The Ultimate List of 2022 Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, and Psychedelic Conferences and Conventions

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2022 Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, and Psychedelic Conferences and Conventions

Written by: Olivia Swann

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It’s time to begin planning for the 2022 cannabis conference season. If you’re still hoping to attend one last conference or convention this year, check out this year’s complete list of 2021 conferences and events. Whether it is your first cannabis conference, or you are a cannabis trade show, expo, and conference veteran, you are in the right place. At NisonCo we care about facilitating networking and educating professionals in the industry we love and helped build. We put together a comprehensive list of cannabis, CBD, hemp, psychedelic conferences and events to help you consider which conferences you should attend in 2022. 

If you’re ready to break out of your bubble this year and attend an in-person cannabis conference, there are plenty of in-person 2022 cannabis events for your consideration. Just as we predicted at the beginning of this year, digital and virtual cannabis conferences are here to stay! If you are a prospective attendee wondering how to choose which conference is right for you with health and safety concerns in mind, there are still virtual options in 2022.

Please be sure to check out the official event websites for the most up-to-date information regarding Covid-19 policies.

NisonCo PR, Marketing and SEO provides the opportunity to promote your cannabis, CBD, or psychedelic event with featured listings, creating a banner, and having an in-depth blurb to help drive traffic to your event page. If you’re interested in our event promotion please reach out to and we’d be happy to help.


In-Person 2022 Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Psychedelic Conferences, Summits, Trade Shows and Expos

