Top SEO Keywords for Accountants 2023

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Written by: Mel McGovern

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Are you an accountant looking to grow your client list and online presence?

Whether you specialize in personal tax accounting, business tax accounting, bookkeeping, payroll or other sectors, you need to make sure you’re using targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords to gain domain authority and show up on search engines. With 56% of consumers using search engines to find local businesses at least multiple times a week, and 21% of consumers using search engines every day to find local businesses, it’s key to use SEO to attract accounting clients.

SEO is essential for any emerging local business, and it’s crucial for accounting businesses looking to the future. Why? People searching for accounting services are often ready to buy. They know they need a knowledgeable tax accountant, bookkeeper, or financial advisor and are usually looking for someone locally who can provide these services either in-person or remotely.

The future of spending — How accounting firms expect technology spending to change in 2023

Midsized and large accounting firms report they’re budgeting for a more technologically-driven future. Is your agency ready to compete? Source: Accounting Today

Accordingly, your accounting firm is more likely to attract new clients if you can get your website and social media profiles ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs) and Google’s Local Map Pack. Since SEO typically has a good ROI — especially in the long term — it’s a worthwhile marketing budget investment.

Do you need professional assistance with your accounting firm’s SEO strategy? We have team members with firsthand experience in your industry who know how to craft effective approaches to increase search rankings for accounting and financial advising businesses.

Check out the keywords we’ve compiled below to help generate accounting leads.

Note: “Search Volume” is the number of people searching for that term monthly and the “Keywords Difficulty KD%” is the likelihood of your website being able to rank for that particular phrase. The lower the KD%, the easier it will be to rank for that keyword or phrase.


Top SEO Keywords for Tax Accountants

Long-tail KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty KD%
Tax accountant12,10067
CPA tax accountant1,00060
Taxation accountants near me1,00069
Personal tax accountants near me1,00066
Accounting and tax services88044
International tax accountant59043
Real estate tax accountant59037
Tax accountant CPA59055
Tax accounting service59050
Tax accounting services59062
Tax and accounting services59060
Crypto tax accountant48051
Medical tax accountants near me32046
Small business tax accountants near me32069
Small business tax accountant32069
Business tax accountant26067
Estate tax accountants near me11031
Real estate tax accountants near me11028
Financial advisor tax accountant near me11063
Accountants near me for personal taxes9064


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Top SEO Keywords for Accounting Firms

Long-tail KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty KD%
Accounting firms near me4,40055
Public accounting firms1,00068
Forensic accounting firms39050


Top SEO Keywords for Quickbook Accountants

Long-tail KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty KD%
QuickBook online accountant48068
Accountant QuickBooks online21063


Top SEO Keywords for CPAs

Long-tail KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty KD%
Certified public accountant firms near me39064
Certified forensic accountant32056
Certified accountant near me17065
Certified forensic accountant near me3016


Top SEO Keywords for Business Accountants

Long-tail KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty KD%
Business accountant near me4,40068
Business accountants near me2,40067
Accountant services for small business32063
Accountant near me for small business26067
Accountants near me small business21064
Accountant for business17068
How to find an accountant for small business14064


Top SEO Keywords for Financial Advisors

Long-tail KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty KD%
Financial accountant2,40060
Accountant financial advisor9049
Financial reporting accountant9035
Certified financial accountant7052
Chartered financial accountant7068
Accountant financial advisor near me4066
Accountant and financial planner3048
Accountant financial planner3047


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