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Home CBD & Cannabis Extraction For Creating Recipes While Stuck At Home

Guest Post from Troy Ivan, CEO & Founder of ExtractCraft 

With a lot of time on our hands, some might find this is a good time for experimenting with different ways to infuse foods from home with different devices. 

Enter ExtractCraft, and their Source Turbo, with improved processing time, Turbo Mode, altitude-specific tuning, and upgraded crucible design. Source Turbo makes it easy for you to quickly and safely create botanical oils and concentrates, infused butters, and other CBD-infused oils for cooking and baking in the comfort of your own home. Troy Ivan, CEO of ExtractCraft, has provided a novel way to use CBD in cooking and baking.Read More »Home CBD & Cannabis Extraction For Creating Recipes While Stuck At Home

Why Cannabis Will Boom During the “New Normal”

Article written by Michael Sassano, the founder and CEO of Solaris Farms, one of the largest and most high tech cannabis growers in Nevada, and Head of the Board at Somai Pharma, a medical cannabis product distributor in the European Union.
The world came to a standstill when COVID-19 came about, but that doesn’t mean cannabis stood still. As a medicinal and agricultural product, cannabis was deemed essential. Lines at dispensaries and shelves looked just like supermarkets the first week. Clearly, things will slow down from the initial rush, but guess what? The world will return to a new normal and cannabis proved to be a bright spot for the important financial recovery ahead of the entire world.

Read More »Why Cannabis Will Boom During the “New Normal”

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