SEO Keywords and Search Phrases for Smoke Shops, Vape Shops, and Vaporizer Companies 2024

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Written by: Evan Nison

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We provide some of the best keywords and search phrases to help guide your smoke shop, vape shop, or vaporizer website’s SEO strategy. 

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We compiled data on some of the most searched keywords to help inform your SEO strategy.

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SEO Keywords and Search Phrases for Vaporizers

We compared search volume for different phrases related to vapes, vape pens, and dab pens:



Dab Pen 74,000
Vape Pen 74,000
Dry Herb Vaporizer 49,500
Disposable Vapes 27,100
CBD Vape 27,100
Dab Rigs 18,100
Weed Vape Pen 12,100
Dab Pen Battery 9,900
Best Dry Herb Vaporizer 6,600
Best Vape Pen 5,400
Best Dab Pens 2,900
Electric Dab Rigs 2,400
Best Dab Rigs 1,900
Marijuana Vaporizer 1,600
Disposable Dab Pen 1,600
Best Vaporizer 1,300
Wax Dab Pen 1,300
Dry Herb Vaporizers 1,300
Dab Rigs Near Me 1,300
Dab Pen Weed 1,000
Dab Rigs For Sale 1,000
Vaporizer Weed 720
Dab Pen Cartridge 720
CBD Vapor 720
Wax Vape Pen 590
Best Weed Vaporizer 590
Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 480
Best Portable Vaporizer 260
Best Vape Pen For Wax 170

Best SEO Keywords for Smoke Shops and Headshops

Smoke shop SEO is an important element of any marketing strategy. View search engine volume for different search terms related to smoke shops and headshops:



Smoke Shop Near Me


Vape Shops Near Me


Smoke Shop


Vape Store


Online Smoke Shop


Online Head Shop


Nearest Head Shop


Local Head Shops


Best SEO Keywords for Vape Shops

Search engine volume for different search terms related to vape shops:



Vape Shop Near Me 201,000
Vape Shop 135,000
Head Shop Near Me 40,500
Nearest Smoke Shop 8,100
Headshop Near Me 6,600
Nearest Vape Shop 5,400
24 Hour Smoke Shop Near Me 5,400
Vape Shops Open Near Me 5,400
Vape Shop Near Me Open Now 1,900
Vapor Shop 1,600
Vapor Shop Near Me 1,600
Vape and Smoke Shop 590
Local Vape Shops 390

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