11 Of Our Favorite Cannabis Journalists To Follow On Twitter

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Written by: NisonCo Staff

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Cannabis journalists spread the word on industry-related happenings across the globe. Whether it’s local or international news, these reporters have shared stories on all channels, sometimes gaining traction through just a single tweet.

We love following cannabis journalists on Twitter because they share their own insights about the industry while paying close attention to report accurately and fairly. They allow us to partake in experiences with them, whether it’s baking ziti, traveling the world, or learning incredibly timely updates in the industry.

This holiday season, we wanted to give thanks to these cannabis journalists who allow us to get a glance at their perspectives. We thought a great way to show our appreciation would be to showcase some of these rockstar reporters. So, we’ve compiled a list of our 11 favorite cannabis journalists to follow on Twitter.

We thought the number 11 would be a perfect fit. Some say it’s unbalanced. Asymmetrical. We think there’s something special about this truly unique number. Even though 11 can’t begin to quantify the number of journalists we love to follow on Twitter, we thought it’d be a great start to shine some light on some of our favorites.

Andrew Ward

Starting off our lineup is none other than The Canna Writer himself. Also known as Andrew Ward, he gives us fascinating updates on the latest trends in cannabis. Andrew leaves you on the edge of your seat, but in the best possible way. One moment, he’ll be offering helpful advice and the next, he’ll have you cracking up. Regardless of the direction, Andrew is one of our faves because he wants to share industry news with everyone, including patients and small business owners. He offers plenty of opportunities to connect, and is often only a DM away.

Debra Borchardt

Next up in our lineup is Debra Borchardt. As Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and CEO of Green Market Report, Debra shows us what it takes to be a Boss Lady in the cannabis space. She gives us updates on women’s experiences in the cannabis industry, how the industry is growing, and pieces cannabis news artfully together to create a beautiful feed. In addition to providing the latest in cannabis news, Debra intermittently posts messages from the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis, reminding us that even in the bustle of the space, we need to take time to settle down and focus on the now.

Javier Hasse

Javier Hasse is an excellent follow on Twitter. We love following Javier because he keeps us up to date on what a day in the life of cannabis journalist truly looks like. He provides helpful insights into #HowNotToPitch, #PotPeeves, and other tips for “budding” publicists looking to build connections. He’s vigilant, incredibly helpful, and really only wants to make the industry and Twitter better for everyone.

Warren Bobrow

Warren Bobrow, dubbed “the cocktail whisperer” by some, knows a thing or two about how to add a certain flair to drinks, lightening them up with the addition of THC. He also knows how to apply that flair to his Twitter, and that’s what makes him one of our faves. Much like Andrew Ward, Warren is quite responsive on Twitter, and if you have a question for him, he’ll most likely get back to you.

Natalie Fertig

Next up is Natalie Fertig, Federal Cannabis Policy Reporter from Politico. Natalie gives us that extra boost of inspiration we all need to get through the day. Her words of wisdom are uplifting and positive in ways that are incredibly refreshing at times. When she’s not lifting our spirits, she’s doling out necessary policy updates in the space, as well as much-needed advice. Natalie gracefully provides important feedback for what she sees is missing and impacts throughout the industry.

Jimi Devine

Senior Writer of Cannabis Now’s Jimi Devine mixes up his Twitter in a simple, but useful way. He blends his professional and his personal life into one account, diversifying his profile with dashes of both comedy and seriousness. Jimi provides clear updates on the cannabis industry, but also makes sure that things such as sports updates and local news don’t fall through the cracks. We love that Jimi can transform relatively mundane facts into fun and exciting info that is necessary in the space.

Janelle Lassalle

Janelle Lassalle is awesome. We love to follow her because she keeps us posted on all of the hottest cannabis products. From glassware to vaporizers, you can count on Janelle to give you reliable feedback on pretty much anything. She’s super informative, and when she gives advice it’s natural and explained in a way that almost anyone can understand. Side note: she takes advice from Maya Angelou, who is the wisest of them all. What’s not to love?

Jeremy Berke

Next up, we have Jeremy Berke. A Senior Reporter for Business Insider, Jeremy is always up to date, providing us with extremely useful updates in the cannabis space. Whether it be related to regulations, taxes, or market trends, Jeremy has you covered. In addition to the grade A Twitter reporting, we also love that Jeremy regularly includes memes in his feed to lighten the mood and switch it up every once in a while.

Tom Angell

I’m just going to say this: Tom Angell is prophetic. Honestly. Tom amazes us everyday by reporting the latest in breaking cannabis news. Did you hear that? Breaking News. I still don’t think you’re understanding. Sometimes, it feels like Tom Angell knows what news will be broken before it’s even news. His Twitter feed is reliable, and of course, constantly updated. He’s one of the most informative people you’ll run into in the cannabis space, and he’s definitely worth the follow.

Zack Guzman

We’re getting close to the end of our list, but we couldn’t forget Zack Guzman. He has an excellent sense of humor, whether he’s being roasted by robots or heading to the right airport, Zack’s feed is full of excitement. Zack Guzman diversifies his feed, and doesn’t always post about cannabis or finance. While gold flaked turkey is obviously not in everyone’s holiday plans, Zack mostly posts about the most relatable things of all, and that’s just life.

Chloe Aiello

Last but certainly not least, we have Chloe Aiello. Chloe’s feed offers a relaxed vibe for those not looking for all of the updates at once. Her feed can be seen as a breath of fresh air for some. While she still posts relevant news updates, Chloe takes her time and breathes a little to provide us with impactful messages that leave us time to really absorb the content.

As we wrap up this post, we want to thank all of these cannabis journalists for the hard work they do as writers, commentators, and influencers in the industry. We want to acknowledge that as a collective, one of our favorite things about these cannabis journalists are how excited they are about each other’s work and how happy they are to share in each other’s success when one another get articles published. The amount of support these journalists offer each other is inspiring, and we are so lucky to be able to watch it unfold.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have other favorites please send us a tweet @NisonCoPR to let us know!

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