Event Location Date
CannaCon (Northeast) New York, NY 01/07/22
Midwest iHemp Expo Lansing, MI 01/21/22
Future Cannabis Strategies Europe 2022 London, United Kingdom 01/26/22
The Asian Hemp Summit Kathmandu, Nepal 1/28/22
The Cannabis Investment Summit Coral Gables, FL 02/02/22
Champs Trade Show Las Vegas, NV 02/02/22
IndoExpo Denver, CO 02/05/22
Cannadelic Miami Miami, FL 02/05/22
Lucky Leaf (New Mexico) Albuquerque, NM 02/25/22
The Emerald Conference San Diego, CA 02/27/22
Industrial Hemp Summit Danville, VA 02/28/22
WeedCon Golf Tour 2022 Thousand Oaks, CA 03/01/22
Cannabis & Alternative Investing Forum Los Angeles, CA 03/02/22
WeedCon Mardi Gras 2022 Los Angeles, CA 03/02/22
Texas Cannabis Policy Conference College Station, TX 03/04/22
Marijuana Venture’s Interchange Oregon Portland, OR 03/09/22
Wichita Falls Ranch, Farm & Hemp Expo Wichita Falls, TX 03/11/22
WeedCon Aloha Cup Oahu, HI 03/21/22
NoCo Hemp Expo Denver, CO 03/24/22
Lucky Leaf (Michigan) Detroit, MI 03/25/22
International Cannabiznis Expo Ljubljana, ​​Slovenia 04/01/22
SXSW Austin, TX 03/11/22
Alternative Products Expo Fort Lauderdale, FL 03/11/22
Spannabis Barcelona, Spain 03/11/22
New England Cannabis Convention Boston, MA 03/18/22
The Cannabis Expo 2022 Capetown, South Africa 03/24/22
Palm Beach Cannabis Expo  Palm Beach, FL 3/26/22
CannaCon (South) Oklahoma City, OK 03/31/22
Delta 9 Expo in Partnership with the CBD Expo Tour Dallas, TX 03/31/22
Psychedelic Medicine Conference Tour ‘22 Dallas, TX 04/01/22
Hash Bash Ann Arbor, MI 04/03/22
WestPack Anaheim, CA 04/12/22
CannaOne (New Jersey) Edison, NJ 4/13/22
CannaGather New York, NY 04/19/22
Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Miami, FL (Hybrid) 04/20/22
Cannabusiness Industrial Market Mt Pleasant, MI 04/22/22
The CBD Show London, U.K. 04/22/22
National Cannabis Festival Washington, D.C. 04/23/22
Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival Kutztown, PA 04/23/22
SweetWater 420 Fest Atlanta, GA 04/29/22
2022 ISPA Conference Las Vegas, NV 05/02/22
CannMed 2022 Pasadena, CA 05/03/22
MJ Unpacked New York, NY 05/04/22
Regenerative Cannabis Live: Sustainable Development for and by the Cannabis & Hemp Industry New York, NY (Hybrid) 05/05/22
NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally  New York, NY 05/07/22
G4 Live Las Vegas, NV 05/12/22
Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention Atlanta, GA 05/13/22
Green Street Festival Los Angeles, CA 05/13/22
NECANN (Boston) Boston, MA 05/18/22
Cannabis Science Conference West Long Beach, CA 05/18/22
CannaTrade International Cannabis Expo Bern, Switzerland 05/20/22
BizCann Expo (Colombia) Medellin, Colombia 05/21/22
USA CBD Expo Medellin, Colombia 05/21/22
National Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium San Diego, CA 05/22/22
The Psychedelic Therapeutics & Drug Development Conference Washington, D.C. 05/23/22
8th Annual Oregon Hemp Convention Portland, OR 05/24/22
O’Cannabiz International Conference and Expo Toronto, ON 06/01/22
CWCBExpo New York, NY 06/02/22
NORML Aspen Legal Seminar Aspen, CO 06/02/22
Cannabis Lab Conference and Expo Miami, FL 06/03/22
Cannabis Marketing Summit Denver, CO 06/07/22
Cannabis Law Institute Washington, D.C. 06/09/22
NECANN (Chicago) Chicago, IL 06/10/22
NECANN (Vermont) Burlington, VT 06/25/22
2022 New Jersey Tri-State Summit & Expo Atlantic City, NJ 06/14/22
Grow Up Conference & Expo Victoria, BC 06/20/22
Marijuana Venture’s Interchange (Washington West) Renton, WA 06/15/22
Illinois Cannabis Convention Chicago, IL 06/17/22
CannaOne BizCon & Expo (Las Vegas) Las Vegas, NV 06/24/22
Growth Las Vegas, NV Spring, 2022
HighLifeStyleShow Boxborough, MA 07/01/22
CannaOne Mississippi Cannabis Expo Biloxi, MS 07/07/22
World CBD Awards Barcelona, Spain 07/12/22
ICBC Berlin Berlin, Germany 07/19/22
NCIA Cannabis Business Summit San Francisco, CA 07/20/22
CannaCon (Midwest) Detroit, MI 07/21/22
Marijuana Venture’s Interchange (Washington East) Spokane Valley, WA August 2022
BizCann (New York) New York, NY 08/12/22
Psychedelic Science Conference St. Paul, MN 08/17/22
Southern Hemp Expo Nashville, TN 08/18/22
Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with CBD Expo Tour St. Paul, MN 08/18/22
New Jersey Cannabis Festival TBD, New Jersey 08/20/22
Cannabis Conference Las Vegas, NV 08/23/22
CannaOne Virginia Cannabis Expo Virginia Beach, VA 08/25/22
CannaCon (Midwest) Chicago, IL 08/26/22
NECANN (Albany) Albany, NY 08/26/22
NECANN (Atlantic City) Atlantic City, NJ 09/09/22
Lucky Leaf (Oklahoma) Oklahoma City, OK 09/22/22
CannaCon (West) Denver, CO 09/24/22
NECANN (Portland) Portland, ME 09/24/22
MJ Unpacked Las Vegas, NV 09/28/22
Psychedelic Science Conference Orlando, FL 10/05/22
Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with the CBD Expo Orlando, FL 10/06/22
New York Harvest Festival and Freedom Fair Afton, NY 10/07/22
International Conference on Medical Cannabis (ICMC) 2022 TBD, New York 10/07/22
Florida Cannabis Festival Mt. Dora, FL 11/05/22
Lucky Leaf (Virginia) Richmond, VA 11/11/22
MJBizCon Executive Summit Las Vegas, NV 11/15/22
CannaCon (South) Virginia Beach, VA 11/19/22
Psychedelic Science Conference Los Angeles, CA 11/30/22
CBD Expo Tour Los Angeles, CA 12/1/22e
CannaCosmo Health and Beauty Expo Las Vegas, NV 12/14/22
Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with the CBD Expo Tour Tulsa, OK TBD
Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with the CBD Expo Tour San Paulo, Brazil TBD
Cannabis Wedding Expo Las Vegas, NV TBD
Trailblazers TBD TBD

2022 Virtual Cannabis and Psychedelic Conferences and Exhibitions

Event Date
ACannabis 2022 03/15/22
Cannabis Sciences 03/23/22
The Shift Network’s Psychedelic Healing Summit 04/28/22
CannX 2022 Tel Aviv 05/14/22
Sana Symposium 10/13/22
GCI Summit TBD

We update this list monthly, as it seems like the breadth of conferences and events in the cannabis space grow as fast as the cannabis plant itself, so if you see an event you’re hosting is missing, please reach out to and let us know. 

Nison Co strives to be helpful in your conference-going experience, whether it’s offering tips on attending shows, marketing yourself to be on the right panel or alerting the media about your event. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you this 2022  conference season, contact us today or check out our conference resource page here.


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