5 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs a Digital Marketing Plan

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5 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs a Digital Marketing Plan

Written by: NisonCo Staff

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In the digital world, there are tons of different techniques using digital marketing to promote your dispensary. There’s email marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, website SEO, and public relations, to name but a few. While there are many options to choose from, the main point is to opt for a digital marketing plan, regardless of the primary technique.

Whether you’re on the fence or need an affirmation of what you’re already doing, here are five major reasons why your dispensary needs a marketing plan.


1. Digital Dispensary Marketing Drives Search Results

Digital marketing can help your organization rank online if you don’t have a web presence yet. Having a website will enable you to show on search engine results pages. Even if you aren’t high on rankings for relevant keyword searches, having a website allows your dispensary to be backlinked to by notable blogs and publications. This can help build authority and credibility with major search engines, thus boosting your rankings closer to the top.

This principle also applies to social media. While it’s most ideal to have an active social media presence, there are also benefits to having just a moderately active presence on major social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. That way, existing social media users can tag and mention your dispensary in their posts. Increased appearances on social media will also reflect positively on your dispensary’s SEO rankings.


2. Build Brand Awareness with Digital Marketing Strategies

Creating a web presence builds awareness around your brand, services, and/or products. By enhancing your digital marketing presence, potential customers and other members of the public can easily search for your offerings online.

Awareness can help reach new customers who aren’t familiar with your dispensary yet, and also aids in directing your brand’s presence and stated purpose. Given the stigma prohibition has created over the years about cannabis, your dispensary must take initiative to represent and speak for itself. Use digital marketing strategies to curate the perception of your dispensary in a positive, approachable manner.

Additionally, being proactive about your web presence can also help you better harness your brand’s image and likewise, handle damage control during a controversy or bad press. As a cannabis marketing firm, we advise not to wait until receiving negative reviews to develop a strong online presence. 


3. Consistent Digital Marketing Creates Community

If you’re on social media, your followers will be waiting when your brand drops a new service or product, offers a sale on cannabis-specific holidays like 4/20 and 7/10, or has another timely announcement. You can use your following as an audience also for news, industry updates, and more. This is an opportunity to develop a brand voice and rapport within the industry, especially as you develop new content. 

Plus, when you’re on social media, you can curate and develop full-on campaigns. You can also encourage your brand’s biggest fans to post user-generated content on their social media accounts. That way, you can reach new audiences through your fans’ followers.


4. Effective Digital Marketing Makes Networking Easy

The more visibility you have online via digital marketing strategy, the greater your network becomes. The beauty of online networking is its boundlessness: new nationwide and even international connections are a mere click or message away.

When making new connections, keep a separate list of contacts who are media-related. Press connections are particularly helpful, especially those who focus on cannabis and related topics. Having the opportunity to foster relationships with journalists, reporters, and other members of the media is critical. It increases the likelihood you’ll be mentioned, quoted, or even featured in news outlets.


5. Digital Dispensary Marketing is a Money-Maker

This point is straightforward because it directly relates to increasing your dispensary’s bottom line. An excellent digital marketing plan aims to retain existing customers, bring in new ones, and ultimately increase overall revenue and profit. NisonCo Business Development Coordinator Dallas Evelyn says, “I believe it is important for new businesses to actively seek new connections because there is always someone out there who could use your help. If you aren’t seeking new avenues to find business partners or clients even, then you are only playing half of the game. Waiting for connections to come to you is like watching water boil.”


Ready to Create a Digital Marketing Plan?

If you’re still reading and don’t have a marketing plan for your dispensary yet, you don’t have to go it alone. We have tailored professionals skilled in PR and SEO at our cannabis, CBD and psychedelics marketing firm to help you market your dispensary online and beyond. Contact us today to help you make a dispensary marketing plan.


Looking for help from our experienced psychedelics, cannabis, CBD and crypto/blockchain PR, SEO and marketing team? Let us know if you need help researching trends and topicscrafting communications, or securing news spots by contacting NisonCo here.

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