National Hugging Day: How to Stay Connected In A Remote World

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Written by: Tori Meiler

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It’s been almost a year since life as we knew it changed and people were suddenly finding themselves working from home. Going from an office setting where you get to physically see the people you work with on a regular basis to everything happening in a remote location is a tough adjustment. Especially when it comes to feeling connected with others. It doesn’t have to be, though.

At NisonCo, we have spent years building relationships in a remote environment with fellow teammates, as well as with clients and other businesses in the industry. That’s why for National Hugging Day (today!) we want to share how to come together in meaningful ways when being in the same physical space is not an option.

Staying Connected From Home

While email is a great formal channel of communication, it’s not ideal for the relaxed “water cooler” conversations typical in the office setting. These laid-back exchanges are a big part of what builds connections with others. So, what can you use to encourage this less formal dialog? Keep reading to find out.

Slack. We love this messaging app. It allows chatting in specific channels and directly with others, as well as voice, video, and screen-sharing options. Slack is perfect for creating specific channels for work-related conversations, but also presents an opportunity to create channels where team members are encouraged to share exciting news going on in their personal lives, or introduce other information that doesn’t involve work. Some of our favorite shares on non-work-related channels? Our pets! Other popular topics include botany, weekend adventures, and of course cannabis. We have found that team morale has increased and bonds have formed through these relaxed conversations.

Zoom. You no doubt have heard about this video conference tool and have probably used it at least once since the start of COVID and working from home. This is our go-to for weekly team meetings; phone conversations and chats are great, but nothing beats seeing faces in real-time.

Icebreaker. Conferences and events where you would get the chance to network and connect with like-minded professionals are not really happening right now. That’s why we began to offer monthly digital mixers. To facilitate this online gathering we use the Icebreaker platform. Icebreaker is a unique online experience where a group of people come together to chat briefly and then break off for one-on-one video sessions to discuss and answer the predetermined topics and questions.

These are just a few ideas to help you and your team connect in a remote environment. Don’t be afraid to try them out and keep what works best for your business. Most importantly, remember communication at all times and in any form brings better clarity and togetherness.

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