic content that highlights your expertise and positions the company positively within its space.

Tie to a Trend: A well-written article can be more impactful than an advertisement. For example, if you sell t-shirts, why not write about the season’s hottest styles or prints? Is tie-dye in vogue this year? Or if your company has a strong commitment to sustainability, write a blog post about the need for environmental overhaul within your industry.

Do SEO Keyword Research: What keywords do customers use to search for you? Sprinkle those strategically into all content you create.

Our content team is experienced with industry trends and can emulate your company’s voice and writing style to craft enticing blog posts for your customers. Contact us today to get started!