3 Ways Influencer Marketing Pairs Perfectly with SEO Strategy

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Brands are constantly pushing the boundaries to come up with approaches to reach their customer base in fresh and inspired ways. Some are crafting complex email marketing strategies while others are diving headfirst into content creation with the help of platforms like Youtube, Tik Tok and Instagram. Others are noticing just how much search engine optimization (SEO) can help them climb the ranks to take their brand’s visibility to new heights. Each of these efforts is admirable, and each can offer its own benefit if employed correctly. Today, we wanted to touch on how brands are blending SEO with influencer marketing to build an impactful strategy. 

Influencer marketing is deployed across various social media platforms, with influencers selling products from brands all over the world. From the travel extraordinaire to beauty product power professionals, millions of people heed influencers’ advice to determine which products to try and which ones to leave behind. If you’re a brand looking to polish your SEO strategy, influencer marketing can act as a fantastic tool. Let’s learn more about this premium technique and how it can boost your campaigns to get your name out there — and everywhere.  


1. Influencers Direct Traffic to Your Site, Build Brand Trust

It’s no secret influencers are a big deal. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande cash in big when it comes to posting a partner product in the name of influencer marketing, raking in an average between $1-1.6M per post! However, you don’t need to have an A-List celebrity to cash in on influencer benefits. Even with a more modest follower count, influencers can help to direct traffic to brands to get that highly desired return on investment. 

You may be wondering — how does influencer marketing tie in with SEO? Like SEO, influencer marketing relies on winning customers’ trust. Time and again, various influencers catch flack for pushing unreliable products. It’s vital to work alongside influencers who are in tune with and trusted by their audience, as their fanbase will be much more likely to purchase the featured brand’s product if they believe in it. 

If you establish a relationship with a dependable influencer it can help to direct important, organic traffic to your site. Be sure to give attention to and nurture any relationships with influencers you work with. This is critical to secure a lasting connection with someone you can trust to support you and your brand’s mission. Moreover, the search engines will take these relationships into consideration when determining your authority, especially with well-known influencers. These relationships are essential in order to keep customers talking about your products and more importantly, driving your bottom line. 


2. Influencers Can Provide Desired Quality Backlinks 

Backlinks link one website to another, and they can prove incredibly valuable for your business. When you form a relationship with a known influencer, chances are they’ll have a blog or a website that you can get linked back to. When you have a notable influencer linking to your site, Google will recognize the importance of that relationship and will be more likely to rank you higher than your competitors for your high-quality backlink. 

These backlinks boost your influence, but it’s essential to diversify where your backlinks are coming from. Stake your brand with a few heavy-hitting influencers to have multiple ranking websites linking back to you. Remember, Google will take these factors and run with them. All the while, you’ll most likely receive hits from the influencers’ site as customers read content about your product, whether from an intriguing guest post or from them posting about your brand. 


3. Influencers Can Satisfy Your Niche Terms (and Interests)

Even if your brand operates in an exclusive niche, your target audience will still be exposed to scores of search results relating to the topic. Influencer marketing in SEO can help set your brand apart by highlighting its efforts in your given niche. If you’re a cruelty-free vegan brand, for instance, you can use influencer marketing to test out your products, incorporate your sought-after keywords and satisfy your niche vegan terms by including them in any copy you provide for the influencer’s social media content or blog. 

If you operate as an upcycled hemp clothing brand, you could link with an influencer to comingle your niche terms like “upcycled hemp shoe brands” to start a movement towards both amplifying your keywords and raising awareness about the vast environmental impacts of the current clothing and textiles market. 


Consider Adding Influencer Marketing to Your SEO Campaign

SEO is always evolving, and combining influencer marketing to the mix is just one more way to diversify your strategy and make moves to help further elevate your brand. Influencers can help you in multiple ways to push traffic toward your site, increase high-quality backlinks and help fulfill your niche terms. 

If you’re considering adding influencer marketing into your SEO campaign, consider how the effort can help to add to your overall messaging. Are you looking to increase your footprint in a relatively large pool or just dive into a new industry? Influencers can help get that message across to a wide audience that your brand may not have access to (yet). 

If you have any additional questions on how SEO can help your business or are interested in receiving a free audit, contact us for some extra help. NisonCo’s SEO agency is prepared to help you develop your brand’s SEO capabilities and expand your reach into new markets and audiences. 

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